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  1. alsie14

    Joe Wark

    RIP Joe,sad news indeed.
  2. alsie14

    One Step Beyond

    I think it's a great read, especially for a quid. An online version should make it easier to produce and get for people, and FWIW James Brainier is an excellent read!
  3. Personally I couldny care less!
  4. Would be interested as well!
  5. alsie14

    Russell Rodger

    sad news indeed, as mentioned was always a gent. RIP
  6. Isn't that derek townsley? both in looks and ability!
  7. or the day before! well done craggs
  8. I like both strips, and as said already,how good do they look without sponsor logos?
  9. alsie14


    Jennings for me also
  10. Thats what I was thinking! Anyhoo well done to Craig n Archie.
  11. alsie14

    St Mirren

    Went for Lasley, though its good to see a much improved performance all round.
  12. Is that our new sweeper pictured on facebook pic 18?

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