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  1. I agree with you… although I think what I’m saying is that a change in shape to have four in midfield *I think* would give us more possession… help us get forward… support the front players (and reduce the number of crosses into our box at the other end for that matter)… create more chances… In other words, to get out of the chicken and egg scenario…. Try changing the shape first - which is easier than changing the players. It might even make the midfield players look better as well.
  2. Exactly what we were saying… after about 15 mins when we did quite well, Celtic found it very easy to pass round and through our 3 man midfield. It makes them look very exposed, but I think the problem is more the shape than the players. I thought we should have taken off Roberts or Woollery and put on O’Hara at half time… and maybe then taken the other one off and put in Van Veen. We’ve seen this in other games and got away with it. Quite annoying today as others have said, because that Celtic defence are there to be got at… as various teams - especially in Europe - have shown.
  3. Mate, seriously, there is really no need for the pansy / poof / fairy stuff. And John Clark didn’t get booked because it wasn’t a bad foul, just an unfortunate injury.
  4. I reckon before every old firm game we need a “we’ll never get a better chance to beat them” poll just to gauge the level of optimism. Maybe have a vote-off with “certain defeat”?
  5. I found that such an infuriating afternoon - Hearts we’re nothing special (Baningime and Boyce aside), but they didn’t have to be. Maybe they could have upped it a gear if they’d had to? And in spite of the two self-inflicted wounds, if we’d got one back with the chances we had, I still felt we might have got something from the game. KVV looked like he was carrying an injury, and should have been taken off long before he was. I also really hate refereeing like that… any contact = foul, and when the tone is set both sets of players look to buy fouls. I don’t mean by diving, but putting themselves deliberately in a position where the opposition player makes contact, they fall over, foul. I always think if the early ones get waved away, then it’s a lot less likely that the players start looking for it at every opportunity, and the game is better for it. It’s like that pretty much every week now I think. One of the root causes is refs that have never played the game at any kind of level.
  6. Sorry to bang on about vaccine passports etc on here, but the NHS Covid Status App now works for me. I downloaded it yesterday morning, went through the ‘prove your identity step’ (photo of my driving licence and a scan of my face)… entered a few personal details… then got the message ‘we can’t find your details, try again’. However, I’ve just clicked on it now and without me doing anything else, it’s all sorted and accurate. So they must be getting through the fix(es) to get it up and running.
  7. I watched the Ross County match live from abroad with my season ticket login, ie same as last season
  8. I’m going to guess as I don’t know for sure… with the app, once you’ve created your profile / proved your identity etc once, the first time you use it… Any updates (such as future boosters or whatever) can be automatically added to your profile and you can then access your latest status really easily. I suppose they can also add things like info on test results as well, to get a complete picture of your Covid history in one place. In other words, for the user with the app, any updates are added passively. With the download on the other hand, the user has to actively request an update (‘send me a new one as I’ve just had a booster’), and it’s more of a faff as each time you have to go in and prove your identity. I suppose the same principle as the app could be achieved with a ‘user account’ on an NHS website, but an app is probably more likely to get higher usage, as smartphone users are very used to the idea. That’s my guess anyway.
  9. I’m not sure if you’re taking the mick now, or if I’m explaining myself really really badly… but just in case… to get in to such events, you need to prove your vaccination status. There are a number of ways to do that. (1) is the app, when / if it eventually works. It didn’t work for me earlier today, but it doesn’t matter (2) is a download of your digital vaccination certificate, which does work (3) is the paper letter
  10. I’ll try again - you don’t need the app!!!
  11. Agree with you that some people may not have photo ID… but I imagine for the ones that don’t, some degree of pragmatism should kick in, eg bank card? I don’t know the detail on that though so I’m guessing. But you don’t need the app (working or not). For months now you’ve been able to get a paper NHS doc via the post that confirms your vaccines… and more recently they also started offering the option to download a digital version (the one with the QR code), which takes about 3 minutes to do. It’s available via NHS Inform if anyone’s interested.
  12. In the last month or so I’ve been to two matches in other countries where you needed to prove your vaccination or negative test status before they let you in. You don’t need an app (a scanned image or paper doc is fine, backed up with some ID) and it takes seconds to check each person. Admittedly the attendances were less than will be at Tynecastle tomorrow (and I realise that scanned images could be faked) but if people arrive prepared and allow a wee bit of extra time, it’s really not that big a deal.
  13. I’m interested in all the very positive views on Slattery, and I mean over the last few games not just today. I think he’s been decent, comfortable on the ball, tidy in general, added a goal today obviously…. But for me he’s not involved enough and seems to drift in and out of the action… what am I missing?
  14. Will be an interesting game, probably going into it as clear favourites, with the opposition I expect happy to leave with a point. A test of a different kind for us - going into a game with some confidence on the back of a very solid run of results. Hopefully we can turn that into a bit of swagger and a comfortable win. We didn’t look that brilliant in the wins against Dundee or Livingston, so hopefully this one is different.

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