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  1. Anyone think we might move for Leigh Griffiths or is his time as an SPL level player over?
  2. What I see happening is Dundee Utd use the money from their recent transfer to buy Watt in January. We then put in a better offer for the boy at Patrick and I think that will be our lot. Can’t see us needing Gogic.
  3. Thank god you are a fan! Mugabi has been an absolute monster at centre back in the last few games and O’Donnell has also been excellent. Leave them be!
  4. This whole 'mini' lockdown is a shambles. SNP have fucked it and know they have. Omicron was and always will be a very mild variant, this was clearly seen in South Africa and its why England stuck to just saying to people 'be sensible'. Scotland on the other hand shat the bed. Its so fustrating watching English football right now with full crowds yet a couple of hundred miles up the road we have shut it all down. Sturgeon has already hinted at living with Covid, that should have been the mantra from the moment we started getting our second jab as its clearly working. Time to stop being cautious as that will cost more lives than Covid in the long run.
  5. I think we need to stop criticising the players. The way we setup to play means their job is to close down the opponent, we are always out numbered in midfield and the tactics mean our full backs are always under pressure. Alexander needs to get his thumb out his arse and change us to a 3-5-2 pronto.
  6. Surprised Ross Stewart never got the nod. Been on fire for Sunderland. Would also work well in Clarke’s system. Che Adam’s will start as he is in excellent form right now
  7. johnstone


    For me the main concern is that we have now played all the teams in the league and all of them have looked better than us and like to get the ball down and play football. Alexanders tactics are poor and mean that for most of the games we are under pressure and the hope is we defend our box and get a goal from a set piece. At no point in any game I have watched have we had a real period of sustained pressure. More often that not we are chasing the ball. He needs to change this awful formation and get us playing football and trying to dominate possession, if he doesn’t then we will end up in a relegation scrap, no doubt about it.
  8. Getting pumped by Rangers is not the main worry for me. My concern is that against all the other teams in the league we have looked well off the pace and results have in the most flattered us. We need to be much sharper and quicker with the ball. The St Mirren game was the game that alarms bells started ringing for me, they looked so much better than as in all areas of the pitch. Needs to rethink the formation and the line up, much more pace is needed and also needs to set us up so there is more protection for the full backs.
  9. This game going to be on? It’s really really wet out there just now!
  10. Carrol looked good when he came on as did O’Hara with his direct running. Once again though we are second best at home to a team round about us. We need to be much sharper on the ball. Still was a great second half, really enjoyed it!!
  11. LOL. Hi Tony, I hope your career doesn’t progress and that you miss out on international football so you can continue to play for Motherwell under the radar!
  12. Thanks guys, all sorted by the club. Just needed to setup a new account for me.
  13. Quick question, I can't make the game on Saturday so was wanting to watch it on the TV stream. Now I phoned the club and was told to go here: https://live.motherwellfc.co.uk/ And then login using my name and season ticket customer number, but that hasn't worked. Any ideas, or will I need to create a new account? Cheers!
  14. As much as it was a tough watch at times I didn’t think Dundee had that many clear cut chances for all their approach play. Our defence looked solid, something that has been an issue for us last season. Also I think once we have a fully fit squad we actually now have a very decent first 11 and sone good options from the bench. 4 games in and all of them have been very close, can’t really grumble to be honest.

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