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  1. Mate check your facts about hillsbrough before you start using that issue to point score. It wasn't standing that caused it. The fans were caged in and the police done nothing to help the situation. The Taylor report was a knee jerk reaction to that event to shut a few people up. As for drinking at the football, only Scotland doesn't allow it. I'm not 12 year old either. GIRFUY
  2. I hope that "punt the baw up the park" mentality dies a painful death. It sums the last 20 years of football in this country up to a tee. The kids coming through the ranks now need to learn how to pass a ball correctly. If they can see the teams they support starting to play this kind of football then it will benefit us, as motherwell and as scotland, in the long term. Scotland, as a nation, has found itself behind joke nations such as Gabon and Iran because our players are pish poor. Needs to stop.
  3. Don't see what all this arguing is about. If you want to stand at Motherwell games go and stand at the end of the east stand. The club are by in large turning a blind eye to it nowadays. As far as the cup final goes; that's done with now, we got pumped. Some stood, most sat down. None of that is relevant anymore. If ye want to stand then there is a place to stand. Simples
  4. I was gutted after the game. Couldn't be arsed speaking and then the pics went up and it put a smile on my face. After hearing some scare stories about the cards getting blown all over the place I thought it was destined for disaster. Probably the only positive outcome for today. Well done to those who organised and set it up.
  5. Wonder if we would make it onto the national news if we win this year. I'd love them to get Moira back to report it this year. Fine haircut
  6. Cracking top. I'm not a big fan of wearing football tops but I like the retro yet modern theme with this one. Might just buy it. Think it's a lot nicer than our current home strip. Fuck knows what there is to moan about. I certainly wouldny be buyin a blue shirt, even if that was our original colours. Doubt there would be many people on here that could remember us playin in blue and White stripes
  7. Dunno what all the fuss is about. Loads of folk on here saying they applied for the ballot but now have tickets through a season ticket. There will be plenty to go around
  8. Anyone know how much has been raised so far? seen a few folk with buckets etc and put my donation towards it. Would be nice to know how we're getting along.
  9. Personally I think a card or poly flag display would be cracking. Claret and Amber repeated throughout the sections like a bar scarf would be simple but would look amazing. Words or letters would be good too but as was said above it takes a lot more planning. Think if the funds were there, having the whole of our end covered would look amazing. Everyone will take part if there's a card or a flag on their seat. We all know how it works since the whole "ultra" displays hit the uk a few year ago.
  10. why is there loads of pictures of stadia on this thread?? A read the article in the sun and it was them that mentioned the whole ravenscraig thing. No quotes and now we have a thread on "atmospheres", "arenas", "legoland". All pish threads that have sprouted up here time after time with no outcome. Next time you all buy a sun, get a permy marker, and put big lines through all the bits that don't have quote marks around them. Then read it. Don't do it on page 4 though coz it'll seep through the tits of the wee skank on the back.
  11. Apparently the deal is worth half of what the JAXX one was. Heard this today from a reliable source in the banking field
  12. must be somethin to do with IKEA
  13. would be very surprised if its not 3 - 0 to rangers. Ibrox must be the only place we've not won at in well over 12/13 years. Its crazy
  14. Am all for flares and I quite like they big bomb explosion type sounds ye hear in eastern european matches usually just after the kick off. Should try sourcing some of those for next season.
  15. used to love the pitch invasions before the health and safety brigade went ape shit. All these rules have ruined football to an extent but fuck gettin pelted with a fine.
  16. This thread should be made a sticky. Just read through it there from the start. Excellent stuff
  17. anyone got a list of all SPL season book prices for next year? I understand peoples frustrations but what happens if boyle decides right drop the price to 150 quid a season ticket, and then only a few hundred extra take him up on the offer? Scottish football clubs are not only out of touch with the fans, they're out of touch with each other. All the clubs are still in this for themselves (and quite rightly so) however, the bubble is about to burst big time. 6000 fans took part in that SPL survey and something like 98 percent said football in this country was overpriced. If clubs/SFA/SPL can't listen to the fans then whats the point?!?!?!
  18. As was said above. Its not like the people moving in to ravenscraig have just arrived in scotland and are looking for a team to support. You can bet your bottom dollar they will already be Celtic and Rangers fans. A few years back a was all for Ravenscraig. Now, not so much. I'm no property developer but I think its safe to say that what fir park is worth now isn't a patch on what it was worth circa 10 years ago. If its more well fans you want then I believe they are there. But at this point in time there are many factors outwith the control of Motherwell football club that prevent these people from attending i.e. overall pricing of SPL football, kick off times, football on TV. A new stadium isn't going to make more people turn up. Also I'm not keen on teaming up with NLC. We'd end up with rugby cricket and tiddlywinks games getting played on it every night of the week (and a pitch in a similar nick to what its in the now - well mibi no that bad but ye get what a mean) Anyone know what in particular costs us this reported 5/6 figure sum every year for maintenance (is it the main stand, east stand??)
  19. ya jammy bastart. Am no intae wummins fitba. These pictures from google image search "womans football" put me off just there the now: If they got decent burds in and adjusted the strips a bit, then a might be persuaded
  20. Ad still go wae the idea of movin all our games to the wishy astrograss
  21. Sellick MOPEs in complaint shocker Maybe the green brigade will make a banner aboot it Greetin faced wankers.
  22. pat nevin has a lot to answer for he was like a wean in a sweetie shop wae boyles money. Boyle was new to the game back then, it's been a learning curve for him no doubt about it, but he seems to have his head in the right place these days. My memories: Runnin up to fir park wae ma mate to see the news cameras thinkin there would be thousands of well fans outside the gates (turned out no one was there ) The great cup runs James McFadden giving us so much to hold on to in a time when nothing was for us. Jim Traynor sporting the "well worth saving" badge on the tele.

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