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  1. Possibly one of our finest bits of business back then. If I recall correctly it was the last day of the window too? Jim Paterson moved to Plymouth I think for a 1/4 of a Million and we spent half of that on twice the player of Paterson. No disrespect to Jim Paterson who served us well. Hammell is well worthy of his place here, I’ll be surprised if his appearance record will ever be broken in my life time. And people of my generation can definitely talk about him in the same way my old mans generation talks about Joe Wark.
  2. The best left back we’ve had since we’ve been trying to replace Stevie Hammell; but still couldn’t lace Stevie’s boots.
  3. Has Roberts fully recovered from his injury from last season? He done a job for us in his short spell and I’m pleased to see him (potentially) return.
  4. Wasn’t pretty to say the least, but the three points are in the bag. The league table shows it’s been a solid start to the season too! With games coming up against Aberdeen and Rangers at Ibrox it was a much needed 3 points. Goss impressed when he came on and KVV showed some really nice touches too. It’s a no brainer for me who leads the line between him and Watt, the Dutchman just seems to ooze class. I wouldn’t be against going with a diamond midfield in the future with him and Watt partnering each other up top. Even though it was a terrible performance, it was great to see the full East Stand up on their feet, singing and cheering at the end, everybody absolutely buzzing to be back.
  5. I have a sneaky feeling our forward players are going to be in the mood tomorrow to score 3 or 4, sadly though our soft as shite defence will be in the mood to no doubt concede 4 or 5! I wasn’t overly impressed with Dundee in the cup game but they put in a good shift and performance last week against Hibs. I’d like to think we will take all 3 points tomorrow though with our home advantage. I’m going for a very much ambitious 4-1 home win. Looking forward to hearing Kool & The Gang tomorrow at 4.50pm.
  6. Great win today, not a great performance to match it though but what do you expect on that pitch? Up top I thought Amaluzor was energetic and bright. Not feart to take a man on unlike Woolery on the other side who really should have burst the net today instead of passing it back to the Livi keeper. I really hope we sign another midfielder with similar quality to Slattery otherwise the boy will burn out after 4 months carrying the full midfield. Lamie had a solid game at the back, although sadly there’s still an error in him. At the moment I think bar Kelly, he’s Alexander’s first name on the team sheet. Where do we start on Grimmy though? We all know he’s not blessed with great ability but the guy doesn’t half know how to put a shift in. Delighted he got the winning goal. After today’s win though, I think we can be happy with our start to the league campaign. I know we deserved a point at home to Hibs, but 4 points away from home against the double winners & Livi at their plastic mess isn’t to be ashamed of. Win next week and it’s a solid start before the international break.
  7. Because we are a great wee club? All part of the rollercoaster.
  8. I see St Mirren are looking to take Matty Kennedy from Aberdeen for a loan of. Hasn’t worked out for him up in the North East but I reckon he’s a player we could be doing with.
  9. £25 though? Bargain! I think I’ll be giving this one a miss.
  10. Where do you start with that today? Keeper aside, a team full of absolute crap. Maybe also being harsh on Grimshaw too. Carroll was stinking, hardly a decent cross from him the whole game, but then again not a decent striker to aim at. The boy Woolery seems to have pace to burn but doesn’t know how to utilise it, won’t take a man on and can’t seem to keep the ball under control. No point in mentioning the midfield, why comment on something that isn’t actually there? Shields should have buried his chance, but not sure if he had we would have seen the game out as we are absolutely abysmal. I really do fear we could be in big trouble come the end of the season.
  11. It’s a tough choice on who to drop from Lamie & Mugabi. Mugabi provides a goal threat from set pieces (albeit at both ends) so he shades it for me. I actually believe that O’Connor being dropped after the group cup games was unjustified and he deserved to start vs Hibs.
  12. I think I would be happy with that. Would also like to see Ojala getting a start. Lawless probably deserves a start after his positive impact last week in Perth. Could provide the link between the midfield & attack we’ve been lacking. Kelly Sod Mugabi Ojala Carroll Maguire Slattery Woolery Lawless Watt Van Veen I’ll take a 1-0 win and hope for a winnable home tie in the next round.

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