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  1. "He's fat, He's round, He's worth a million pounds - Stevie Cowan"
  2. MItchell van der Gaag appointed Assistant Coach at Manchester United.
  3. After the last 2 seasons shitfest I’d settle for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Got to agree with that sentiment - he likes to play football
  5. Lovely piece by the media team. All the best Keith in your new career.
  6. Not for me I'm afraid. Result is only papering over the cracks. Get him and his eye-bleeding brand of football tae fuck. Oh and ....... "we're all going on a European Tour". Let that sink in
  7. I'd love a pint of what the bois have had - no way is that just blind optimism
  8. I know. I actually thought I had missed something about a recent game. Should have known better
  9. Seriously why would MFC refund while complying with a restriction placed by an outside body? Might be better trying this contact [email protected] for your refund.
  10. What happened at the Livi game?
  11. There's a huge f....n surprise.
  12. Turned up at the end of the game and ran into the ground letting off fireworks and banger's. Amongst a support predominantly made up of women and children. Fuckin scum.
  13. That drives me cuckoo. Why would that speed up the restart? The team about to kick off and the referee will determine the speed of restart and no amount of running into the goal to retrieve the ball is going to change that. How much time advantage are we talking about here? Not arguing that he didn't touch the keeper, just don't see it being much of an advantage to try and retireve the ball. If anything with all the it's "ma baw" carry on when it happens, it probably negates the opportunity to start the game quicker.
  14. I've run out of likes - so "like"

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