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  1. We will not be relegated with Mark McGhee as manager. The problem I always had with him was his attitude when it came to playing Celtic and rangers. Same as McCall, there was never really any belief that we could do them. Also 2007 seen us play the most attractive football I'd ever seen us play but there was no plan B and when the wheels fell off he was trying to find a way out. Honestly don't know what to make of this appointment but what is more concerning is the complete lack of direction at board level. Leanne Dempster was always good at keeping the fans informed about where the club was at but feel like we're left in limbo these days.

  2. There needs to be a succession of fans who will eventually take over from the current core group otherwise it'll just fall away. This will require appetite for this to happen both from the current core group and future group as the current core group will start having weans and become alcoholics.

  3. I'll be voting no but I'm concerned that although the majority of people on here want a No vote, this may not be representative of the Outcome. IMO if we vote yes and the overall outcome is a No, we end up proper fucked and viewed as "rangers sympathisers". We leave ourselves open to boycotts of the highest order.

  4. Our goals and wins have dried up big time. I can see us beating st Johnstone but struggling to see where any other wins will come from after that today. A big factor may be our inability to beat the OF. Utd ad hearts can take points off them but we can't/won't. Maybe down to last day of the season (if we're still in it)

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