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  1. Get a grip sometimes you have to admire the cross and movement of the forward. We got a well deserved point and performed well. Strength in depth as well finished with Carrol at CB and played all match with Cornelius who has played very little first team league games
  2. Great result on a pitch that could have affected the game 2nd half in particular. Woolery, Watt, VV ran all day
  3. Game being run by a 35 year old Charlie Adam if you remember the game at Fir Park Dundee were the better team until he went off injured. Can't understand why we didn't just put someone like McGuire on his coat tails all day
  4. McGinlay and Grimshaw are worse than a man short they need replaced asap, just feel for all the supporters that travelled up there today wasted money
  5. Second throw McGinlay takes straight to the opposition and surly we have someone other than Grimshaw cant pass to put in there.
  6. Very quiet on here today, i'm usually a critic but come on boys our team has played great, everything i have wanted for weeks a good press. Hearts have not had a kick of the ball. Best performance this year no failures today
  7. Best first half of the season by far every Motherwell man can be proud of this work
  8. Frightened to say were doing well so far great pressing hope i.ve not jinxed us
  9. Between KVV and Kelly, i went for KVV but not sure if i made the right choice, Kelly saved the game, KVV won the game
  10. No not a case of Bevis is brilliant but results speak for themselves, I was an O'Donnell fan last year he was a big upgrade on Grimshaw who was in that position, but you have got to agree he has been no where near as effective this year. Whether that's a hang over from the Euro's and the slaughtering that he got from some parts i don't know but he will know himself that he needs to pick his game up. Nice guy and comes over well off the pitch but i don't think he is Captain material on-field.
  11. I think last season proved Lambie is not a left back. But a decent CB
  12. Better second half, VV two great goals with a quality ball in from Goss. Still a sore watch. We nullified Aberdeen in the second half well. Toped by a great double save from Kelly to prevent Aberdeen fightback. Well done Motherwell to break this bad run
  13. Positive comment the two man corners have gone
  14. I wish i had something positive to say one week, but no shots at all and will have MacGuire or VV sent off before the end
  15. He obviously does not trust Carroll after his last appearance when he was sent off, i wonder if we will see the same with O'Donnell

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