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  1. I brought this up a while back. If you read the minimum stadium requirements for CL and EL they are different. There's lots of boring shit like floodlight specifications, how many hospitality boxes, parking spaces etc. Simple google search http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_stadium_categories Minimum seating capacity is 8000 for a cat4 stadium Quick edit: apparently now cat4 is the min requirement for both competitions so think we should be okay
  2. Not meaning to jump the gun but is Fir Park allowed to host CL games? Even qualifiers? Just thinking back to hearts having to move to murrayfield for their CL qualifier v AEK Athens but they were still allowed to use Tynecastle for uefa cup games.
  3. He's went crazy up there in that box on his own. Think MFC lock him in there aw week and feed him cold pies. He just sits in the skud polishing his cassette collection itchin to play samba de janeiro next home game. Last night he's only went and fired aw the tapes on at once to create a mash up bodger and badger would be proud of. Lost the plot.
  4. Just got my ticket for the sold out east stand. Weird.
  5. I've got a voucher but haven't exchanged it yet. Didn't think it would be a sell out but basically I'm looking to swap whatever I get for an east stand ticket. If anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated
  6. I think the singing section is great but it's almost as if everyone expects them to do it week in week out without bothering to contribute to the atmosphere themselves. It doesn't cost any extra to join in and for those not wishing to stand down the far end, theres nothing stopping you to start a few songs of your own and create a bit of positive energy all across the stadium instead of shouting abuse at the players. This is and has always been the wider aim of the section, to promote a better atmosphere in all areas of the ground not just that wee corner.
  7. Relegation is a serious proposition here. I recon we'll not win another game this season. Bubble has defo burst. Need to start planning for next season
  8. When exactly is this move to another stadium happening? I think speaking about a move 3-4 years ago was fair enough but we're no far off another recession with no main benefactor ala John Boyle and with the state of house prices right now I think we're a long way off a move away fae the ark. If they were ever going to move it should have been before they built those two stands when there was plenty cash going around. Like I said I don't think we'll have to go with a dual seat/stand rail if we just don't use the section for euro games.
  9. Definitely a step in the right direction and probably the first time this speccy Doncaster [email protected] has helped move forward anything that actually benefits fans. As for his comments on the cost of this. It's a one off payment and tbh I don't think Motherwell would have anything as sophisticated as what's in Germany. I recon it would be 1 barrier per row and just close it when we play our champions league matches. No fancy fold down "rail seats" the old main stand enclosure would be excellent for this.
  10. I usually head to the east stand with a screwdriver anyway....
  11. Higdon booooooooooooooo booooooooooooooo
  12. I think it's a catch 22 mate. If nothing is done as regards to the law and how we deal with sectarianism then it will stay the same as it is the now. But if this bill goes through you can bet your bottom dollar that this will have a bigger effect on clubs like Motherwell where the will start lifting the guy that gives the fingers to the away fans. It will encompass far more than just sectarianism. It all smells of a political PR stunt from the SNP tbh. But low crowds = easier targets so effectively it could be worse for us. We know that polis and stewards enjoy a bit of power.
  13. Could give them tennis racquets and they could batter pies into the stands just like at the pantomimes
  14. What about two Fir trees and a Cooling tower? Then when not in use, these costumes could be rented out, thus generating income for the club.
  15. That's him on the same number of league goals as Gary Hooper and Kyle Lafferty. Not bad if you ask me. Dunno what this guy has to do to win over some fans. Aye he can be frustrating to watch at times but if he scores the goals then ye canny complain.
  16. I hate the main stand and think it should be rebuilt. I want to argue about this anawl. And also how the east stand keeps runnin oot ae steak pies. Pish Utter
  17. After reading that I just want to make clear it was the fans view's I was comparing, not Kris Boyd and Michael Higdon!! :-p
  18. Higdon is a big target man. He will score all the shite goals of the day (just like big Sutton) but a goal is a goal and if that's the way it has to be then so be it. We've not got the money for a Ross McCormack'esque striker so I'm quite happy as long as he's banging them in. Apart from that he's not really got much else to offer IMHO. A good comparison is the rangers' support's view on big kris Boyd. Plenty of folk I've spoke to wouldny take him back even although He's one of their most prolific goalscorers. As long as he scores the goals av nae complaints in the grand scheme of things.
  19. That's a ratio of over one goal every two games. Similar to christiano ronaldo's goalscoring ratio. Pretty good if ye ask me
  20. Watched the big man past couple of games and he doesn't look to hot on the ball but I'll put this out there, Motherwell as a unit haven't produced much in the final third of the park as of late. I'd recon he could get us just as many goals as sutton if we were able to provide him. All I've seen him do is hold the ball up in positions where no well players are making any runs. I'd point the finger at Humphrey who's job is to put balls in the box. Half the time he canny beat the first man. Motherwell have been getting to the edge of the 18 yard box recently and running out of ideas.
  21. The fir park club is pish. All the old committee men would shit their pants if they tried to turn things round and move with the times.

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