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  1. Back to the SPL within 3 years NAP
  2. I preferred when we were sponsored by gambling giants Jaxx. Essentially a wee German guy laying bets in his bedroom. Still opened an account like.
  3. Don’t ask why but reminds me of this from about a minute in. He taunted me!
  4. Get a bit of money for Main. Bring McCormack in on a 2 year deal. Just give him the ball for 6 months. Over 5.5 goals in every game. Finish 9th comfortably. Sell McCormack for 5 mill in the summer. Job done
  5. Dunne 25/1 anytime, I know he hasn’t scored for us yet. Does he go forward for corners and free kicks? Can’t remember
  6. When will we know if it will be on telly? What are the telly slots? Sat lunchtime and Sunday afternoon?
  7. No way Kipre is dropped, sellable asset, no good sitting on the bench. They have been bigging up Aldred on Twitter I see though
  8. Yes mate we really took the piss out of them.
  9. Stokes would be the best player player in our squad behave
  10. Where did he stay mate youve no mentioned it
  11. Cellphones. Maybe it was Chad and Hank who got super stoked by the scrimmaging
  12. Still trying to work out the Heneghan one....
  13. Genius mate why no stick big Pedro Sutcliffe on there too while we are it at
  14. Yeah sitting in the Main it looked as if it was missing back post but hard to tell
  15. If Hartley signs permanently I think he will be made captain. You can see how much of an influence he is. Looked like a tired performance today. Hibs a decent side, both centre mids excellent. Big man missed a sitter at the end

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