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  1. Yeah, that the one I was referring too.
  2. Misspelled banners? Would settle for a point but can't see it. 2-1 to them.
  3. 1-0 'Well in what could be a tough game. Football under floodlights though.... magic!
  4. 2-1 Motherwell, with a last minute winner.
  5. Very hard to choose between Turnbull and Aryibi , however went for Turnbull in the end.
  6. On Quest at 9pm. Channel 172, 217 for HD on Virgin Media, Not sure about Freeview and Sky through.
  7. League - 6th League cup - Quarters Scottish cup - Quarters POTY - Tait YPOTY - Campbell
  8. Sammon for me, scored the goals and he made me eat my words when I seen his name in the starting XI. Cadden was superb this evening and Carson also deserves a mention.
  9. Frear by a mile. Big shout outs to Campbell and McHugh.

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