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  1. Best performance of the season. Every player brilliant. Love beating that lot [emoji16]
  2. It’s the captain’s curse. I felt he did alright last season without being spectacular but got a lot of undeserved criticism due to his involvement in the Scotland setup creating higher expectations. This season the stats don’t lie, 1 win in 9 league games with SOD at right back. 4 wins in 4 with Mugabi there. Mugabi isn’t perfect at the back but he is better than SOD at driving forward with the ball, something we’ve desperately needed these past couple of weeks.
  3. So far this season we’ve only won 1 league game with SOD at right back whereas we’ve won them all with Mugabi in that position. Surely can’t revert back vs Hearts.
  4. The stats again are absolutely embarrassing and completely sum the game up but it’s 0-0 so Alexander considers this “things going to plan.”
  5. That team gives me even less hope than the one we put out last week.
  6. We were winning games and taking a point from Ibrox when he was playing in a midfield with Grimshaw and O’Hara. Now take away one of them for Goss and we’ve got 1 point out of 12.
  7. ZT_1886


    I thought the signs were there for an encouraging season after how Alexander dealt with the pretty terrible squad he took over in January. However, even if you include the LC games, have we had a convincing performance this season? Maybe Annan? We scrapped by QOS and Queens Park while getting battered by Airdrie and Dundee without even laying a glove on them. In the league, possibly Aberdeen? Although that was more down to how dreadful and unimaginative they were in the final third than anything we did. No one is saying we have to be dominating every game and playing the best football in the country, but I don’t think it’s too much to expect that Motherwell don’t play on the back foot at home to the likes of St Mirren and Ross County.
  8. Apologies, was remembering what I read yesterday wrong, Roberts wasn’t tackled, it was his cross hitting Balogun that was supposedly a handball. Yet to find someone other than GA who thought it hit his hand instead of his thigh.
  9. I’ve not seen it back and was equally bewildered when I heard him say it. I’ve seen a few say it was from Watt’s chance, apparently a tackle on Roberts after he played the ball across.
  10. I think it was inevitable that Mugabi was going to miss a header when crosses were coming into the box every 5 seconds, maybe S.O.D can get closer to Sakala and put a little pressure on him. No one really came out of the goals looking good. However I still think the main error was between McGinley and Goss not closing down the ball. If you’re going to allow a player with the quality of Tavernier all the time in the world to hit a cross then he’s eventually going to get it right.
  11. I’m still trying to get my head around who exactly is at fault for the second goal yesterday. You can see McGinley taking a look behind him and seeing the space Aribo is running into so he panics and doesn’t commit to closing down the ball, allowing the cross to come in, so is it his fault? On the other hand, if McGinley commits then Tavernier passes the ball to Aribo in a very dangerous position, which up until the goal, was where Rangers best chance came from. Neither Slattery or Goss are anywhere near close enough to Aribo. Does that make it their fault or should Sol come across to take Aribo instead? Should Kelly save it? It’s a good cross and he heads it away from where Kelly is moving but it’s in the middle of the goal.
  12. GA needs to try a front two of KVV and Watt eventually. Think it’d really suit how both of them play while also allowing us to have an extra body in the defence or midfield.
  13. Bevis Mugabi. There’s no way it could be anyone else.
  14. You’d hope we’d see a decent reaction. Last season when we had a really heavy defeat, the reaction was mixed: Kilmarnock 4-1 (Mar 2021) Picked up maximum points from next 3 games. St Johnstone 3-0 (Feb 2021) Picked up 7 points from next 3 games. Hamilton 4-1 (Feb 2021) Picked up 4 points from next 3 games. Hamilton 3-0 (Jan 2021) Picked up 2 points from next 3 games. Hibernian 3-0 (Dec 2020) Picked up 1 point from next 3 games. Celtic 4-1 (Nov 2020) Picked up 1 point from next 3 games. Rangers 5-1 (Sep 2020) Picked up 6 points from next 3 games. We certainly got an improved reaction after Alexander took over but the fact we’re still getting heavy defeats more regularly than you’d normally expect is worrying, can’t see anything but an Aberdeen win.
  15. We haven’t beaten Rangers in a league game for 19 years. Ross County are the only team in the league with a worse record than that against them. Too often we are beaten before the first whistle.

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