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  1. Thunderlips

    Big Dec

    Who was the last Well player to play for Scotland at a major tournament?
  2. Jordan Archer signed until January. Could do worse. Excellent signing.
  3. £20 quid to watch teams try and play on that pitch. Horrid.
  4. Will we have pretty much the exact same squad as last weekend? Any players returning from injury?
  5. I agree. Don't we have the option to cut Hastie's loan short in January?
  6. St. Mirren have been taking the piss though. Surely from the first outbreak they should be the most stringent in implementing these guidelines. Yet they've broken these 3 times now. To let them continue cancelling games through their own negligence is ridiculous.
  7. Maguire's goal was a stoater. Turnbull's header wasn't bad either.
  8. Who was our last German player? Dirk Lehmann?
  9. Yeah, Dunne's not played for well over a year now. Can't see him returning to the starting line-up any time soon, maybe not ever again.
  10. Thunderlips

    Big Dec

    Hopefully O'Donnell's sub wasn't anything too serious.
  11. What's the deal with Sloth? Poor attitude? Lazy? Unable to settle in the UK? Seems like there was a player there. Unfortunately never got to witness it.
  12. I liked Hylton. Inconsistent, but what winger isn't? Good luck to him! Cole I'm glad to have back but I do agree with other areas of the park needing strengthened also
  13. Thunderlips

    Big Dec

    I don't believe giving or taking away someone wearing an armband to be a real reason why Dec hasn't been his best. Could just be a natural loss of form, one that hopefully comes back soon. It happens to everyone you don't just become a bad player over night. I have faith in our captain. COYW!
  14. I think it's vital to our season that we keep Campbell for at least 1 more year. Throw all the Turnbull money at him I say!

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