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  1. That’s my recollection as well... the only one I could think of that was a decent (as opposed to great) result to go through was Aalesund
  2. Have we ever put out a team ranked higher than us in Europe? I can’t think of one, although I think the whole club coefficient thing came in relatively recently.
  3. Actual goal with the right foot, offside goal with the left... even more pleasing
  4. One of the things I really liked today was how we closed them down quickly and didn’t give them a minute’s peace, from front to back, from start to finish, and from all over the team. Great stuff
  5. I’ve got no clue how these things work... but surely there are so many planes / pilots / crew sitting around just now that it’s a buyers’ market for charters?
  6. I thought that too... don’t remember him coming for one cross, although he did get a fingertip to the one that O’Hara cleared off the line. I still gave him MotM though
  7. Anyone checked the small-print of the Israeli lockdown rules? Does their definition of “professional” square with what we saw for lots of last night?
  8. Sorry, I wasn’t very clear... I know Hapoel played in Albania, but another Israeli team played at home in Haifa tonight... so I assume we’ll be there in Israel next week as well.
  9. Maccabi Haifa played at home tonight as far as I can gather
  10. Does anyone know if your normal season ticket stream works if you’re out of the country?
  11. In all of the games in Q2 (certainly in our wee sub group), the lower ranked teams are at home... so I guess we want whoever pulls off the shock... assuming we don't suffer the shock.
  12. Mainyl based on the second half performances, decent from Polworth, Long, O'Donnell... but I enjoyed Mugabi's 90 minutes. Won everything, kept his passing simple.
  13. Happily, quite a few decent performances for me today, Campbell, Turnbull, White... but I thought the two best were O’Hara and Lamie, finally went for the latter. Won most defensive challenges, calm, and decent distribution.
  14. ... said Kilmarnock last year re Connah’s Quay Nomads!
  15. This is one for the return of the ‘no-one’ option. No standout performances at all for me

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