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  1. The league needs to be drastically redesigned to provide a competition in the absence of that ever happening we have to accept that it will be won be either side of the OF for evermore, the chase for the top 6 and relegation is what's left for everyone else, this does however provide some entertainment for the fans. The only other hope is for a real quality manager to lift one of the other mediocre teams to challenger.
  2. Men against boys but the job was done in the last two games money counts in football
  3. A guy that just never really kicked in very limited for someone who captained a Man U youth team
  4. Has to be Lamie's ET goal against Livingston to secure top 6
  5. The game is constantly stopped just now, how long does it take for some to take a free kick, fake injuries, players rolling around, aka Livi goalie in the last game. Checking a VAR decision will just be another one and may stop blatant wrong calls
  6. Lambie is an ok centre for our level and i'd be happy for him to stay, agree he was badly managed last year by Robinson, he's never is a left back. I'd rate Mugabi above him this season, and he has done ok at full back where as Lambie was a nightmare. I'd have Mugabi and Lambie as our starters this year. Solholm is average, Ojala is made of chocolate, but was looking class when he signed probably at the end of his career now. Defo need new full backs none are good enough
  7. Better getting pasted in the top 6 than the bottom 6
  8. Coatsy


    I agree just can't see where our next win is coming from unless there is a complete change in style of play. Sad to say i predicted this before the Ross County game. all the teams at the bottom are fighting for their life we are deluded that we are chasing the top 6 we should be trying to avoid that 11th spot
  9. I'm guessing that he has completely lost the dressing room. Surely he must look at himself, he says that he studies the game and we are doing so much right its just small margins. IMO we have only played 1 good game under Alexander that was against Hearts at home. Where did it all go wrong i don't think it is all down to losing Tony Watt. we play no football but never have under Alexander. I would be happy see us just play a passing attractive game, if we lose then its at least better than this.
  10. He obviously uses the rugby pitches up at Dalziel Park
  11. Is it the players or manager that's just gash
  12. I'm afraid we have lost our way completely, we have resorted to hoofing the ball anywhere there is no thought about actually passing to a player in claret and amber. If this is the style of preferred play play under Alexander then we need to look at someone else before the stadium is empty. I keep hearing him saying that they are professional players but you can see better from a pub team, unfortunately this is his team now, either signed or contracts extended. I can't believe that professional players can play so poorly some of them experienced internationalists. What was the game plan for that match we didn't have one.
  13. GA Code for keep it simple, - hoof it as far as you can .

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