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  1. I doubt there will be any football in August. Maybe by the new year, but no way will this be over by August. Even if it’s calmed down they will not be wanting big crowds gathering for a long long time.
  2. In about two weeks no one will give a fuck about the football and the outcome of the league. Far more important things to worry about right now.
  3. I think it’s more serious than you think. The mortality rate in Italy is an eye opener. this is about prevention and even if you have a 1% mortality rate that could mean millions of deaths worldwide. swine flu in 2009 infected 61 million and killed 600,000.
  4. Think they will suspend rather than cancel just now. See how the virus spreads before making that decision.
  5. Get Turnbull on the pitch. No fucking about.
  6. Right back to winning ways. No doubt this has been playing on the whole clubs mind.
  7. Eh? He has had a couple of bad games. He has been outstanding for about a year and a half!
  8. 10 points ahead of Killie in 7th and 15 points left to play for before the split. We have to think there will noT be enough of a swing for us to drop into 7th, so it’s just a case of trying to hang in there and then maybe once in the split we can still be in the hunt. As another poster said all the other teams are inconsistent and will take points of each other. The hope is that Turnbull coming back might inject some life into the team. I’m worried about Robinson though as he has the feel of an manager running out of ideas and there is a hint of desperation about what he is doing at the moment.
  9. Because Accies are run by crooks. They didn’t “lose” one million quid, it’s in an off shore account in Bermuda.
  10. We all knew a bad run was going to come. We know these guys are good enough, just need to get back on track and make sure we secure top 6 and then worry about if we can make Europe. I still maintain that to be where we are in the league is great and is more than I ever expected at the start of the season. A bit too much panicking here, every team out with Celtic has had a bad run of games this season.
  11. Look on the bright side. We could be in Hearts position.
  12. Beaten by a much better side. Other results all went our way. 25 games gone and still 3rd. Just got to keep going. Rolando looks decent.
  13. Tony Watt can be our “Si Ferry” style media man. Sits on a stool for an hour with a Stone Island tracksuit on, no socks and a pair of expensive trainers where he can review the dressing room banter and tell us how much of a “character” Charles Dunne is. Then he interviews current squad players and they can talk about all the banter and who has the most banter in the dressing room. We can release the podcast as “Watt the fuck?”
  14. Oscar level fishing.

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