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  1. This is what the radio were saying it was given for
  2. Yip probably being harsh here but I’m not impressed with the big keeper
  3. Aaaarghhh when did we re-sign Greg Miller
  4. I’m having the time of my life today to be fair
  5. I knew I should have used the up where we belong line instead
  6. Tom Jones definitely sang it but I’m sure it was joe cocker originally. I’m probably wrong and I can’t be bothered googling it to be honest
  7. As Joe Cocker once sang you can keep your hat on
  8. I will wait until the 91st minute before I feel comfortable enough to text my congratulations to gazzyB
  9. Straight out the Mo Ross book of tempting fate
  10. I never feel close to comfortable until we have a 3 goal lead and it’s the 91st minute
  11. When we get beaten 2-1 we will all just blame you gazzy
  12. Anyone know what happened to Carson or was everyone’s stream down
  13. And scores, as does turnbull
  14. This is the online equivalent of watching from the east stand when the sun is going down. You can't see a thing and rely on updates from those that can
  15. I am the same, can't get back in at all

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