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  1. 3 out of 3 for the Steelemen Online ‘should we sign them’ polls. Can someone put up a poll asking if we should sign Haaland?!
  2. Hope Jordan Roberts is OK... didn’t look good
  3. So Hampden is unavailable. Fair enough. But is it beyond the wit of man to play the final somewhere else and plan on having some fans in... say as a kind of test event for the Euros?! Oh wait... this is the people that run Scottish football we’re talking about...
  4. 2 out of 2 so far (Mugabi and Crawford) in terms of new contracts for players that most voters on Steelmen Online wanted to retain
  5. Andy - I wondered if it would be interesting to do a similar poll for the loanees... to see which ones we think are worth retaining. However, looking at the list (Kelly, Nolan, Magloire, Hastie, Smith, Roberts) the results are probably mostly predictable. Kelly has been great, but I doubt he’ll still be here. I’m not convinced about Magloire and hope we can do better. Roberts has also been mostly decent and could be a good squad player, but I’m not sure is a ‘must sign’.
  6. Don’t know if this is even possible on the forum, but could someone set up a poll where everyone gets (say) 5 votes and you get to pick which of the out of contract (or any squad) players you’d like to keep?
  7. Cant make a case for anyone
  8. One like that with a wee helicopter logo above the badge?
  9. Any new Macron templates that could be interesting?
  10. I agree with you overall (I think Alexander has done a decent job so far) but I think it’s just how abject the Accies and St Johnstone games were (albeit with injuries as a partial excuse) that’s causing people to not get too carried away.
  11. Lamie excellent again (won most challenges, kept it simple)... Roberts good... Campbell back to his energetic best in the first half especially... Crawford busy... Kelly and Carroll for goal-saving interventions.... but has to be Cole for two goals and an assist
  12. Exactly what I thought at the time
  13. Assuming Carroll isn’t available I think it’ll be that team, except Lamie for Magliore
  14. I agree, Kelly had been different class. He has age on his side as well, so that could help him get into the squad as third choice keeper with an eye on the future. Wonder if he’ll still be under contract to us at the time of the Euros, ie might we get weighed in with the UEFA appearance fee?!

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