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  1. Folkie

    Player and Young Player of the Year

    Really tough choice this year … Grimmy must be in the mix with all of the above.
  2. Folkie


    I didn't know him but it's always sad to hear about this, especially at this time of year. Sincere condolences to his family.
  3. Folkie

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

  4. Folkie

    Next Gaffer?

    Does Mick have a black eye?
  5. Folkie

    Baraclough Out

    I'd be happy enough with Paul Hartley, Alan Johnstone might not be a bad shout either. Whoever takes it has a job on his hands.
  6. Folkie

    Is The Play Off Worth A Dvd Fae The Club?

    Ooooohhh.... link please!!!!
  7. Folkie

    The Club And Flow

    Apparently, I've reached my quota of "likes" for today (first time that's happened), so ... this ^^^
  8. Folkie

    Next Season's Squad

    I've a mate who scouts for Sheffield Utd and says that Grant is on the radar of at least half a dozen English clubs. I'll love to see him stay at Motherwell, but think it's highly unlikely.
  9. Folkie

    Baraclough Out

    Ah, cheers. Good man.
  10. Folkie

    Baraclough Out

    What's the wee badge he wears on his lapel?
  11. Folkie

    Hamilton Accies V Motherwell 24/04/15

    I would be delighted with a scrappy 1-0 win (offside goal against the run of play) for us.
  12. Folkie

    Motherwell V St.mirren 07/04/15

    I've never been a boo boy, prefer to shut up when somebody's having a howler, but I'm not convinced with Straker. The sooner we get a LB fit the better. Really don't like to hear a Well player getting pelters, doesn't do anything for their confidence.
  13. Folkie

    Major Forum Upgrade Soon

    Splendid job. You any good at coaching?

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