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  1. As much as it was a tough watch at times I didn’t think Dundee had that many clear cut chances for all their approach play. Our defence looked solid, something that has been an issue for us last season. Also I think once we have a fully fit squad we actually now have a very decent first 11 and sone good options from the bench. 4 games in and all of them have been very close, can’t really grumble to be honest.
  2. People are really over reacting here. Yes it was a bad result, but there is no way that starting line up will be our final squad by the start of the season. We almost have a totally new team and a few of them are not fit yet, to me it looks like GA is being careful with squad rotation and not wanting to risk injury. Also we need to factor in the current difficulty in bringing players in. All teams have the same issues across Europe so the idea of us picking up a Portuguese or French midfielder is just not going to happen right now due to travel restrictions. Yes a bad result, but all this relegation chat and I even seem some sack the manager posts on Twitter! Calm Doon!
  3. johnstone

    Chris Long

    Decent player. Is fast and should do fine at that level. Eddie Nolan never got a game for us I don’t think. Was a panic buy in January.
  4. johnstone


    Very sad news. Thoughts to Andy’s family.
  5. About 75% of that team are squad players. I am expecting a very busy summer from Motherwell.
  6. Polworth chucked it and Seedorf is not good enough at SPL level.
  7. Yeah I just noticed that when watching them this morning. No doubt they will fix it, but pretty poor from the BBC!
  8. ha! have to say I think He has been a great signing for us. Best right back we have had for years. Fantastic that we have managed to get him in on a two year deal.
  9. I think other than a few really bad performances against Killie, St Johnstone and Hamilton I think Alexander has come in and steadied the ship and saved us from the drop. For me it’s job done. He has inherited a squad in decline and his job over the summer will be the rebuild (the January signings I am not including as they were panic buys during Covid. All were a risk and most will be punted) He has made a good start in getting O’Donnell on a long term deal. Let’s see what happens in the summer.
  10. This injury crisis will relegate us. Still maintain a fully fit squad would be a top six shout, but as soon as we lose a high number of key players then the backup is miles off.
  11. Mmmmmmm I smell a Covid cover up.... Also do we have any idea what is up with Declan Gallagher?
  12. Great win at a tricky venue. Other than the Aberdeen game we have been solid since the new manager came in.
  13. That was one of the most obvious penalties I have ever seen. No idea why the ref never gave it. Bonkers!
  14. I agree with most people on here that it’s been a decent window. The key was not to loose Campbell, Declan and SOD. Most of the guys signed are there to provide competition to give the first team players a kick up the arse. Also we need to factor in Covid as it surely will have made this a very difficult window. Greg Stewart for example has stayed at Rangers and no doubt that’s to hold onto a decent wage for a few more months and then move in the summer when things are a bit more back to normal. A year ago he would probably have moved to get game time. Right now players want stability with family life and moving club in the heart of winter in a lockdown is probably not what they want to be doing.

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