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  1. And scores, as does turnbull
  2. This is the online equivalent of watching from the east stand when the sun is going down. You can't see a thing and rely on updates from those that can
  3. I am the same, can't get back in at all
  4. Why does that remind me of the ultimately futile chant of "Bring on Roddie" from the 90s
  5. Mario Dorner and Franz Resch Allegedly
  6. To be fair Tony was only on page 6 of The Hungry Caterpillar and wanted to reach page 7 before he came on.
  7. In fairness I read someone say he wasn't signed in time to be involved today
  8. Should have just said no
  9. I would have said Ayr beating Ross County could be viewed as a slight shock.
  10. Probably wasn't the Christmas present she was hinting for to be fair
  11. Agree with this, they are clearly trying outrageous stuff to try and force their way in to the team. Not necessarily a bad thing to be honest and I'd rather have subs coming on feeling they have to do something outstanding to get in the team than having subs coming on when we are behind and feeling too scared to try anything because of a lack of confidence
  12. I liked the fact that of the 3mins of injury time, 2 and a half of them were literally in the one corner before hearts eventually were given a sympathy free kick by the referee only for the keeper to balloon it straight in to the east stand.
  13. Saw Graeme McGarry tweeted that so you have to assume it'll be a done deal anytime. Apparently according to Graeme McGarry in today's herald, Man City had asked to be kept informed. Also in the same article it suggests we have a substantial sell on fee included.
  14. Patience is required in Danish Yes I was sad enough to Google it

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