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  1. I think O'Donnell has been a much better fit as captain than Gallagher has. I'd love him to stay another year.
  2. I agree. For all its faults Fir Park still has character which a lot of the newer stadiums lack.
  3. What's happening with the East stand at the moment? Noticed the scaffolding and some of the seats had been taken out.
  4. I thought he was just back from loan at Morton? No idea how he got on though.
  5. Glad that White didn't make an appearance today. McIvor wasn't much better. Hopefully Lawless starts next game.
  6. He's on loan at Queen of the South. No idea how well he's getting on though.
  7. If Declan genuinely did say he wants to go to another team in the same league then I'm happy for him to be shown the door right now. It's not the comment befitting a captain of a club that's struggling at the moment and doesn't exactly help the morale for the rest of the team. We need people that want to be here and fight for the club, not thinking about going to Celtic in 6 months time.
  8. What is up with Long just now anyway? Noticed he wasn't on the bench today.
  9. Who was the Ross County player that always scores against us? Sign him.
  10. Thunderlips

    Set Pieces

    Stephen Craigan's throw-ins from the East Stand were a brief highlight.
  11. Thunderlips

    Set Pieces

    With Carroll coming back hopefully he'll be taking some of the free kicks and corners.
  12. I thought Grimshaw had a good wee game at LB. Cole gave us something different too when he came on and would hope he starts on Saturday.
  13. I'm delighted for him. Will Turnbull getting more game time result in Lennon managing to keep his job? I guess we'll see.
  14. Thunderlips

    Big Dec

    Who was the last Well player to play for Scotland at a major tournament?

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