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  1. If only KVV had pace.To many balls able to be put into the box and the inevitable happened.
  2. If that's the case why do you keep replying then, , Anyway how about you give a take on the game or is all the administrative work holding you up. Ps Ah don't really worry about the wee likes yir pals give to yir posts, there rather monotonous and have been for years.
  3. Big Sam was sent off before the manager Wullie McLean had taken his seat. I was at both games and the Watson goal was the highlight of the night.
  4. 4 day's for you to come back, obviously checking out the law . Anyway back on topic Score Draw for me.
  5. And his name is McMillan and not MacMillan, so it is a spelling thing and yes
  6. Yes, just like you posted some years ago Stevie MacMillan,instead of McMillan, don't be a smart arse on spelling unless you are bombproof yir self, tut tut
  7. Not a player, but former stand in manager and someone (in his mind) who has signed all the best players Motherwell have had in the last 20 years. Gordon Young on an SFA charge for historical gambling on football. Probably had a tenner on himself to be the Scotland manager . Wee Imrie on the charge sheet as well.
  8. And another one without a previous input to the thread is hooked
  9. Never heard of you James , PS, dont like ice rinks
  10. I think you'll find it what I perceive the comment to be, not what you say forms the legal part. As for booting me off the forum, I have encouraged more discussion in the barren football weeks than any other poster . As for the game a score draw, that do you.
  11. Dear Yabbas, as an administrator you should be careful as to what you post. The Communications Act states that if the person the post is aimed at believes it to be threatening then a crime has occurred. Please delete your threatening post or the appropriate action will be taken.
  12. Never shut me up, plus what's that comment a verbal threat of violence, obviously a Turd by name and a Turd by nature. As for Haggischomper, you shut up, who asked you to join the debate, you were as late into it as a Wullie McVey tackle ( he's fae the 70,s for yir info) Jog on now.
  13. Seriously yir no ma mate and the PIG started the nonsense on this thread!!!!!!
  14. See my post on Morton thread, Nicola says youcan go, so its OK, thought Pig's had Balls, u should grow a Pair, I'm no going to the football if Nicola says it's 500, but she says its OK for a full house now, take it you do the Hovering and Ironing, grow a pair man!!!!!!!!
  15. Not correct, fans could attend maybe limited to 500 but for u noooooo, too feart. Ican read and you have posted about Ross County game, I didn't start the word 'Horrendous' you and you chums did. As for ADULTS, quoting yir self and Wee Yin as same, was going to say, Don't Make Me Laugh, but you did. Couldn't give 2 flying Fu##s, what you and the rest of yir wee Cleek think, one a fan always a, fan, Ooooooooooh stay in there's a bug going about, gies piece. YI SAID YIR NOT GOING TO GAMES, NOW THE GOVERNMENT SAY ITS OK, YILL B THERE, TOTAL HYPOCRITICAL, either yir going or not, why should u b swayed b a Dentist, Gynaecologist or a wee women,, oh ans and by the way wee like or don't like emojis don't bother me. So support yir team or hide with yir Fearty friends, COYW.

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