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  1. This injury crisis will relegate us. Still maintain a fully fit squad would be a top six shout, but as soon as we lose a high number of key players then the backup is miles off.
  2. Mmmmmmm I smell a Covid cover up.... Also do we have any idea what is up with Declan Gallagher?
  3. Great win at a tricky venue. Other than the Aberdeen game we have been solid since the new manager came in.
  4. That was one of the most obvious penalties I have ever seen. No idea why the ref never gave it. Bonkers!
  5. I agree with most people on here that it’s been a decent window. The key was not to loose Campbell, Declan and SOD. Most of the guys signed are there to provide competition to give the first team players a kick up the arse. Also we need to factor in Covid as it surely will have made this a very difficult window. Greg Stewart for example has stayed at Rangers and no doubt that’s to hold onto a decent wage for a few more months and then move in the summer when things are a bit more back to normal. A year ago he would probably have moved to get game time. Right now players want stability with family life and moving club in the heart of winter in a lockdown is probably not what they want to be doing.
  6. Promising signs that Alexander has got the team organised and up for the fight. Two games in and I am hopeful we can get enough points on the board to stay up.
  7. Fuck, there goes that idea then!
  8. Greg Stewart - worked with Tommy Wright at Killie, out of contract - all the stars are aligning!
  9. Can’t blame Lasley for that. He has inherited a shit fest. Mugabi and the Goalkeeper were not even Sunday league level. Our recruitment this last year has been absolutely farcical.
  10. That goalie is awful. That was a pass back.
  11. I still think Tommy Wright is the obvious choice. Given our current position and a team with no confidence, you need someone to come in and take control of the situation and I can’t think of anyone else who could do that just now. Might not be pretty but right now I don’t think hiring a young manager or someone with no experience of the Scottish game would be a good move, in fact could be the final nail in the coffin for us.
  12. Tommy Wright would be the wise choice till the end of the season.
  13. May already have been mentioned on here, but Jason Cummings and Ross Stewart are rumoured to be coming in. personally I would like to see Greg Stewart at Motherwell. Not getting a game for Rangers.
  14. This forum is so negative! We were put out by a side with a 40,000 seater stadium who can sign players from Porto. We more than held our own for over 60 minutes and with a bit of luck could have scored which would have made it a very different tie. Also all this roadmap pish, in case you forgot we are in the middle of a pandemic and can’t have fans in the stadiums, I think Motherwell and most clubs worldwide are just thinking about basic survival right now. End of the day we got a decent wee run in Europe that will have netted the club a wad of cash. Spare a thought for clubs not in our position who without fans could easily go to the wall. There are far bigger issues out there right now than how we spend £4 million like it’s fucking football manager time!

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