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  1. A win for us tomorrow night and I think we have a really good chance for 4th. You would expect both the Old Firm to win tomorrow so that would (if we win) leave us on 46: Motherwell - 46 Dundee Utd - 44 Ross County 41 Then depending on goal difference its a straight fight between Dundee Utd and Ross County up in the highlands. Good chance RC could win that or its ends a draw. We will get humped by Celtic and still finish 4th. Just got to beat the Jam Tarts, which will not be easy, but I think we can do it and if Van Veen is fit we have to believe we can.
  2. johnstone


    We are not alone in being shite this season. Out with Hearts and maybe Ross County, every team in the SPL has been shocking, the level of football on show is terrible and really negative. Has there ever been a season where you could be on 40 points and still be in with a chance of Europe? As for Alexander, I’m not sure he has any clue what he is doing. I switched on Hesgoal and he had Bevis up front and then brought on Donelly. Absolute nonsense, panic station shite.
  3. Loved that today. Proper entertainment
  4. Aberdeen 2 vs 0 Ross County Dundee Utd 1 vs 1 Dundee Hearts 3 vs 1 Hibs Livingston 2 vs 3 Motherwell that’ll do.
  5. I think whats worrying is that they are choosing to leave. We are either not offering them decent pay or they don't enjoy being at Fir Park. I mean losing Lamie and OHara is not the end of the world, but I would think that Motherwell would have been keen to keep them on the books, but losing them to a rival is not great. I think a few more could go in the summer. Things just don't feel right at the club just now which is worrying.
  6. When I seen the tackle from the DC stand I thought it was a red. Looked wild and when Collum is the ref then the manager should have told the players to be careful. Point is I can see why he got the red. GA should also have brought on O’Donnell straight after the red as we looked more solid once he was on.
  7. Alexander needs to stop changing the team. There is no consistency. I mean why not just play the same that finished at Ibrox? Slattery must start - EVERY WEEK! O'Donnell looked terrified when he got the ball, Carrol was like usual all over the place. Desperatley need a left back. But please GA stop constantly changing the team. PLEASE!
  8. johnstone


    We certainly got money for all players leaving. I am not meaning we got millions per player, I mean collectivley they have made the club millions.
  9. johnstone


    Does it though? I mean look at the recent years. Youth Development: Turnbull, Hastie, Scott and Campbell all left for millions. We now have Cornelius coming though this year - not that bad a return to be honest. Signing Policy: Again I am not sure what you expect here, are any other teams outwith Celtic and Rangers signing top class players everytime? No they are not, and any that do really well end up leaving. Fuchs at Dundee Utd is a very good example of this. Bringing in top quality talent to SPL teams is really hard. Most don't want to come and can earn more anywhere in Europe. Thats why we end up with players who blow hot and cold - but the rest of rhe SPL does too. Thats why there is about 5 points seperating 4 to 10th
  10. johnstone


    What you need to ask yourself is what was your realistic expectation of the clubs position before the season started? For me I was just hoping we might get top six or at least be out of trouble at the tail end of the season. I based that on thinking that Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts would all improve and make reaching the top six harder. I think we all thought that to be honest. Now we are 5th after 26 games and yes its been a terrible run we have been on and due to the results since Xmas the league outside the top 3 has bunched up together and means you could easily drop a few places very quickly in the coming weeks. So after those 26 games we are still 5th and are still in the Scottish Cup. Its not all a disaster. For me the main worry is the style of play and that GA doesn't seem to know what his best team and formation is, this could be down to the form of players and mixing it up due to the number of games. I also feel there is a lack of fight amongst the squad right now but that also could be down confidence. I also feel we should have done our upmost to keep Watt. He galvanised the team and is in the form of his life, we were never going to have the budget to replace him so should have paid him what he wanted. That for me is the biggest mistake the club have made this season. I am not sure what these 'problems run way deeper than the first team manager' are? I mean we have posted record finacial results, sold more season tickets than ever in years and the club are doing loads to improve the matchday experience. Not really sure what people expect on here to be honest.
  11. Very strange formation. Thinking that maybe when St Mirren played us of the park at Fir Park if he is trying to stifle their midfield….maybe?
  12. Our best midfield this season has been a combination of Slattery, Goss and Maguire. I think Cornelius is certainly unlucky to be out the squad as in the games he has played he is quick and carries a goal threat. Hopefully him and Slattery can get back to full fitness and into the team. Personally I would like to see this in the future: Goss. Dean. Slattery Shaw also looked quite impressive in his wee cameo and could be a shout
  13. Slattery made a huge difference to our play when he came on and today showed how important Van Veen is to the team. Morton were well organised and made it very difficult, but we won so I am happy!!
  14. Anyone think we might move for Leigh Griffiths or is his time as an SPL level player over?
  15. What I see happening is Dundee Utd use the money from their recent transfer to buy Watt in January. We then put in a better offer for the boy at Patrick and I think that will be our lot. Can’t see us needing Gogic.

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