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  1. Bit one dimensional going forward, most good stuff came through Frear or Newell (latterly) but we just about got the job done. Not much to remember this one by in a few weeks but unless Dundee win the derby tomorrow we're the only Premiership club with four wins out of four which is very encouraging given the turnover in the squad and the last two games have proved we can dig one out when not at our best. Hopefully hump Rangers next which should give us a great momentum for the next round and first few league games.
  2. Frear for me. The cross he whipped in at the start of the second half was outstanding and his finish for the goal was tougher than it looked. Boy won us the game and caused Berwick more problems than any of our other attacking players (until Newell came on)
  3. It's League Cup Semi Final Weekend so there is no hope in hell that game will be then. Celtic may make it but we're a shoe in.
  4. Yes the defence was carved open with a worrying frequency in the first 25 minutes with Tait and McManus clearly yards off the pace. The trialist beside McManus was useless. Every time McManus got the ball it was an aimless punt forward and an immediate concession of possession. Second half much better which should maybe be a concern since only Thomas and Dembele were not with us last season but Cadden offered more than any of the wing players in the first half, Gordon was much improved since I've seen him before and McHugh marshaled the midfield which nobody did before the break.
  5. The teams were split into North/South on each seeding group based on geography. Because of the league placings the line in each pot was not in the same place.
  6. Tweed

    Thanks Scott

    Every fan I speak to of other teams tells me they hate him because he is a narky wee prick, always chasing the ball, always hard to deal with. Tells you he's a damn fine player. To pick a memory that isn't the obvious, I loved the way he dragged us to a 2-1 win at Killie in Baraclough's season and the way he was clearly talking Erwin through the game.
  7. Tweed


    If I were the selling club, I wouldn't want the world knowing what we received as if I was going to replace a player I wouldn't want everyone knowing how much money I had in my back pocket.
  8. Thought it would be interesting to see how we'd done point for point with the two of them. Clearly Robinson has a higher percentage of points but he has seen less of the top six teams so all in probably not much between the two of them. Aberdeen – McGhee 0/6; Robinson 0/3 Celtic – McGhee 0/9; Robinson n/a Dundee – McGhee 1/9; Robinson 0/3 Hamilton Accies – McGhee 4/6; Robinson 4/6 Hearts – McGhee 0/9; Robinson n/a Inverness CT – McGhee 3/6; Robinson 3/6 Kilmarnock – McGhee 4/6; Robinson 6/6 Partick Thistle – McGhee 4/6; Robinson 0/3 Rangers – McGhee 0/6; Robinson 1/3 Ross County – McGhee 7/9; Robinson 0/3 St Johnstone – McGhee 1/6; Robinson 0/3 Total – McGhee 24/78 (31%); Robinson 14/36 (39%)
  9. Thought going forward we were as good as we have been, first half very jittery at the back. Second half, we defended a bit deep at times but overall seemed fairly comfortable. As has been covered, three excellent goals. A training ground corner kick, a howitzer from Ainsworth and an absolutely perfect counter attacking goal. Saturday we grinded one out, last night I thought we played our way to victory. Robinson is far from perfect but unlike any manager we have had in recent times, he can read a game and make positive changes and that could be a valuable asset as we have picked a few points up due to it. Referee was a 'mare. No complaints with him booking Lasley whose tackle was stupid so early in the game but some of the others were nonsense. I've not seen Clay's dive back - it looked like he was brushed so I thought the caution was harsh but granted it was never a penalty. The free kick we scored from looked like the perfect tackle at the time and replays confirm it was but over the season we've not had much luck and the Accies have had plenty - I think last night in both games we made a huge inroads into it whilst sticking a metaphorical dagger right through them. To be fair to that referee when we had him earlier in the season I thought he was pretty good so hopefully just a bad night - any guy we've had three wins out of three with should be encouraged back at every opportunity.
  10. Still to see a good game on that pitch but we generally defended OK and we were the team who were trying to win - just throwing Ainsworth signalled that intent. Very unusual for Accies but they were sleeping at that free kick. I think Ainsworth just coming on threw them and they didn't know who was meant to be marking whom and we got our bit of luck that it looped in. Was expecting the jugular to be thrown but it was pretty half hearted, like us last week they looked like a team resigned to defeat the moment we scored. Hopefully a wee lift and we can sneak another one on Tuesday night.
  11. I'd like to raise Jay a Martyn Corrigan at Hampden. I think we are playing better now than we were the last few weeks under McGhee. We fizzed some number of balls into the box on Saturday, more of them were good than not as well but Moult clearly wasn't fit. Not sure why we didn't put Bowman on to play right up top or give Faddy 20 minutes, throwing Craig Clay (who himself did nothing wrong) to salvage it at 0-1 just seemed a futile nothing change. I'm hoping on Saturday, Hamilton will attack a bit more and if we can continue to play with a bit more bite they'll leave us some room and we may score, our away form has been better generally and I think we can go here and win.
  12. We've talked about the game or a meta-morph of it all season, maybe we should chat politics instead. Nah, to be honest whilst I personally agree with the sentiment of the banner (if it is as reported) I completely agree with kmcalpin that politics and football shouldn't mix. We're a community club and the election results show that people in our community have voted that way for whatever reason and the football club is as much their's as those of us who have different politics. As for the game, I felt in the first half we were very close to being good but crosses were a bit close to the keeper, a bit long, passes were a bit hard or short and promising situations came to a premature end. As for Ross County they pinged the ball around comfortably without ever really threatening. It became more and more frustrating. What I was really pleased about was that we seemed defensively more assured than in some recent games and I felt that even if we didn't manage to nick the goal, we looked OK for a point. Then we brought on our real live bombscare who lived up to it with a bit of defending I won't see replicated if I take a dander through the Palace Grounds tomorrow afternoon. Sadly that sucked the belief out of us and the last 20 minutes or so was a total non-event. Hear some folk are getting a bit ratty about Robinson - for me is completely unproven still. Not had much influence on the squad, our most experienced defender hasn't kicked a ball since he been here and our best right back played for an hour. Whether we stay up or go down, I think Robinson takes minimal credit or blame and deserves the start of next season in whatever league to prove himself.
  13. £155 for Celine Dion!!!!! Surely that can't be right. I'd have to think twice before agreeing to that!
  14. Tweed

    Dundee Motm

    McHugh maybe looked better than he was because Heneghan beside him was utterly ganting. However, I don't think he did much wrong.
  15. Look, I've defended Samson more than most all season long. And I agree there were other mistakes in the build up to the goal but he had been asked to do absolutely nothing for 44.5 minutes, I don't think expecting him to gather a trundling ball is particularly ambitious and had he, the other errors in that passage of play would have been forgotten.

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