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  1. You almost scored a ‘great wee mighty rollercoaster’ hat-trick in the one post there
  2. As Lamie showed at the end of last season as well... he is good in the air and if he keeps it simple and cuts out what looks like casualness or a lack of concentration, then he can be a very decent player for us.
  3. Same issue resolved for me in the same way
  4. Van Veen could have had 5 today, and should have had 3
  5. A couple of comments already about Lawless, who I think looks fitter / sharper than last season. Maybe he wasn’t fully fit last year? I went for Lamie… dominant in the air all day, and scored
  6. I think most / all people with ballot success have been emailed with bar-coded tickets on a PDF. Maybe check your junk mail? I did also see a couple of things on MFC Facebook where things have gone wrong somehow, and the response from MFC was ‘contact the ticket office’. Hopefully it’s all good, seems like everyone who wants to get in will do so
  7. Wow, glad I asked… thanks for pointing it out. 700 ‘Well fans there, better be an improvement on last night
  8. With 2,000 fans being allowed in to stadia from next Monday (unless I’m totally confused with the change in levels), does this mean we should expect an announcement re away fans at Airdrie next week?
  9. At the very front at the end of the Cooper stand. Will get a great view of the shit corners… I mean, the newly minted creative set piece routines
  10. Maguire looked energetic, but I went for O’Connor who I thought looked fairly assured on his debut… albeit without being put under a lot of pressure
  11. Anyone heard any results from the league cup ticket ballot?
  12. We have 4 goalies though. With Carson’s range of passing, he could be the missing link as the creative midfielder were looking out for.
  13. Kelly is a brilliant signing. What’s that worth versus having a ‘par’ kind of goalie at our level? 5-10 points a season?
  14. On the topic of where the SPFL is in comparison with League One or Two down south, I once had a wee chat pre season with Ian Baraclough. I asked him where he thought we’d be if we were in the English leagues. His answer was along the lines of, “standard, mid to lower League One… budget, mid League Two”.
  15. Agreed - always thought he was very limited

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