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  1. Quite an interesting article I would say. What melvin said about us being only behind the OF hearts and aberdeen as far as how long we've been in the top flight really brings it home how consistently stable our club has been, fair enough we've had a few lucky escapes but every team gets lucky breaks. What interests me most is the question of what sets us apart from other towns bigger, or of the same size as our own? Why are we a cut above towns like ayr, hamilton, greenock etc? I have a fear, however, that if we were to ever get relegated, that it would be a long journey back up. I think we are far from that in this present era, but we really need to start making headway as far as keeping up with clubs financially off the park. I may sound like a broken record here, but we are falling behind, and while other teams have got money coming in to help them through any recession that we may enter, the only income we have is the football matches. We need cash fae somewhere.

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