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  1. Very satisfying game, much better than the St Johnstone game all round I thought. Scott took his goals well, and as others have said I really liked Gallagher and Mugabi at the back
  2. How many Saturday nights during the last x years of watching Motherwell would you have taken being able to greet about a sub-par performance in a 4-0 win?!
  3. Cole got us on the way, and was a handful throughout
  4. I also think Carrol / Tait and Long / Cole are the selection decisions the manager has to make. I think Tait will keep his place, but Cole won’t
  5. Great stuff, congratulations
  6. Classy Liam Polworth. Demonstrated not just the things we know he’s good at, but made a few 40 yard defence-covering runs as well. A goal would have topped it off. Honorable mentions to Campbell, Hartley and Gallagher.
  7. A good guy and I like him being our manager
  8. Big game tonight... which I think is more important than simply getting through a round of the league cup, as it’ll kind of set the tone for the early part of the season.... and hopefully give us a lot of confidence going in to the next league games. If there’s one thing I hope to hear tonight, it’s, “you’re getting sacked in the morning!”
  9. No real stand-outs, but Gillespie is the reason we left with a point
  10. It’s the skinflint organisation (one person sat at a desk selling the tickets, not enough turnstiles open) + decent Well following + people not arriving in enough time for the above = plenty of folk missing the kick off. Get there early
  11. Wow. It's £25 for us at Livingston as well. Even if you can afford it, I think at that price a lot of people like me will be thinking about the principle of it, and £25 is a piss-take.
  12. Think you may be right with the team, except I think Polworth will be in rather than Sloth
  13. Aye, it’s definitely the tops that are getting smaller
  14. Needs its own thread and a poll... he should leave it up to the fans if it stays or not

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