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  1. What a result that is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My old eyes can't make out the writing on the skip - what did this commemorate?
  3. Been going to games for over 50+ years and have never heard that lyric - the shit they make up to justify their position, just defies belief.
  4. Yasssssss!!!!!! what a great Christmas present - safe journey home peeps.
  5. Alan Campbell's worst game for a long time - Rangers targeted him - pressed onto him and the wee man conceded possession. Happened all game. We never put any pressure on them (all across the park) and paid the penalty. Poor performance and the longest running unbeaten stretch in top-flight football continues - think it's now 46 and counting. Crocker even mentioned it in commentary - next best/worst is Everton against Liverpool - 18 I think he said
  6. What's with that "lederhosen" saintees strip - it's minging
  7. Used to love 3rd round Scottish Cup games - particularly away days. Big support, lots of alcohol, great atmosphere. Telly is just killing it for me now. 20 past 7 on a Saturday night? - they can stick that, no money through the turnstile from me.
  8. Think he's referring to Polworth and using Bigi as an example of a similar type of player.
  9. Why would I be disappointed?, you illustrated my point perfectly. There are others in the team capable of doing the "physical" work - no need to load the side with strong/physical players - all about balance. At no point did I describe any of those players as Hammer Throwers (just a wee bit of artistic licence there). It is clearly you who is currently disappointed with the current squad and team selection.
  10. Behave - left to you we'd have a team of "Hammer Throwers". You really are obsessive about the physical aspect of football. He's been one of our success stories this term and long may Stephen Robinson see him in a different light to you and some others on here. He's not in the team to be physical - that's what others are there for

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