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  1. I'm sure they'll be absolutely gutted that they've lost your respect ya toilet brush.
  2. Marvin Johnson will be away in January for £1m as he tore Rangers to shreds.
  3. We will not be relegated with Mark McGhee as manager. The problem I always had with him was his attitude when it came to playing Celtic and rangers. Same as McCall, there was never really any belief that we could do them. Also 2007 seen us play the most attractive football I'd ever seen us play but there was no plan B and when the wheels fell off he was trying to find a way out. Honestly don't know what to make of this appointment but what is more concerning is the complete lack of direction at board level. Leanne Dempster was always good at keeping the fans informed about where the club was at but feel like we're left in limbo these days.
  4. Just waiting on the "bring in butcher" mob arriving.
  5. They just don't know when they're beaten neither they do
  6. du_du_dubordeaux

    Well Bois

    There needs to be a succession of fans who will eventually take over from the current core group otherwise it'll just fall away. This will require appetite for this to happen both from the current core group and future group as the current core group will start having weans and become alcoholics.
  7. Everybody calm down we beat rangers. Barra is the man
  8. I've struggled to buy into this guy since Hamilton and Partick thistle away last season. He looked out his depth then and I think he's still out his depth now. He seems like a nice guy though
  9. Greg strong coming back apparently
  10. Come on over to my place.... has to be on the playlist at full time
  11. I genuinely cannot see Kilmarnock beating partick
  12. This guy is at it. It's clear he's lost the dressing room. Get him to fuck
  13. Missing Jennings these days. Humphrey had a nightmare tonight. After all the substitutions the formation turned into a "go wherever you want" and we lost it completely. Their crowd was like an extra man to them.

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