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  1. brainier

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    ZFA has been very consistent since arriving at Mill Farm, been played more defensively this year. Due to the early injury played on the left of the back three but much better as left back or wing back. A much better player than when he left us. I expect Griffiths to become first choice as current goalie Jay Lynch is out of contract and has quite a few clubs after him. I have been impressed with Clay when I have seen him this season. The Fylde fanbase is a curious thing. With so many local teams (Blackpool, Preston and Fleetwood all within ten miles) they seem to attract the older generation, the much younger generation and family groups. Swearing does exist but is nowhere near the grand scale we get at Fir Park and other Scottish grounds.
  2. brainier

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Dean Brill playing for Orient and Russell Griffiths on the bench for Fylde.
  3. http://watchallsports.live/football/3/803777_motherwell_livingston.aspx I've got it here
  4. brainier

    Agent Fees

    Touche although the vast majority of his money has been spent on infrastructure, new ground, training ground, land to be leased out and built on. Basically stuff he can get a return on. There is a strict limit on players wages and still a strong reliance on loan players. Better that than throwing 5k a week at Adam Rooney etc.
  5. brainier

    Agent Fees

    Our agents fees sum was also bettered by 17 clubs at National League level and below, predictably Salford with a mindblowing £76,338 top that list. Hoping my local team AFC Fylde (£10,820 in fees) can derail their attempt to buy promotion on Saturday.
  6. The Herald's Ewing Grahame must have been watching the game in a mirror...However, the outstanding Turnbull won it in stoppage time when he crashed a left-foot shot against the crossbar but recovered to beat Sieng with a venomous right-foot drive from the rebound to hand the Dark Blues a ninth successive defeat.
  7. Ball never out of play, clear penalty overturned by a linesman 50 yards away.
  8. brainier

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    FA Trophy semi final first leg weekend. I'll be at AFC Fylde watching ZFA (and the rest of the team) taking on Jim Gannon's Stockport County.
  9. I'm disappointed. I was waiting for Tom Boyd to self-combust.
  10. brainier

    2018/19 game 25: St Mirren (A) Wednesday 6th February

    Great goal, great ball from Frear.
  11. brainier

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Could have played all day at Fylde and not scored. Utter garbage, but we know that. Barrow also gave a run out, from the bench, to pensioner Steve Jennings.
  12. brainier

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    Highlights show Mbulu barging after the goal, and the referee clearly watching from a few yards away. Violent conduct or just a yellow, obviously I'd have gone yellow.
  13. Thomson almost forgot to send him off till Morelos reminded him.
  14. brainier

    The Positives

    We're not bottom. Err, that's it?
  15. brainier

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    Not according to their Twitter...| Our team and Scottish Gas have been working hard to fix the fault which caused the power outage at the stadium this week. We now also have a generator on site to ensure that even if the power drops again, we're covered. Saturday's game against @MotherwellFC is not in doubt.

Twitter @MotherwellFC