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  1. I know he's not the same standard as my example to come but Fraser should be given a break.. I feel the need to bring up 1 Heurelho Gomes for Tottenham. Absolute nightmare the first few months of his time there and now he's saved then 6 points against Arsenal and Chelsea!!
  2. Thats A tough Choice!! Iv Taken To Lukas Alot But i think a top quality keeper would be harder to find than a centre forward sooo...i'd probably say ruddy too!!!
  3. Yea Fair Enough But Just So Much Confidence In Ruddy especially from corners and crosses in general.
  4. Would have to agree. Was sad to see buzz leave cause i thought he was an excellent shot stopper but Ruddy has that plus the brilliant presence at crosses which buzz didnt have!
  5. DaveTheRave

    John Ruddy

    Was watchin the sheep highlights and after ruddy's first amazin save thought of the amount of points we've gained cause JR has made so many class saves. Aberdeen we could of been beat, Dundee Utd he made tht class triple save, Falkirk aswell. Also despite gettin beaten by St Mirren it could of been worse. Very glad to see tht bit on the official sayin he'd like to stay.
  6. Well he's clearly not fukin shite if the fukin manager starts him every game...Jim Gannon knows more than any of you and me so leave the lad alone. Were fifth in the league only beaten once for fucks sake..so hes clearly not dayin to much wrong ay!!!!!!!!
  7. The happy clappy thing pisses me off to. there is nothing worse than losing a really bad goal only for half of the stand to burst into "motherwell, motherwell, motherwell." fuck that What is actually the point on u comin to the games then....If Your gonnay sit there and fukin moan yer life away just fukin leave!!!!
  8. The main problem with scottish football being of a poor standard is at kids level. In spain and holland etc kids are judged on there talent and skill. In scotland it seems to be about strength and being a thug. Scotlands national team -thugs like Scott Brown, McManus, Caldwell and others. Spain And holland Xavi,Iniesta and the likes of Van Der Vaart. Small Kids in Scotland are put down!! I like the ideology of Jim Gannon. He wants to bring in the european style. Passing the ball around and at least trying to play a nice game.
  9. Ok fair enough he's only scored one but its the extra bit of positivity he gives the team. He wants to get forward and attack the opposition and he gets us into attacking position aswell. He just has that bit of extra push getting forward.
  10. Theres always someone never to be pleased!!!
  11. Mcghee only seems interested in talking about players he'd like to sign or talking about celtic. The amount of times hes gone on and on about a player then just been 'pipped' by another club....really hope jimbo doesnt go to the sheep anyhow!!
  12. I Though Buzz was the second choice keeper for them anyway???

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