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  1. Should have been given then too. The big dirty bastard knew exactly what he was doing by turning into Maxwell and leading with his elbow. Disliked the shit with a passion after that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah - but this is a thread about Motherwell v Celtic
  3. Don't think the game is on Sky - it's a 3.00pm KO on Saturday 16 October.
  4. Great result for the "well. Time now to kick on and put some points on the board.
  5. Hardly a surprise with Grimshaw and O'Hara in there
  6. And do we need to show our proof of vaccination?
  7. Great quote from a poster over at P&B "Genuinely one of the worst referees I've ever seen, Looked like Captain America before they started the experiment on him" LOL and he did.
  8. Well deserved - delighted with this announcement.
  9. We were stuck right up in the top left hand corner of the "old main" stand (think they may have been renovating part of the stadium at the time, which is why were decanted there). What a bounce we had.
  10. Thankfully I was - stuck up in the back rows of the Main Stand. As bad as the subway loyal were even then, I've never witnessed a stadium empty as quickly in my life.
  11. No it didn't ........ never touched him
  12. Why? - it hit the underside of the bar and went in

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