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  1. Well, that was disappointing if SOD,s can't do a better job than Hickey, then, Mr Clark, please resign.
  2. See post above, perhaps glitch in system. As most on here know I have renewed mine and had no problem, if you can't get it to work, I would phone the club, they will sort it.
  3. It is £70 for 12 to 17 yrs olds in Phil O'Donnell, rising to £80 after early bird.
  4. Robbos boy


    Salford fc sack their manager, will they come back for Alexander after Gary Nevilles statement that they should never have sacked him in the first place.??
  5. Don't worry about me, my season tickets are all paid for, get in early and help the club, have done so for years, the formation does not influence me, Motherwell fc is in my blood and always will be.
  6. Think you'll find that you are the Twat, because as others have said, you have misread the post. Perhaps primary school hasn't reached reading and understanding sentences yet, but give it time I'm sure they will persevere with you or maybe make you repeat primary 2.Now toddle off and leave discussion to the big boys.
  7. The tremendous comeback of a beaten man, or should I say child. Resorting to meaningless comments like that is so premature, but maybe you know about that .
  8. Nobody is trolling anybody, its an honest opinion, no one said I'm not renewing due to increasing in any prices, be it gas, electricity or season ticket increases. It was to do with the football perfectionists on here who have basically said'I don't like the way Alexander plays football ' so that's the reason there not renewing. So if Mfc or Little Twat ( JWF) would actually read the post and not take it out of context then they might actually see what was posted. I am well aware of the current financial situation, but really to post the drivel you do, without actually reading and understanding the meaning of it, cmon did you not get grammar at school.
  9. Dear Cambo, before you sign out, please make an appointment for Specsavers and read my post, thats not what I said, so bye.
  10. All done and dusted and to those who are not, goodbye, you were never supporters in the first place. Got to make you laugh, if you don't play the expansive game I demand and finish 11th or 12th, but play an honest game finish 5th get into Europe above teams with bigger budget and support, then I'm not renewing. SO GOODBYE!!!!!!
  11. You can avoid capital gains tax if you invest in another business. . So basically you have made profit from selling an asset but to avoid paying the capital gains tax you invest it in another business, just like the Peacock, but what would I know I'm just an old pensioner. Anyway season over, we move on, oh and I'm out to.
  12. You are obviously more fiscally clued up and older and wiser than me.
  13. You closed it so you are, as I said you don't know me either, but you have the power, had the shoe been on the other foot, plenty of your aimless discussions would have been closed. PS, I stick by that thread, Boyle had to get rid if money quickly or the taxman got it. Remember I may have opinions you don't like, but I've never put the club into administration and near oblivion. Remember that post got more replies than a topic on Keith Lassley. Cue hunners posting on it.
  14. Well season over lad's, big shout out to the players and management, especially over the last few days. Some of the players pulling themselves out if their sick beds for the cause. To those leaving thanks for your service, to those coming in, you better be good or you will get peltered on here. Today was a nothing game the guys were out on their feet with illness etc, so goodbye season 21/22 and now we look forward to Europe, how many would have thought that in January. COYW.

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