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  1. ZT_1886

    Chill out time

    A 5th place finish and European football is definitely a success this year, some perspective on where we were when Alexander took over to where we are now is needed. Our form is still a worry going into the new season. The board took the gamble and for now it has paid off. GA will get his chance to completely overhaul the defence and hopefully bring in a suitable replacement for Watt in the Summer. The cups this season are hard to judge, getting scudded by Airdrie before being comfortable dispatched by a terrible Dundee side was undoubtedly a failure. However, I feel we were unlucky in the Scottish Cup, the red card 60 seconds into the QTR final with Hibs completely killed us and considering how bad Hibs are this season, what the end result might’ve been if it had stayed 11v11 is a big ‘what if.’ Knocking Aberdeen out the Scottish Cup was definitely the highlight for me. Time to keep the faith and look forward to European Football in the near future.
  2. Perhaps a question for the next AGM but I don’t see why the club would make a point of something that we can’t directly impact right now. I don’t think it shows support for or against. I would be bitterly disappointed if the club’s position was to favour a voting system that benefits the OF at the expense of the rest of us.
  3. Could it be changed though? Didn’t Aberdeen give away our opportunity to out vote the OF? Scottish football is a mess, it is no surprise that “provincial” clubs such as Inverness, Ross County, St Johnstone etc all enjoyed successful periods while Rangers were out the league. They both need gone but even with them we should be playing in a bigger league where everyone plays each other twice but that is long gone and won’t be returning anytime soon.
  4. Tbf getting in a round earlier means we might actually get a winnable game
  5. Going with 3 up top is... ermm, risky
  6. We’ve given up now, 7-0 again [emoji37]
  7. Well that’s that, tv off.
  8. We need either one or both of Woolery / KVV. We’ve got nothing up top to hold onto the ball.
  9. Ojala dropping out the team is a benefit. Him and Sol have some big improvements to make in their defensive play going into next season. Hopefully Kelly can keep it under 5 today.
  10. The subs were made at the right time today. County must be kicking themselves lol
  11. Shields should’ve played it out wide there
  12. Considering how likely we are to concede, I’d rather we went for a second than sit back and invite them onto us.
  13. We have nothing up top. Hoping, like others, that we can keep it 0-0 until we’re able to throw KVV and Slattery on. Thankfully, County haven’t bothered to have a real go at our defence yet.
  14. ZT_1886


    The players let Robinson down but at the end of the day he’s the one who signs them, he’s held his hands up to that.

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