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  1. 10k is no punishment when they could have fielded teams.
  2. After the decision Madden gestured a pull on a shirt sleeve which would suggest he gave it against Dec.
  3. I was disappointed with O'Donnell yesterday by his standards. He provided a great outlet to receive the ball on the right but his crossing was appalling, particularly in the second half when he couldn't seem to get the ball past the first man. As for Polworth, if we are relying on him to provide our inspiration then we are doomed.
  4. They did indeed. I was at this game, went for a wee before kick off and took half an hour to get back to my mate behind the goals! Also, such was the ill feeling from this game that every game between us for the next few seasons was guaranteed at least one red card.
  5. Anyone else not get in on redtv? It doesn't recognise either username or password and when I try to reset them it says they have sent an email but I haven't got one. Honestly, this system has been pish since day one.
  6. Cedric Kipre close to a move to Blackburn according to the Lancs Telegraph and, disappointingly for us, for what looks a bargain fee. Rovers are close to reaching an agreement with the administrators at Wigan Athletic for central defender Cedric Kipre. The two clubs are understood to have reached a figure which works for both with regards to a transfer fee. It had been suggested that the cash-strapped Latics were holding out for more than £1m for the 23-year-old, but the Lancashire Telegraph understands that any such deal would cost Rovers six-figures.
  7. Love both the new tops but gonna wait and see if the sponsor spoils them before I commit to spending money. I'd pay a fiver more just to have one with no sponsor on it.
  8. I'm sorry, where is the band? Local to me are Fylde Rugby club in C&A and what is the Iran or Iraq team in C&A that even have a badge similar to us?
  9. Jim O'Brien came on as a sub for Notts County at Fylde tonight. Rattled the bar with a volley then his corner provided the assist for the winner.
  10. We beat Inverness CaleyThistle at Fir Park on pens in early John Boyle era. Finished that game with nine men, Billy Davies and Brian Martin sent off.
  11. Not particularly but he had a physicality our forwards don't have. None of our forwards seem to like playing with their back to goal.
  12. I saw Jamie Reid of Torquay score his 17th league goal of the season on Saturday. Strong physical forward and excellent at holding up the ball and bringing players into the game. 25 years old and capped by Northern Ireland at Under 21 level. His recent goal record has probably put him on loads of teams radars.

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