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  1. Love both the new tops but gonna wait and see if the sponsor spoils them before I commit to spending money. I'd pay a fiver more just to have one with no sponsor on it.
  2. I'm sorry, where is the band? Local to me are Fylde Rugby club in C&A and what is the Iran or Iraq team in C&A that even have a badge similar to us?
  3. Jim O'Brien came on as a sub for Notts County at Fylde tonight. Rattled the bar with a volley then his corner provided the assist for the winner.
  4. We beat Inverness CaleyThistle at Fir Park on pens in early John Boyle era. Finished that game with nine men, Billy Davies and Brian Martin sent off.
  5. Not particularly but he had a physicality our forwards don't have. None of our forwards seem to like playing with their back to goal.
  6. I saw Jamie Reid of Torquay score his 17th league goal of the season on Saturday. Strong physical forward and excellent at holding up the ball and bringing players into the game. 25 years old and capped by Northern Ireland at Under 21 level. His recent goal record has probably put him on loads of teams radars.
  7. Looking at possible cruciate ligament so could be out for ages. Meanwhile, in Division One, red card for ZFA playing at Wimbledon.
  8. He was manager of Nottingham Forest at the time and they didn't have a minutes silence before their match. To quote him...Calderwood said: "there was nothing from the football league to us but i heard some talk of it just before kick off. I didn't particularly want to have a tribute. Sometimes I don't think its appropriate to have them for every tragedy that happens. Sometimes i think it needs to be a bit closer to home. The fact that it was a boy in Scotland, does that make it any different from a boy in Colombia?" Yet only five months earlier Forest had played against Motherwell in a pre-season friendly which O'Donnell played in.
  9. First home game against Celtic we put their fans in the newly renamed David Turnbull South Stand.
  10. ZFA has been very consistent since arriving at Mill Farm, been played more defensively this year. Due to the early injury played on the left of the back three but much better as left back or wing back. A much better player than when he left us. I expect Griffiths to become first choice as current goalie Jay Lynch is out of contract and has quite a few clubs after him. I have been impressed with Clay when I have seen him this season. The Fylde fanbase is a curious thing. With so many local teams (Blackpool, Preston and Fleetwood all within ten miles) they seem to attract the older generation, the much younger generation and family groups. Swearing does exist but is nowhere near the grand scale we get at Fir Park and other Scottish grounds.
  11. Dean Brill playing for Orient and Russell Griffiths on the bench for Fylde.
  12. http://watchallsports.live/football/3/803777_motherwell_livingston.aspx I've got it here
  13. brainier

    Agent Fees

    Touche although the vast majority of his money has been spent on infrastructure, new ground, training ground, land to be leased out and built on. Basically stuff he can get a return on. There is a strict limit on players wages and still a strong reliance on loan players. Better that than throwing 5k a week at Adam Rooney etc.

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