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  1. Agree with all on congratulating Motherwell on the way we have handled this and the board deserve tremendous credit. Sadly however this is potentially disastrous for the player and the club. You can't help but feel for Turnbull and can only hope he makes a full recovery. From the clubs point of view we may not see that level of fee available again and that could have changed our direction completely.
  2. If the numbers are correct and we have pocketed upwards of £1M for Marvin then that's a terrific bit of business by the club.
  3. May be that McGhee sees Laing and Macdonald as potetntial midfielders given what he said about Laing last year and Macdonald playing deeper in a few games last season?
  4. I certainly don't want to ruin anyones matchday experience, nor have people being thrown out the ground. I also have no issue with people standing and as I said the club seems to allow provision for this at the South Stand end (and on that I would happily support the return of standing areas for those that want to stand at a match) My issue is that I don't want people hanging over the barrier behind my seat. The problem is, and I eluded to it in my post, how do you police that. If you move everyone away then people get upset as they feel they have done nothing wrong to merit being moved (and I completely understand this), but if you leave it up to individuals to ask people to move from behind their seat then you run into issues that I experience a couple of weekends ago. What I absolutely shouldn't have to do is move from a seat that I have been in for many years because someone decides it's fine to stand behind me in a part of the ground that is designated as a no standing area.
  5. I'm one of the "Utter, Utter Bawbags" apparently that complained about the standing behind the back row of seats after the Hamilton game so thought I should share the reasons why. At the game there were 2 guys standing behind our seats and they'd certainly had a few pre-game. If you sit in the back row (and I've had my season ticket there for the last 15ish years) and there are people leaning on the rail then they are actually leaning right over the top of your head. After about half an hour they appeared back with Bovril that they were balancing on the rail. I'm not being soft but I don't want a cup of boiling water to suddenly fall on my head (and the head of my 8 year old cousin sitting next to me). I very politely asked them to step back a bit until they had finished their drinks and was met with a volley of obscenities, multiple threats to do me/stick the head in me. I asked the steward to move them but he said that standing was tolerated in some parts of the ground and that he couldn't move them. I sat back down at which point the guy spat on me. He was eventually ejected from the ground but it was a pretty unpleasant experience and completely unnecessary. There are I suppose a few issues. I definitely don't think that people should be able to stand there with drinks but how do you police that vs. people standing there with no drinks AS far as I am aware the area behind the seats is not a standing area. Standing is "allowed" at the South Stand end of the East Stand so if you want to stand to watch the game is that not the place to do it? There are, unfortunately no shortage of seats and Fir Park is an all seater stadium so why do people not want to take their seats This only seems to have become an isue in the last season or so when the police were replaced by stewards. The police always seemed to enforce the no standing in the passageway behind the seats when the game is in progress. I certainly wouldn't want to put people off coming to Fir Park but there have to be certain rules in place to safeguard everyones wellbeing when in the ground. If someone does get injured/hurt due to the no standing rule not being enforced the club would, I imagine, be in a pretty poor legal position.
  6. Darren Barr on a short term deal then?? We may be grateful for him come tomorrow.
  7. I was siiting a few rows behind all of this so will add what I saw for what it's worth. The main problem is that standing at the ground is against the rules and we all know that that's the case. When you buy a ticket for the game you thereby agree to abide by the rules. The people I saw being ejected from the ground were asked/told by the stewards and then subsequently the police to sit down on a number of occasions before the "heavy handed" tactics were employed. If you are looking at a police officer who is telling you to do something repeatedly and you don't then there's only going to be one outcome I'm afraid. That said the behavior of some of the stewards was certainly a bit OTT and it does raise serious questions over whether people who are most probably doing this as a Saturday job for some extra cash have been trained or have sufficient skills to deal with these types of situations. I would much rather that the games were "policed " by Police who have the experience to know when and when not to take any action. The fact that the Aberdeen fans who were stading and not confronted may have been because the were standing at the back of the stand and not necessitating other seated people to move to get a decent viewof the game. As for the old firm fans standing and nothing being done that is also not right but two wrongs don't make a right as the saying goes. I think the vast majority of the "singing section" have been superb this year and the atmosphere at e.g. Dunfermilne and Inverness has been fantastic but it has to be tempered by behaving in a way that is deemed to be suitable by the officials at any given away ground. I would absolutely support the inclusion of standing sections at all grounds so that those who wish to stand can and those who wish to sit can and hopefully that will keep everyone happy.
  8. Couldn't agree more with Steelboys summing up of Maclean. Always seems to flatter to deceive in my opinion. Looks good on the ball and defends well in the most part but whether it's a concentration issue or not, sells a good few goals by being caught in the wrong position or just letting opponents go. Believe he is no great loss and Hutchison or Page could replace him easily.

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