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  1. No wonder Scottish fitbaw is in the mess it is when you read that. Crazy doesn't even come close!
  2. He did it last season - saying we needed 10 points or something after the split and he was spot on! We got the required points and then some. Its just his method and it worked last season. If Aberdeen, Hearts and Dundee Utd stay as consistent as they have been then I doubt we can get anywhere near 3rd place, but I certainly think we can make the top 6.
  3. Nice one - made me chuckle!
  4. Thats the problem here. The more its cancelled the less will come - I can't see much past 100 punters going up there now. They should just schedule the Saturday of the next round and then we can play St Mirren (if we win) on a week night. And if it can't be played at Harlow then move it to a neutral ground that both fans can get to easily. Simple!
  5. So we play on Saturday then travel up to Inverurie and play on the Monday - is that fair? Their pitch can't cope with this cold weather which is fair enough as its just a basic pitch with no under soil heating, but this can't continue can it? There must be a cut off point when a new venue has to be used.
  6. Aye good signing. Still young and will hopefully challenge Smith - It was never really going to work with loan keepers all the time.
  7. johnstone

    Maros Klimpl

    Well it looks very unlikly that we can afford him on a permanant deal then. Seems strange that a Danish side would pay so much for a player only to then ship him out on loan. If he does well for the rest of the season then you would think that they would take him back in a flash.
  8. This game is never going to happen in January with the current weather. When does Pittodrie become a viable option?
  9. Buzz is a big Hearts fan which makes me think they might be sniffing about. Although they seem to be keen on their current on loan keeper (Ballso sp?) If not then maybe a Championship team or even a Premiership side? I always felt that with a bit more confidence in dealing with crosses then Smith would be the best keeper in the SPL.
  10. johnstone

    Maros Klimpl

    Aye get him on a permanant contract if possible. Since his move to midfield and Craigans return to the defence we have looked solid. Not sure what his position is with the Danish side, but hopefully we can do somekind of deal. He certainly seems to be enjoying his time at Motherwell from his manner on the pitch.
  11. Just watched the highlights and looked like a brillaint performance. Cracking goals to boot. Special mention to Fitzpatrick - got a great goal and setup Porters goal. Could he be making a serious challenge to Lasley place in the midfield?
  12. johnstone

    Chris Porter

    Or sign him on a new contract...
  13. Klimpl for me and he just shades it from JOB. Its no suprise that Hughes is beginning to look more of a threat - its due to Klimpl giving him space to work. Also special mention to Craigan - since he has come back we look solid at the back for the first time this season.
  14. Who the fuck is Dougie Imrie - I have never even heard of the guy. If he plays for Inverness then he can feck off as they are shite. We should be trying to get players from England or get quality players from the lwoer leagues. Dundee Utd are not where they are now by signing SPL has beens. They sourced young talent from lower league Scottish clubs who have been excellent - Robertson, Swanson and Dillon. They have also got in top drawer English and Forgien players. We should do the same and not look at signing Cowie or Imrie!
  15. That show is the total dregs these days, Most of the people they screen to phone are dumb as feck (apart from Elder - of course!) Then you have Cameron who is just a shit stirrer and Rough who is just a has been goalkeeper who is in with all the Hamilton Esporta crowd! Last night was a classic. The Boyd argument was priceless as it was obvious that Rough and Ewen were just playing a game to rile up the callers. Pish!
  16. Lappin is a must! Get him and move Hammell into the midfield and Cowie can feck off. If Porter does go then we need a striker, but we should have enough funds to get somebody with a bit of pace. As for Malcom - mmmmm I say just keep him until the end of the year - he at least offers some competition for places. But for me the main transfer is to get Lappin back on our books!
  17. johnstone

    Inverurie Game

    Cool yer boots mate I was being sarcastic. Also read above.
  18. I think it will be another draw. Defence looks solid at the moment, but I feel we will get swamped in the midfield. Also I would swap drop Hughes and have Klimpl and Lasley in the middle. Also Elliot won't be there as he is in Livingston scoring goals...I know I couldn't believe it either.
  19. johnstone

    Inverurie Game

    No chance this game will go ahead if thats the 5 day forecast. Thats not warm enough to thaw out a pitch that has been totally frozen. Move it to Fir Park. EDIT - It was the london forecast I was looking at not Inverurie....actually looks like it will be fine!
  20. Lets not beat around the bush here. Our current team has no confidence and are not working for the manager. This equals relegation. January is when we turf out all the dead wood and replace with new players. Get some money for Porter, Smith and Hughes and go and spend it on players who actually want to play for the club. We really are up shit creek at the moment.
  21. johnstone


    What do they look like? Big chins and horns with a tint of red in their face?
  22. Aye they are a harmless bunch who have given me a few chuckles in the past few games. As for the stewards - are they not just doing their job? It might be shite, but then again they might get sacked if they do nothing. A catch 22 for them.
  23. johnstone

    Maroš Klimpl

    Quality player - must be kept on a longer loan deal!
  24. I can't see anything other than defeat tonight. We just seem to have no confidence at all. Hope we can turn that around and turn this run of games into wins and move up the table, but with the current squad I just can't see that happening. Major surgery needed in January!

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