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  1. I think the top four is sorted. I can’t see any of the teams below us putting on a run and I don’t see us losing game after game. This is now us on a season worth of games and we clearly out ahead of the chasing pack. It’s not a flash in the pan, we are up there on merit.
  2. Might need to stuff a phone up his arse so he can phone in tactics to Lasley.
  3. You like lady boys in Livi?
  4. O’Hara, Sloth and Maguire can all play in Donnely’s position. Out of those three I would say Maguire is the best backup option, O Hara I am not sure about and well Sloth - does he play football.
  5. Just putting this out there, but what if Robinson has done some scouting about and the players he wants don’t want to come to Motherwell and the ones who do are not good enough? Also this squad over the last year is the third best team in the land and that includes 6 months without our best player.
  6. Brain Easton had the game of his life. I agree we missed Donnely big time yesterday. Bad result, but can’t grumble too much as to be third half at the winter break is more than any of us would have hoped for at this stage. Anyway hopefully a fully fit squad against Dundee in a few weeks is what we need as these run of games over the holidays is hard to manage when you have a small squad.
  7. Murphy would be a brilliant signing. Still top class when fit and has a close relationship with the club. Perfect.
  8. We are pushing for Europe so it seems to be working.
  9. Outstanding result as it now means we are 22 points ahead of Hearts and that fanny Alan Preston in the BBC said that Stendel coming in could allow them to push for Europe! Fuck of Alan you twat!
  10. What are you talking about? An injury he never had, he had an operation for fuck sake. Of course he had an injury! And he obviously needed it because if he didn’t he wouldn’t of had an operation! Do you really think doctors just make this shit up? Your off your head.
  11. Just me chucking some shite out into World Wide Web.
  12. Jack Ross to Hibs Alan Pardew to Hearts
  13. Not really. Houses in that area of Motherwell sell well and quickly. People want Knowetop and Dalziel catchment.
  14. Lazy is what I’ve heard.

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