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  1. Unfortunately Bevis deciding to needlessly lunge in has probably cost us.
  2. Jim Gannon’s spaceship was moored at Prestwick Airport
  3. This really winds me up too, I’m sure there was one yesterday where the ball went out in the Ross County half but they took the throw in from out half. These things very rarely make any difference apart from setting off my OCD
  4. That’s surely a good thing, because if they have no idea what we are trying to do then they’ll have no idea how to stop us doing whatever it is we are doing. Is it as good to watch as McCalls team with Ojaama, Higdon etc - No Its not as entertaining as Bowman and Louis smashing their way to 2 cup finals but since we’ve adopted this “style of play” we’ve won 7pts out of 9 in the league which I can live with in the short to medium term
  5. Louis Moult ruled out for five months with an ankle injury
  6. Now why did you go and have to drag him up. I’m away to go and lie in a darkened room. Not only that Jurgen Klinsmann is on the tv to really rub it in
  7. Delighted for SOD, what a brilliant performance from everyone
  8. Bart Verheul


    I didn’t know Andy personally but knew of him through the forum. As many others have said if I hadn’t managed to make it to a game his view was the one that I looked out for as it was always a fair, honest and balanced one. RIP Andy
  9. Grizzlyg encapsulating Baraclough’s first season via the medium of jokes. A season full of absolute tripe culminating in an absolute triumph which will be talked about for years
  10. I would have said it looked like the attacking equivalent of David Ferguson getting ripped a new one versus Jordan Jones
  11. Hastie was getting ready to come on, then maguire came on instead, I would have hooked lawless in extra time, he lost it every time it came to him
  12. I’m sorry but lawless is terrible
  13. Away to either Stranraer, queen of the south or hibs if we beat Morton
  14. Have we swapped dugouts? Looks like martindale walked by Alexander to get to the livi dugout.
  15. This is what the radio were saying it was given for

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