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  1. welcome Levante guest nice tio hear from yoand well i like to say i hope you have no luck in the second leg com on well GET INTO THEM we need to go all gun s and at least give it a go
  2. vespa

    Levante Cd

    lol love the talc even if it wastes the shoes and trousers lol keep the faith
  3. vespa

    Levante Cd

    get some mod or northern soul in it The Jam thats entertainment some old r& b the real stuff
  4. are there any spanish fans in motherwell? thought it would be good to see how they party in motherwell like we always do in their city s cant wait till tonight com on the superwell 2 0
  5. Drop Higdon and play anyone in his place
  6. vespa


    murphy was an easy choice though there were lots of great effort by all
  7. thats a great shout, get the kids in free and get our young eastend stand guys to give them a great season get them hooked , the stands are sitting empty anyway and they will buy tops and stuff from the shop well fans for the future
  8. vespa

    Levante Travel

    are there still seats on the joker bus?
  9. vespa

    Levante Travel

    Are there any buses on the go causer im skint?
  10. vespa

    M.f.c. Vespa!

    Modernist see nathan he and dave can do that stuff and i think the guy in netherton estate does the transfers for them
  11. vespa

    M.f.c. Vespa!

    Mad dog this is jims sx and the vespa s mine
  12. vespa

    M.f.c. Vespa!

    i will try to get Jb to post the sx on this post mad dog
  13. vespa

    M.f.c. Vespa!

    It is fantastic super cool most of our guys here have claret and amber somewhere on the scoots i am getting C L starts claret and amber com on well , where are you ? Mad dog
  14. vespa

    Away In Athens

    so what do we do ? go flat out to get a result or dont get embarrased COM ON WELL GET INTO THEM

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