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  1. This worries me too, I don’t see the rest of the team contributing enough to compensate for Watts goals. I don’t think Shields is the answer through the middle. Has Woolery had a shot in the no9 position yet?
  2. I don’t recall O’Donnell being booked?
  3. That someone else was our esteemed captain who shit himself from putting Mitchell in the stand.
  4. Nolan done a great job to be fair. The East Stand looks splendid these days!
  5. Tough one. Hopefully she can hold off until we’ve got a horrendous injury list / suspensions. On the subject of suspensions, is KVV not due a match ban due to his accumulation of yella cards?
  6. I liked what I seen of O’Connor during the league cup games, but it’s clear that Solholm & Ojala are the first choice centre halves so will be hard to break through. Bevis & Lamie have been solid back ups too. Lamie has had some very good performances this year. Seems a different player to the bombscare we had last season. Midfielde wise, I think (and hope) we will see the end of Crawford’s Motherwell stint. You have forgotten to mention Cornelius whom I think is injured at the moment? I suspect we may try to get shot of Donnelly in January too. Doesn’t seem to have gotten over his injury from last season.
  7. Stats mean sweet FA when you get the 3 points. Enjoy the win and enjoy yer morning.
  8. Maurice Ross back in the coaching game after being appointed manager of Cowdenbeath. God help them.
  9. Has Roberts done enough to even merit us talking about taking him permanently? I was happy to see him back on loan to see what more he had to offer but I think a few have jumped the gun a bit with him after his short spell last year.
  10. Hense why I said bar his performance yesterday. I don’t recall a time he has let us down this season.
  11. He got ripped apart against Celtic as those in front of him showed no support whatsoever. I think if we stick with the 4-3-3 and Carroll takes McGinley’s place then the formers poor defending will be worse for us and see us exposed even more down that side. For me Carroll should only come in we move to a 3-5-2. Bar his display yesterday I think McGinley has done a reasonable job in the back 4 but he’s an easy target for criticism.
  12. I think 352 is the only way to go. Lamie or Donnelly weren’t on the bench yesterday so can’t see them being in the starting 11. If it’s 3-5-2 the change will probably be Solholm for Woolery and potentially O’Hara for Grimshaw. I would be excited to see Watt & Van Veen as a front two instead of one of them pushed wide as part of a three although KVV has done absolutely nothing of late so if he does go for the two up top Alexander could opt for Woolery’s pace along with Watt. Woolery does seem to be his first pick every week.
  13. I’ve always thought McGinlay gets a bad time of it from our fans unfairly. Not just on here, but on social media and in the stands too. Criticism was justified today though as he was honking. The full back on the other side though? Deserves any criticism he gets. Not fit to wear the shirt. Not going to repeat what many others have said about the midfield but I feel our midfield has got much worse without O’Hara being in it the past couple of games. Still not overly concerned though, if we pick up the three points on Wednesday night we will be in the top 6 after the first round of fixtures. I think we would all be delighted with that at the end of the season considering how dismal it was last year.

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