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  1. With Dundee going down would you take anyone from them?
  2. I find folk that follow Motherwell that would rather we didn't compete in Europe baffling. Surely you want to test yourself against anyone regardless of calibre? I find the more obscure the team the more fun tbh. Obviously a trip to the Nou Camp or San Siro would be fantastic but we need to at least try and beat the teams before that becomes a possibility. This negative attitude towards our team based on past efforts helps nobody but I guess some people just love to moan.
  3. Well I don't think he'd fancy joining at team that's playing in a division lower than us.
  4. Really? I'd love a claret away strip this year.
  5. We should've just went for it. Rangers on the ropes. Surprised he took Amaluzor off. He's been good since coming on.
  6. What happened? Unable to watch today.
  7. Not good for him if he can't hack it at championship level.
  8. His twitter definitely implies he's married. https://twitter.com/32watto?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  9. One of the best Motherwell perfomances I've ever seen. Shame there is no way to ever watch the game back.
  10. Thunderlips


    What happened to Solheim? Noticed he went off early yesterday.
  11. I wonder if that means other players will be leaving.

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