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  1. steelman1991


    The same thing happened to me at Cappielow. Had been giving big 'Softy' pelters all game - he got the ball about 30 yards and like you I roared SHOOOT. Well you know what's coming next, he nearly took the goals, net and everything away with a worldly. Turned, ran half the length of the park to give me the fingers .
  2. steelman1991


    Agree totally. My comment wasn't a crticism. He was one of those rare players who just made the game look so easy
  3. steelman1991


    LOL not sure it was laziness - more "economy of effort".
  4. steelman1991


    Agreed - though I feel he is slightly more athletic than Gary Mac.
  5. steelman1991

    2018/19 game 25: St Mirren (A) Wednesday 6th February

    Great result
  6. steelman1991

    2018/19 game 25: St Mirren (A) Wednesday 6th February

    Who scored?
  7. steelman1991

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    Yasssssss great result
  8. steelman1991

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    According to reports on Hibees Bounce - the phrase that pays was ''clueless fucking (insert your favourite description of a dry wall) ....' aimed of course at Dempster
  9. steelman1991

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    Hibs taking liberties?
  10. steelman1991

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Of course he did - but then the back four and McHugh proceeded to play the exact same style we have for months.
  11. steelman1991

    Scottish Cup 4th Round Motherwell v Ross County Sat 19th January (H)

    Got my wee piece of paper going through the turnstiles today, that Fir Park had been treated to a “Deep Clean” during the winter break. I expect part 2 to take place this week. Atrocious and time for change. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. steelman1991

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Perhaps not all of it - heard from a reliable source that Turnbull was stalling on a contract, because he isn't enamored by Robinson's coaching methods/technique/style of play.
  13. steelman1991

    Where are the bois?

    FFS I hate Winter Breaks - bring back the fitba. You Academics need to go and lie down
  14. steelman1991

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Can't for the life of me place Jones - any more information? EDIT - got him now, signed by McCall on loan from Walsall.
  15. steelman1991

    2018'19 Game 21: Hamilton (A) Saturday 29th December 2018

    Great how opinions differ - haven't played on it and I'm unlikely to - waiting for a replacement hip . The players yesterday - particularly ours - certainly seemed more sure-footed and comfortable than in any of the previous games I've seen at that midden on their previous pitch. Don't think it was any co-incidence that Frear was able to comfortably move the ball at pace along the wing , safe in the knowledge that it wouldn't 'run away from him' which it most certainly would have previously. But as I say all about opinions

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