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  1. The Sean Goss thing will be taken from their own rate your player thing for each game. More often than not Sean Goss gets voted top in that not because he was our best player but because the voting system is easily manipulated by those who wish to skew the result, and probably not Well fans. I've seen average scores around 5 or 6 for everyone else yet Goss get 8 plus. The BBC man of the match thing for fans is purely a bit of fun and in no way scientific or accurate.
  2. Hopefully not too much tombola involved in the line-up but Slattery must be picked. He's the only midfielder who comes back looking for the ball and plays passes to players strengths, ie feet. Otherwise we're just going to have to endure 90 or 120 minutes of aerial bombardments and there's enough of that going on in the world.
  3. Darren Randolph on target as he gets Alexandra Burke pregnant.
  4. Game on this week, 500 fans, then subsequent games off according to twitter.
  5. I think Slattery's card may have been for persistent fouling. The ref had already spoken to him after previous fouls and did point to another area of the park when he booked him. Still a soft free kick.
  6. Derek Adams quits Morecambe, days after their Wembley promotion, and looks likely to drop back a division to take over at Bradford.
  7. Nice to have insight into the production processes. Just makes me wonder how Loch Ness FC manage to get such distinctive kits (new Euro Finals 21 out soon) with such a small fanbase. Produced by ZN sports their current home top had to have several re-ordering runs due to it's popularity.
  8. With Kevin Clancy now in full 'look at me' mode this could be a long 45 minutes.
  9. According to Wiki, yeah, I know. Longest run of games without a win: 19, 1988
  10. 10k is no punishment when they could have fielded teams.
  11. After the decision Madden gestured a pull on a shirt sleeve which would suggest he gave it against Dec.
  12. I was disappointed with O'Donnell yesterday by his standards. He provided a great outlet to receive the ball on the right but his crossing was appalling, particularly in the second half when he couldn't seem to get the ball past the first man. As for Polworth, if we are relying on him to provide our inspiration then we are doomed.
  13. They did indeed. I was at this game, went for a wee before kick off and took half an hour to get back to my mate behind the goals! Also, such was the ill feeling from this game that every game between us for the next few seasons was guaranteed at least one red card.
  14. Anyone else not get in on redtv? It doesn't recognise either username or password and when I try to reset them it says they have sent an email but I haven't got one. Honestly, this system has been pish since day one.

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