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  1. McHugh may get a hard time on here and I don't get to see many games because I stay down south so can't really comment, but he seems to have a knack of finding the net when he does get a chance
  2. I know Tom quite well and I've always looked up to him because of 1991 and his Scotland career. So I was understandably very disappointed that he did not show any affiliation to Motherwell that day and I think it would have been better had there been Stevie Kirk, him and another Shellic player. However, he's an employee of them and that's why he was chosen, just like Stevie is an employee of us. He could have said no and I think he should have known better because he's actually quite a switched on guy. I offered him my well scarf when he walked past us and he said he couldn't take it because he was employed by Celtic. He still holds the club in high regard because of all that they've done for him and has been back to a number of functions and charity games. He understandably keeps a distance to a certain degree because of the resentment that sections of our support have towards him. As for being bigoted? I take great offence to that and to be banding about terms like that about someone you don't even know would suggest to me that you are the narrow minded one. Yes he's a massive Celtic fan and they will always come first for him which I resent completely, but never a bigot in a million years. As for Stevie Hammell, it's been an absolute pleasure to watch him play for so long. He's been a favourite of mine since he scored that goal against Dundee United over a decade ago. I think having long standing players who know what the club is about is a major part of our success in recent years. Himself and Lasley are worth their weight in gold to our club. He should have had 20+ caps when you consider those that have played infront of him IMHO
  3. Maybe a bit of a stato moment here, but in 2 years at Fir Park Higgy has almost doubled his professional goal-scoring tally which is absolutely outstanding! Only 5 more to 30 goals! 41 for Motherwell and 89 in his career. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Higdon
  4. As far as goals go, one that I always remember which is often forgotten about was Iain Ross' winning goal against Celtic at Fir Park, link here:
  5. BBC website this morning has a piece about Derek Weir's resignation, with a footnote about the club distancing themselves from the behind the scenes talks: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18683703
  6. Graduated from uni today, added bonus?...Claret and amber hood on my gown!!

  7. The only way this can change is if Rangers are liquidated, at which point a newco would have to apply for a share transfer from the old Rangers. Four clubs have representatives on the board, ourselves, United, St Johnstone and Celtic. Now we all know that, despite the claims that they can survive without Rangers, head soap dodger will vote yes and the 2 SPL representatives will likely follow suit. Now the question is will Derek Weir and the other 2 chairmen have the balls to vote no and take 3 lean years without Rangers in order to finally change our game. If they do then by the time gers get back to the SPL a 9 to 3 majority would be in place. I hope the men in the position of power realise that maybe taking 1 step back to take 2 forward is what we really need. Rangers' financial problems could be the best thing that's happened to Scottish football for years. I understand that legally they may have to accept, but if there is any doubt then they should vote no!
  8. Carswell and Page on second half please McCall!
  9. Were the highlights not kicking about somewhere on here?
  10. Must say I think Friday night games are a cracking idea! I don't get to many games anymore as I play rugby every Saturday and I'm sure plenty other folk either play rugby or football on a Saturday who would otherwise go to the games. I would say that if you moved games to a Friday night you may get more folk, that would normally go to the football on a Saturday, out playing sports on a Saturday afternoon instead. Might go some way to getting more folk involved in sport, while not missing out on getting to the games. The only issue I can foresee would be travelling for the away support.
  11. Don't agree with half of these, Kaven and Curcic were class acts and Malcolm, Nevin and Burns all did a job. In actual fact I had a look to see if I could find Kaven, as I was sure I'd heard he had done no bad after leaving here, he went on to be capped 15 times for Finland and played regularly in Europe for Tampere United.
  12. Got a hold of one of the Masters tops, reckon it'll be that just to be different, MON THE WELL!
  13. Sorry for biting, but last time I checked we had 3 new signings...
  14. This made me laugh a lot! Boyle's makes his mistakes but we could do a lot worse. I give you mad vlad at FHW

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