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  1. When Watt signed, Stephen Robinson did describe him as “hungry”
  2. If someone had offered me not losing our points advantage versus Aberdeen, Livingston and Hibs I’d have taken their hands off. Had we got a point but Aberdeen had won, we’d have felt better about things but been in a worse position, so I’ll take it.
  3. Any chat on whether or not Long is fit?
  4. If I remember correctly the English window shuts at 11pm, with the Scottish one at midnight... so it could be a late one
  5. Jordan Jones to Middlesbrough, Marvin Johnson to us... sorted
  6. I’m glad there’s a bit of rain forecast in the run up to the match. At the start of the season the pitch was really dry and sticky... at least this time the players should be able to get the ball out from under their feet.
  7. Aye, it felt down compared to previous seasons there. Assuming we sell out our 1600 at St Mirren, and maybe have some overspill as well in the other stands, I can’t remember a time when we had that much. St Johnstone towards the end of the season with Higdon etc felt like a lot as well. What was the official count at Nancy?!
  8. Other than cup semis or finals, when was the last time we had such a big away support?
  9. Yes, can we put to bed ever seeing “Polworth” and “lazy” in the same sentence?
  10. Yes, the big fella strolled 99% of the game, but got caught in possession a couple of times in dangerous positions.
  11. I agree with the comments from a few people about the below par performances from Hartley and Tait and yesterday. If Grimshaw and Mugabi come in for the Aberdeen game, then I’ll give Robinson a bit of credit for good use of the squad, in that they’ll be nicely rested and injury free for Wednesday
  12. Long has to get it, but Campbell was good and I like O’Hara too - always looking for the ball, and covered a lot of ground
  13. Normally I’d say we have no chance of Griffiths on loan. But given how close the title race is - combined with how desperate I imagine Celtic are to win it - is it such a crazy idea to think that they may feel helping a decent team to strengthen (to potentially take points off rangers) without hurting themselves (cause loan players can’t pkay against them) isn’t a bad shout?
  14. I agree with you, had to look him up and don’t even remember him playing for Kilmarnock. Having said that, the last time I was genuinely excited by a new signing was, ooohh... Ross McCormack

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