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  1. Bigeeze


    And his squad number has been reallocated I notice
  2. And want a " confirmed Motherwell man" in charge as no one else knows about us,
  3. If it's in the Scu mthen I'd take it with a big pinch of "feck off" never mind salt. If they told me this was Scotland I'd che k twice before agreeing
  4. I feel the same but fear it will be a case of cover rather than Stevie covering
  5. Left-back. So cover for Stevie H.
  6. Head wasted by believing his dads hype
  7. Carl McHugh. No frills but did what was needed when it was needed.
  8. Carl McHugh. No frills but did what was needed when it was needed.
  9. Bigeeze


    What about fanzine favourites Jock & Jean?
  10. Mind you we did it in the play offs and we can do it again. COYW.
  11. Just bought a copy on a flying visit home. A good read from the quick scan I've had. Well done everyone involved
  12. His jaikit is on a shooglie peg just now so probably none
  13. Was also sponsors, visiting club big wigs and the like for the hospitality boxes. Even the stewards (back in the days out was in house) couldn't get parked there
  14. Why let logic get in the way. Just take an irrational dislike or instant love for him based on no facts whatsoever like some on here. Stop sitting on the fence lol

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