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  1. We have this perverse system in Scottish football where if a player get's it wrong/makes a mistake , and the Officials miss it , they can be dealt with retrospectively and be punished with a ban from games and/or fined. Can this same rule not apply to Officials who get it wrong/make a mistake. Can they not be banned from Officiating for a few games or be fined? In the absence of video replays/referees this might stop clowns like Thomson rushing into making decisions that will pander to the masses!!
  2. Thanks. Will get my mate to go to Fir Park in morning.
  3. Travelling up in morning. Got a ticket sorted for myself but daughter (19) has decided she wants to come up now. Will she be able to pay on gate or will she need a ticket? If she needs a ticket has anyone got a spare going?
  4. Looking forward to my first Lanarkshire Derby for about 30 years. Driving up on Saturday morning. We have enough quality to win this comfortably.
  5. Wellimp

    Joe Wark

    A great Captain for the club. Was lucky enough to see him play and walked onto the pitch with him when i was mascot in 1977. RIP Joe
  6. Barry Clough has to go. Fu**+ng unacceptable result tonight.
  7. Wellimp


    4 of us travelling up from Lincoln for the Ross County game on 2nd May. Only game we can do. There and back on the day. Hopefully a good journey home
  8. The biggest help we could get is for local people to start supporting their local team (and a successful one at that) !! How many people leave Motherwell and other Towns and Cities in Scotland to watch the 'Old Scum' ?? We all know however that the bigger draw for most people is to jump on the religious/media bandwagon and support whichever side of the 'Old Firm' their school or family upbringing dictates! Until we get rid of the religious divide in Scotland (Mainly the West/Central area) nothing will change. Took me to move away many years ago to realise just how bad it is!!
  9. Wellimp

    Shaun Teale

    Was Captain when my lad was mascot against Celtic at home on 28/11/99 'Live' on Sky. We won 3-2
  10. 5 of us coming from Lincoln Shame it wasn't confirmed earlier. Could have had a load more!
  11. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/retfordunited/news/unlucky-badgers-melt-late-on-a-985756.html Correct Matt. Most teams do it down here. A good way to support their local teams financially. A good set up at Retford. My lad played for their under 19s last season and is hoping to play for their reserves this season. Looking forward to Doncaster on Saturday
  12. I hope Doncaster is confirmed soon although a contact through work reckons their pitch wont be ready until 20th July due to some work being done on it
  13. Wellimp

    Michael Higdon

    'Well' done Higgy. It's been a pleasure to have you wear the shirt of our great club this season. I hope you are wearing it next season
  14. http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2013/04/25/new-home-kit-for-201314/

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