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  1. i agree there should be plenty tickets to go round after the season ticket holders have got there's
  2. for the final everbody that goes should be decked out in claret and amber make our half of hampden bright and make it stand out rather than the boring green from the celtic end. Hope they get wigs and stuff
  3. Aye me the split has been a total muck up from day one but we wont be the only club to feel hard done by the quicker the split goes the better.
  4. After last season muck up by the spl we should have 3 home games this time round and as perviously posted hearts killie and rangers home and celtic dundee utd away. But we can never second guess what the spl will come up with dont be surprised if we get only 2 home games
  5. well done to the guys. with stuart changing the squad which was a big gamble and it took balls to change the team knowing what could happen we can all now go and enjoy hampden next week mon the well and a plea to fans who havent got tickets go get them we want a big party at hampden next saturday
  6. I wasnt to sure at first when he came in didnt know what to expect. But in recent weeks he has got the players fighting for each other and they results have proven this. I thnk the things he is doing in training are starting to come across and the players understand what he wants and expects. The summer will be interesting as stuart has said the squad isnt the biggest so i think he will be looking to add some depth to it but so far so good
  7. we will git a draw the mora 1-1 and sutton with header in the last min
  8. Aidy Mcd

    Ins & Outs

    possibly aye but just thinking of a way where we can keep the 2 of them at the club as i cant see john boyle paying to keep them
  9. Aidy Mcd

    Ins & Outs

    i cant remember off hand but clubs in league 1 and 2 have done it it was only a suggestion dont need to shoot me down in flames
  10. Aidy Mcd

    Ins & Outs

    i came up with that idea as you see clubs in england there fans put up money to sign players dont see what the big joke is about it
  11. Aidy Mcd

    Ins & Outs

    i was thinking that most or if not everybody on here want ruddy and the juke to stay. So if everton are wanting £500,000 for the two of them why dont we start some kind of fund raiser. I was doing some sums and if we can get 3000 fans to donate £170 then that would give us £510,000 so that would buy them i would go for it what do other well fans think.
  12. Aidy Mcd

    Ins & Outs

    see that will haining is going to be free acording to that website should snap him up so we can all perv at his lovely wife
  13. i know its in the wrong thread but would any of u take pedro mountinho from falkirk has he got released today think he isnt a bad player and knows the league worth a punt me thinks
  14. Ive heard a few rumours that broony is going to celtic as director of football. If im honest i cant see it but u never know depends on what direction the celtic board want to go
  15. not long till the world cup mate i also hate this time of year get bored on a saturday

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