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  1. I think We'll win Aberdeen are the only team in the league we seem to do 1 over on more often than not
  2. I hope it is he would attract a better quality of player here than others and his teams are always hard to beat.
  3. apparently from what i've read online their is around 60 applicants so far and all interested candidates must apply by Thursday and then well move forward in the recruitment process
  4. At the end of the day we're a small club in a large pond so the youth is our best chance of maybe having a chance at a cup or getting a wee european tour. Hopefully we see more of speirs, cornelius, johnston,ferrie as the season goes on so any manager coming in should be looking to develop them unlike GA who didnt give them a chance
  5. Completley disagree if he was there for the 2 confrence league ties we would have had much more of a chance he at least poses a threat in behind and can hit the by line. We are desperatley lacking 2 quick actual wingers to feed Van Veen and Tierney if we play him in behind.
  6. Id go with a Xi of Kelly Mcginn Solhom Lamie Maguire SOD Cornelius Slattery Johnston Tierney Van Veen
  7. Are we aware of the people acctually intrested in the job yet or is it still just the papers running a rumour mill over who it might be. I'd personally prefer a punt on simo Valakari as he loves the club rather than another english manager as under the last few we have been dreadful to watch.
  8. I actually think Alexander would take the punt on him as hes seen what an happen if he gets them in the right head frame like he don with Watt however dont think the fan reaction to it would be to kind.
  9. wouldnt mind him or Griffthis as a back up to Kvv we certainly need another 9 aswell as a pacy winger to give us options
  10. He not injured. If he was to be let go I wouldn't mind either as it is a position that needs strengthened.
  11. See tbf to him both were very poor against Sligo and our midfield was poor last season Cornelius and maybe Goss should be given a chance. I feel the squad is too thin we need another Deep lying playmaker, Striker, Cb, and a Lb to even mount a top 6 charge or cup run.
  12. Ìd rather play a 5 year old at Lb than Jake Carroll
  13. One of the Academy boys whos played a few times for the first team and is better than Carrol
  14. I wouldn't even play a 4 i think we should go to a 3-5-2 Kelly Mcginn Solhom Lamie Maguire O'Donell slattery Spittal Johnson Morris Kvv

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