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  1. Enjoyed todays game, it was obvious that Aberdeen had a rocket after the Cup game, they came out much more energised and aggressive today, but after the first 15 mins they had ran out of ideas and we more than matched them. Same in the second half, but they got the break of the ball in the box and then proceeded to waste as much time as they could. Its a complement to us as to how they played. I agree the ref and linesman had the blue tinted glasses on and again although he tried to let the game flow he was penalising us and letting them away with murder, just consistency to both teams would be a pleasant change. Not seen the game back but looked like a stonewall penalty for us denied late on.
  2. Between Campbell and Cadden we have a couple of the best young players in Scotland at the moment
  3. Its very downbeat on here, we won today, its early season, we made loads of chances, lets give the guys a chance. To many have already made up their mind who they like and don't, even the keeper is taking flack for being too small.
  4. Yep obviously Moult as well, that leaves Fisher
  5. Guaranteed that Moult will go look at the way he moved to us. I have no problem with it at all we have given him a platform and he has repaid us with goals seems like a genuine guy tries when others don't covers a lot of the pitch as well. Hope I'm wrong and he stays though.
  6. Ball took a massive swerve or slight deflection for there goal
  7. Coatsy

    Mark McGhee

    I get the feeling that the players believe that there too good to go down, I can't understand why but its time for a reality check. Our big name players need to up there game and get on with doing a professional job by big names I do mean the senior players in particular, I can always excuse the younger players who are still learning their trade. The only 2 snr players that appear to care are Lasley and Hammell, I think the rest are happy to take the money and talk the talk not walk the walk. I'm not a fan of returning players or managers and I think this has hampered us. Why do we appear unable to pass the ball to a teammate , take a decent corner or free kick what are the players doing in training I'm afraid from what I've seen so far Gomes will cost us more points that he gets us slow and gets caught in possession too much. A poor January transfer window, as I feared McGhee has no meaningful contacts.
  8. Poor playing with just 1 up and lumping the ball up to him, is it the players or poor management, every other team appear to be able to bully us and get away with it by again poor refereeing. Not blaming the ref by the way but it's clear that something is going wrong is it bad luck, once yes two maybe but three no, way
  9. Vigurs love is baffling me, IMO he was lazy generally crap and a wage thief who fained injury for 6 months when we were in dire straights last season. Was well glad when we got shot of him. Not interested in playing for the jersey at all
  10. 2 big signings blown off course unable to get them in Heinrich Windig and Hendy Gale's
  11. Surely time we signed Ojamma again?
  12. I heard Billy Davis was being lined up for a comeback

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