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  1. Im not disputing that,he was one of the finest players ive seen,my point is he had legs round about him,if we're to take a punt on davis we need the same in the middle of the park,u cant expect a 37 year old guy t do all the donkey work
  2. I would agree wi u on that,previous post mentioned davie cooper working out no too bad,but remember he had that wank boyd n the brilliant young phil odonnell behind him,if GA can get a system t suit davis then by all means go for it,maguire holding slattery deano n tierney,all young fit guys with something t prove in and around davis pulling the strings,i think it could work
  3. For a guy that signed a PCA for dundee his attitude and commitment for us has been excellent,id keep him,cos u know wot we've got wi him. Look at gallacher n watt for example,both hung us out t dry
  4. Unfuckinbelievable liam kelly..wot a stop
  5. Playing against stavros the waiter...who knows how we can compare levels.i watched his vid and his movement and awareness of positioning and whats round about him looks ok for me..wikipedia says"panathinaikos were heavily linked with him summer 2020" We couldve went the easy option n signed the young guy fae partick thistle,but we've probably sent scouts t belgium t c first hand if he's worth taking a punt on...time will tell
  6. Unimpressed with petulant kick at the goal keeper aswell..seems he still has his rangers roots
  7. His team rock bottom 10 points adrift Is there any way we could do a deal,loan or otherwise with the TW"fee"wages?with roberts goin back t hearts do we go back in for him or free up his loan wages,parker gone freeing up a minimal wage and talk of bevis going(hope not)looks to b a few quid in the coffers,just depends wot shankland is earning in belgium,could we get close to that,we know wot he can do in scottish football 103 goals in 158 games for ayr n utd As u said lets get the rumor started ; )
  8. Do we really need a replacement TW 9 goals in 18 starts KVV 7 +1 assist in 13 starts Meant t add that 2 of TW 9 were pens Given that kvv may play more central I'll put my neck on the line n say he'll outscore TW(IF he goes to utd now)
  9. Was at the game yesterday n thought lamie was brilliant,after watching it again on alba i was even more impressed,it was as close to a 10 out of 10 performance as you'll see,won everything in both boxes,his positioning and distrubution were excellent..just a complete performance yesterday,also a word for mcginley and shields,superb show by both,shields pace is ridiculous..anyone know wot he does the 100m in.....all round just a fantastic effort
  10. Ill give ye that one..but it was a flexible 4 3 3 with different personel which didnt work in first half as we got hammered 0-0 lol,and too b fair we didnt work hard for our goals,but the work rate and effort after getting them was excellent..still a work in progress
  11. Had 2 chances t put freekicks into dangerous areas..wot do we do,kvv fouls his man t try n gain a yard,pressure off,stand offside,pressure off,school boy stuff.,yet again as bad as we've been its still 0-0 n can we really b that bad in the 2nd half
  12. Agreed..even 1 man up the park leaves our 10 against there 7 in the box
  13. Good thing has come of SOD's red card,hes suspended and will miss next game,might change our formation now

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