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  1. Campbell is a 2m plus player. I think he will have the same career as James MacArthur and will be playing in the Premiership in England in a couple of years.
  2. Would not be surprised given the high rates of Covid in Europe if this tournament ended up being postponed.
  3. The other three were about 5 years ago and a totally different team!!
  5. I would agree that 1 win in the last 14 or so games is terrible, but I just don’t know who you could get in that is more experienced and better than what we have. Also it’s important to remember the players respect the current manager. personally I think we will turn it around. This season we have lost games narrowly while dominating, I think once our strikers click we will be fine. would also be good to get Jake Carrol back as he add the much needed balance we need and since he got injured our form has dropped. its still early days so I’m not worried too much, but another 5 - 6 games and we still haven’t got points on the table then it’s decision time.
  6. But other than agent talk there has been nothing official about Lang from the club. Could be a load of rubbish. Getting Long on another year is good business though.
  7. Great bit of business if it happens. Gallagher and Lamie in the middle. Carrol and Grimshawa full backs. Looking like a good defence for the coming season. Also don’t forget Maguire.
  8. What’s the situation with the update on playing staff? We were told this would be announced last week and since then silence... I don’t expect too many going out. I think they key word here is consolidation. Keep the bulk of the current squad and maybe tie up Watt and O’Hara on longer term deals. Maybe guys like Mazinga, Ilic and Mugabi will go and find other clubs. Surprised of the talk that Hartley is away as I think him and Declan is a great partnership, but maybe he want a new challenge. With no real indication of when fans may be back in stadiums then it is key that the club hold onto as much of that prize money as possible just now. Cash is king. A real chance for some more youngsters to get first team games as I doubt we will be going out and signing loads this summer.
  9. I think it’s more serious than you think. The mortality rate in Italy is an eye opener. this is about prevention and even if you have a 1% mortality rate that could mean millions of deaths worldwide. swine flu in 2009 infected 61 million and killed 600,000.
  10. Think they will suspend rather than cancel just now. See how the virus spreads before making that decision.
  11. Get Turnbull on the pitch. No fucking about.
  12. Right back to winning ways. No doubt this has been playing on the whole clubs mind.
  13. Eh? He has had a couple of bad games. He has been outstanding for about a year and a half!
  14. 10 points ahead of Killie in 7th and 15 points left to play for before the split. We have to think there will noT be enough of a swing for us to drop into 7th, so it’s just a case of trying to hang in there and then maybe once in the split we can still be in the hunt. As another poster said all the other teams are inconsistent and will take points of each other. The hope is that Turnbull coming back might inject some life into the team. I’m worried about Robinson though as he has the feel of an manager running out of ideas and there is a hint of desperation about what he is doing at the moment.

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