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  1. Are you on the right link? That done me earlier on, there is another link that has the same sign in appearance.
  2. With rangers having two massive games this week hopefully it will have a similar effect on them as to what happened to us when we had celtic 3 times in a week. Will be interesting to see how Hylton gets on against Tavernier, he could cause him some real bother with the form he’s on.
  3. I don’t manage to make it to too many games anymore but the difference in Hylton is something else. He regularly had two markers on him and at times they needed 3 to deal with him. I’m up the other end from where the goal was scored but I’m looking forward to seeing how he’s managed to set it up in the highlights.
  4. That worries me, as I suspect it would be Maguire that would come in. He looked good against st mirren but that was a team who didn’t put him under a lot of pressure when he was on the ball. He looked well out of his depth against Aberdeen I felt.
  5. He didn’t seem to be in any discomfort, maybe just managing him as he was coming back from injury.
  6. Pretty good performance I felt, but lacking a bit of quality going forward. I don’t know how Polworth managed to stay on the pitch, thought he would walk after he hauled back Aribo.
  7. 3-5-2 by the looks of it, quite happy with that.
  8. I was encouraged by Ilic when he came on, I thought he used the ball well. I know he had some good performances in the league cup but he didn’t look up to much when it came to premiership opposition earlier in the season. What a frustrating player Seedorf is. He does well at times and causes the opposition problems but is always looking to shoot rather than pass to someone in a better position. I felt it was harsh on Long when he was dropped in favour of Cole but I think it could’ve been due to the family problems that Robinson alluded to. He’s a clever player and I think if Cole had been in the same situation that long was when he scored he wouldn’t have had the composure to pull it off.
  9. Do you think a bookmaker will offer odds on us getting Hearts away?
  10. I didn’t see that one coming
  11. Ariyibi for me. He was utterly unplayable in that first half, I haven’t seen a Motherwell player rip the pish out of the opposition as much as he did today in years. Pretty anonymous in the second half but he’d done his job in the first half already.
  12. I would’ve been fuming if Celtic had scored that goal against us but also fuming that our defenders had switched off. Not overly fussed that we did it, in the same way that I’m sure Celtic fans aren’t fussed when their players have broken the rules against us recently (I know our goal today was within the rules just unsportsmanlike).

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