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  1. I've renewed mine already. I have no idea what I'll get out of it in terms of what the next year of football will look like but I had already put the money aside for renewal and I'm happy to put it in to help the club in a way.
  2. Sounds like it was going to happen in the summer anyway. And seeing as we don't have any football for the foreseeable future it makes sense to just get it over and done with now.
  3. First new signing I suppose. They'd already signed the first team up on professional terms.
  4. The done thing is to give it to Long for scoring a hat trick but Campbell was the best player on the park by some distance.
  5. Thought he strolled through it tbh. A lot of what he's done for most of the season.
  6. He's clearly not the most naturally talented player in the world, but more than compensates for that by being the hardest working player I've ever seen. Absolutely adore him.
  7. Maguire in midfield gives me the fear in this game. O'Hara maybe? Or maybe Sloth will put down his instagram account and play football instead.
  8. I made it along on Saturday. The minutes applause had me in tears. At least my old man would have got a laugh at the most typically Motherwell performance we've put in this season.
  9. I had a feeling it was you guys as a few of my mates were saying a couple of guys were there with Motherwell scarves. Never noticed you as my head is absolutely up my backside today. We all thought there would be a decent turnout but I wasn’t expecting 400+. A fitting send off for the big man. I’ll be there on Saturday. The big man wouldn’t let me have it any other way.
  10. I’m his son actually. The generosity of people has brought me to tears a couple of times this week. His funeral is on Wednesday 18th September at 10am at the Linn Crematorium. I’m making it my target to get to the Ross County game as the big man would be furious if I missed a game at Fir Park.
  11. I think this is very much the case. Once teams had rumbled him he became much less effective. Would it have been nice to keep a young player and try and coach him to be better? Absolutely yes. Do I think we've missed out on a massive amount of money in the future? Absolutely not.
  12. I think he definitely done a job and did help us get our wingers involved. However for scoring goals he was utterly fucking hopeless.
  13. Can only respect ruling out a walkback here. Continue.
  14. Respect to anyone who makes a go of it on the continent. Almost wonder why Gauld bothered coming back because I would absolutely be happy jobbing round lower league Portugal until I crashed into my 30s.

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