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  1. Carson is a quality keeper and is rightly MOM but special mention to Lang, Mugarbi and Campball who all played well , remember I am new to Scottish football is this start to this season normal Motherwell is a real roller coaster if it is?
  2. The BBC saying how much possession and balls into the box and that the fault is not scoring goals I disagree it's not the chances made I am confident the forwards will start scoring it's just a matter of time and confidence instead I think the problem is defending It's still the simple things defending we are getting wrong I hope the players watch the goals again and again All three Celtic goals there were chances for Motherwell to close the Celtic player out The first goal why did midfield allowed the Celtic player to drift pass he was on the halfway line clatter him if necessary. Their second who was marking The last goal was comical no tracking back players just standing watching, it's starting to become a habit this loosing I really don't like to see photos of the manager head in hands nor do I like to see managers publicly dishing out blame as it's the manager who selects formations, player and most importantly sets the tone come on mr Robinson deep breath stand tall get the team doing the basics keep formation cover each other show some fight bollock them fine them by all means but do it behind closed doors
  3. Totally agree with your comments plus Glentorans domestic season has not started yet in fact they are only at the start of their preseason. However a win and a good win which could have been a banana skin after our start to the season and on the same day as the sale of Turnball must been seen as a confidence builder so onwards and upwards, so who are we playing next Celtic that's a nailed on three points
  4. I always liked Jamie Murphy a good honest professional who did very well at Brighton but as the squard developed he slipped down the pecking order and Rangers offered what he wanted a return to Scotland and a regular starting spot sadly a bad injury restricted his Rangers appearances so a move makes sence, But what is he now 33 which for an injury prone winger is the twilight years having said all that I think he would have been a good addition to the Motherwell midfield calm on the ball and a good passer may have provided the midfield/striker link we have been missing in the Premiership so far this season. Oh well both he and we have moved on, good luck Jamie
  5. Right it's Monday afternoon I have had a couple of days to reflect upon the game so here is my assessment Our defence was shambolic really looked like players not understanding systems getting in each other's way Midfield we were on top of the game here but no getting in behind their defence to cross and no one with the vision to play a defence splitting pass, all that was good attacking wise came from midfield. But when a team is forced to shoot from distance somthing is very wrong Attack I have no idea if the attack was any good as it had absolutely nothing to work with only two shots on goal From within the penalty box and one of those was a corner! Robinson needs to start at the back get that working it's the simple things don't play quite so deep in our half control the ball Play it out introduce the two central defenders to each other as they appear to have never meet before they must work together wing backs close the width and midfield help them out when needed goals will come but we need to stop conceding silly goals its still early in the season but we need to turn this around before loosing becomes the new normal
  6. Vast improvement ODonnell and Lang caught the eye still a problem down the left side in defence but much much better onwards and upwards
  7. Well that's my third game as a new Motherwell fan and my thoughts are; The negatives 1. Poor start to season 2. Great start tonight at 2-0 at home game should have been over 3. No left back and lack of creativity in midfield 4. Some difficult games to come and team not jelling 5. Injuries mounting up and it's only game 3 we could be adrift if they are not back soon 6. The stream was awful, no radio comentary to be found I never realised how bleeding difficult it is trying to follow a game in Scotland from England it's like we are on diffrent planets not next door to each other, plus it's unbalivable hot and humid down here, trying to sleep is a nightmare which makes me really techie and difficult to live with (rant over) The Positives 1. We are off and running our first point on the board 2. At least we are not Aberdeen right now
  8. Stream is non existent for me down here in England 2-2 was the score when I lost it any updates welcome
  9. We need some points on the board lets get behind the team #together
  10. That sounds like a typical university life
  11. I have only one English club and now only one Scotish club
  12. Remember I am new here and new to supporting Motherwell but for me Carson was MOM for a number of reasons 1. I am sure I heard he had a bad knee injury and has been out of action for a long if that's the case it was pretty impressive first game back 2. That save he made prior to the penalty where he pushed the ball onto the bar it was a really top class save watch it again point blank he clearly moves to deflect the shot and it kept Motherwell in the game at a time we were under great pressure had it gone in and then a penalty at 2-0 it would have been game over but he kept us in with a fighting chance 3. He dominated his 6 yard area and it was a good job he did as those in front of him had a real shocking start to the game 4. Apart from their penalty which he could do nothing about his handling and distribution were solid
  13. No quite the opposite Gordon Smith has been a great supporter of all this Brighton in the community over years we can always count on Gordon turning up to support charity events he just can't live down and smith must score it haunts him
  14. Morning all my first Motherwell game watched last night well most of it my stream failed last fifteen minutes! The result was obviously a disappointment but as a newbe I enjoyed the game and for what it's worth this is my assessment, The negatives we started very slowly for first fifteen minutes we were pedestrian Ross County were pinging the ball around us, The penalty having seen it several times I am convinced Gallagher did touch the ball before taking their forward down from the referees view point it was a clumsy challenge and awarded the penalty which was well put away giving Carson no chance. At this stage of the game we looked misshapen especially at the back with no pace to counter Ross Counties left winger in particular The not so negatives after the goal we then started to improved while Ross County sat back we clawed ourselves back into the game not pretty to watch but 60% poccesion says domination away from home. The positives Carson one increabable save from an almost point blank range kept us in the game as this early stage but then the penalty which gave Carson no chance that said overall very assured with hands and feet Donnelly in particular stood out playing some great defence splitting passes that deserved better but let down by his penalty miss Last fifteen minutes my comments are based only on post game highlights Lang and Seedorf completly changed the balance of the game total domination on another day we walk away 1-2 winners as the manager said you win games by putting those chances away. The Lang sending off was very clumsy unessasary it was only just over the half way line and the player still had a wall of Motherwell players in front of him, no idea why Lang made the challenge Which deserved a clumsy yellow not a stright violent conduct red. Never mind we move on its a marathon not a sprint early days let's see where we are after the magical 10 game mark and be not to damming after just the one game.
  15. Where is VAR when you need it

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