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  1. Matter of opinion, left on a 'Free' to that top class English side Southend United. Returned on a 'Free' after season and a half. Just think there are more deserving of the honour.
  2. Only 16 in second season, suggests found out.
  3. Wiki has 55 appearances for Southend over 2 years, that's nearly Charles Dunne territory, wait his would be 5.
  4. I would say after watching Joe for years he is both a legend and a worthy Hall of Fame candidate.
  5. Left for so called better things before being found out and returned. Now Joe Wark, that's a left back a club legend and would be a 1st class recipient.
  6. No sign if Dunne in the St Mirren team today, out injured, wonder how many games they will get out the injury prone wonder.
  7. Charles Dunne actually making Lammie look no a bad player.
  8. Thought the stewards in the John Hunter did a marvelous job today NOT. Apparently 2 rows between supporters, everything seemed Ok. Then a group of about 8 arrive start fist pumping others and congregate in a group. Stewards are about 15 feet away and ignore situation, even when the bottles come out the bags and they start drinking. Don't know why wasn't found on entry as plenty of families were getting bags searched on entry. Obviously only there for a wage.
  9. Sorted that for you or maybe try HOPELESS instead.
  10. We cannot start the league with, Lawless, Cornelious or Crawford anywhere near a starting spot. Can only presume our new winger is piss or knackered as he has not yet had a minute. Anyway we beat Annan 5 nil and go through, heard it hear first.
  11. Sorry but club stated wouldn't be charged £12, but a lot of concessions were, then had to wait for refund. As for emails been waiting 3 days for a reply and no response, so sorry but bad show.
  12. Club telephone lines appear down???. For all the good points the club has scored this week, the ticketing overcharging does not hold them in a good light, blaming Ticket master is poor.
  13. Mine have arrived but not in the 2 areas requested, why ask??. Haven't taken payment yet, so maybe got them for free
  14. Robbos boy

    Stevie O'D

    I presume you mean Hartwood hospital, as I have it from a good source that he was indeed DUGSHITE himself, only saying like.
  15. Robbos boy

    Stevie O'D

    Having been an avid reader as regards the content and discussion on this forum, I decided to join. May I just say for my first post, Mr Fortyarder you must have been some player yourself and to describe our Captain and 20 plus Scotland cap player as Dugshite I wonder why you even post or support the team. Some of your comments regarding our players are outrageous.

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