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  1. It's quite evident from his posts that Postejim has never played football in his life.
  2. MFCGaryMFC


    I love wee Ojamma, get him signed up long term asap.
  3. MFCGaryMFC

    St Johnstone

    Ojamma. Love the type of striker he is.
  4. I would go for: Randolph Hateley Hutch Craigan Hammell Murphy Jenno Lasley Law Higdon Ojamma After the impact he made on Saturday play Ojamma from the start and put Law out on the left as he always seems much more effective from there. 2-1 'well, Higdon and Ojamma with the goals.
  5. Great performance today! Well done Higdon!
  6. Great result! Some start to the season. Some atmosphere as well, away end was bouncing the whole game!
  7. Orite Scotty boi! Few cans the night mate?

  8. 3-0 'well, Sutton, Hutchy and Jennings with the goals.
  9. MFCGaryMFC

    Celtic Forum

    Canny believe it was specky Declan from my school that started that thread. Sucking up to the 'well fans at school then slaggin them on a celtic forum

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