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  1. As shite as we have been against utd tday n hearts couple of weeks ago,both opposition keepers have been MOM
  2. Had t make do wi bograt tv...tom boyd should b erased from our history..wot a wank of a man
  3. Whitaker n Thomson the other 2 t rangers from that team..ripped the spine out out of hibs
  4. The fact that watt n kvv taking a leisurely stroll off the park when getting subbed..he was livid at the standard of timewasting,but totally contradicted his argument by saying he once shouted at his players t take there time when 2-1up in a european tie..the scoreboard panel slaughtered him for it lol
  5. I rember years ago,between the two of them they raped a very very good hibs team of there talent
  6. The scoreboard team had a good laugh at him as did i...mibee thats where the 6 mins added time came from.our slow walk off the park
  7. Charlie the h*n on clyde phone in..wot an absolute fucktard...the mind boggles
  8. Great effort today guys...well done THE WELL
  9. Game management...slattery is so good at that
  10. The natives r getting restless..pmsl
  11. Thought that too,but not on the bench apparantly
  12. Now i like grimmy n his workrate,but we're needing a bit of composure in there..time for a change but cant c who t bring on
  13. Had t make do wi h*n tv for first half,the commentary is brutal n neil mccann saying thats the best bangers have been this season..ffs they r still there for the taking if we get in about them..but im afraid we're up against a 12th and 13th man(the ref n the crowd) so wot chance have we got

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