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    the truth is that I am speechless...that one is bellend, that other is Arsehole...nice.
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    Can you help me with the following players? Steve Kirk - I don't really know what his positions were at Motherwell, he seems to have started his sport career as a right back but later played in more attacking positions. Paul Smith - It seems he started as a striker and later played in midfield, I think at Motherwell he combined the two positions. Andy Walker - this one is easier, striker.
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    Greetings to all of you, I am trying to collect data from former players, especially their playing positions. Could you help me with the following former players?. Fraser Wishart - Right Back. Alex Kennedy - Central Defender and occasionally Defensive Mid. Tom McAdam - Central Defender/Sweeper (Began his career as Central Forward). John Philliben - Central Defender (Also Left-Back??). Tom Boyd - Left-Back and Central Defender (right-handed).

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