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  1. Portsmouth striker Curtis Main seemingly close to coming in..
  2. Rangers at Fir park first game.
  3. Dave87

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Canny be letting him go for any less than 700k and at that you would hope Mcghee has a few replacements in mind. Also not sure what to think regarding the 'family reasons' / back down south to the family.. the bird he has up the duff is from wishaw.
  4. Billy Mckinlay was asked on sportsound if he would be interested in the job. His response was "absolutely!"
  5. Record said yesterday McCall was hopeful of signing Man City Striker Jordy Hiwula on loan. He watched him play against Man Utd U21s through the week apparently
  6. Adam Cummins joins Dundee on loan till the end of the season.
  7. Kilmarnock have signed Michael Gardyne on loan from Dundee United ahead of this game.. Can't say I know too much about him, mainly due to him warming the bench at United for most of last season. I'm assuming he's their replacement for Paul Heffernan?!
  8. Airdrie or Accies would be decent. Having said that though, they'll now both get put out tonight.
  9. He scored in that 1-1 draw with Rangers under Craig Broon.. the game also featured that fucking linesman!! it was a week night aswell, i remember that as well.
  10. Having not been at any pre season games, does it look like Anier and Sutton will be able to play together?
  11. How did the Portuguese winger look?
  12. McManus presented to the media, I believe. I'm sure if faddy hasn't signed by then though there'll certainly be a few questions asked as to what's happening.
  13. Injured with a hamstring injury.

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