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  1. personally i think the friday night idea works, not for every week, but its better than a sunday luchtime kick off, finish work on a friday, few beers and even have a wee curry at the game, for me it was a great way to start the weekend. yes the weather was crap,but thats not exclusive to friday nights in december, i've been to many games on a saturday at 3pm and come home convinced i'm dying of hypothermia! so a break from tradition, but if friday night football mixed with decent prices gets the bums on seats, or standing then i'm all for it.
  2. I'd have loved to have been there tomorrow, phone the club today, to try to buy a ticket for myself and a few visiting friends, wanted to pay over the phone, apparently they stopped this yesterday, no reason given, i cant get there during the opening times due to work. they must be rakin in the cash to be willing to turn down half a dozen bodys for a game thats less than half capacity.
  3. big gaz man

    Paul Mcgrillen

    as everyone else has stated RIP Paul, so so sad to hear of his untimely death and the reported manner it has occured, just on a wee side note he was involved in coaching kids earlier this year in wishaw sports centre, and had a great rapport with all the kids involved my son included who raved about all the work he done with his group. he will be dearly missed, my thoughts are of course with his family at this time.
  4. what a fantastic experience, i'll never make a goally!! I let in a few including 2 from Stevie Kirk, but theres no shame in that. just like to say a massive thanks to all the guys & girls who took part, and especially the login to learn guys and of course Stevie, Willie, and Gordon Young. Garry
  5. I said at the time of the cooper being given over to the OF i would not renew either my own or my sons ST until it was reversed and i've stuck to it, so i'm looking forward to getting down and getting a season ticket again for next season!

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