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  1. jazz

    Help Needed

    thanks for that.
  2. jazz

    Help Needed

    Been offline for a few weeks and haven't seen the 4 goals yet could someone oblige please.
  3. Well said, my thoughts exactly.
  4. jazz


    Spot on ,if and when he signs a pre- contract he shouldn't play again .We would miss his goals though wouldn't we. When was it he last hit the back of the net.
  5. jazz

    Dressing Room Tiff

    Sorry mon da well just a bit of banter .
  6. jazz

    Dressing Room Tiff

    hotd haggis or add it to the other thread.
  7. jazz

    Dressing Room Tiff

    but this wan isnae
  8. Heard from a very good source that Mark has in no way lost the confidence of the players,they are all up for the fight and know they can turn things round.
  9. Mark McGhee had strong words about himself and his team as he admitted Motherwell are mired in a relegation battle after a 2-0 defeat by Hamilton. The Steelmen have now endured five straight defeats and taken just one point from their past 21. McGhee said: "We're bottom of the league - as we stand tonight, we're the worst team in the league and I'm the worst manager."
  10. jazz

    Mark McGhee

    Football is a results driven business it doesn't matter what you have done in the past or what you say you will do in the future its the here and now that count .On current form McGhee is under pressure for the first time at Firpark.
  11. jazz

    Mark McGhee

    The guy took all the plaudits last year at this time when all was going so well. Whats the current view among well fans now though. Remember Malpass took pelters for serving up this type of crap that we have seen tonight.
  12. 2-0 that will be that then .
  13. commentator says its now 9 hours since we have scored a goal from open play.
  14. Defending is absolute joke ,guy had a free header.

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