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  1. Martin 'The Greek' Grehan a scorer for BSC Glasgow today , winning the tie 0-3 against Jim 'Stepover' Patersons East Kilbride side which included Craig Reid
  2. Its a reported fact , you 've clearly not seen many/any of the reports , and its probably best to stop assuming and adding detail like implying it was his wife, when its clearly been reported (in statements of fact) it was his partner even naming her
  3. Since Columbian cultural gestures seems to be some sort of defence the lad should claim it was cultural celebration of the Motherwell Bovril Two Heritage
  4. Sorry I meant Sunday , when he dutifully attended the match along with the rest of unused squad and was joined later in the second half by his 'representative' , speculation thereafter on my part. I'd imagine soon after the game his short term Motherwell future would have been decided. Always seemed to be up for it from my viewpoint, delivered as much or more than many, even permamant signings , so a successful loan player signing if his time is up
  5. "clearly didn’t want to be here. " not sure where you get that from , looked like even on Saturday Sunday there was at least one last throw of the dice on his part to 'be here' although I doubt Robinson would have been in a good place to deal with after the game
  6. I'm aware of where the Squad sit , I'm afforded a very decent view of the area (and its not behind the hospitality, which populates the South side of P.O'D) and the area the squad watches the match together is not where David and his missus sit, Do you agree, "if he is in training and is part of the squad , you expect him to be in the club gear and with the squad", I expect him to be there If Cole, Sloth , Illic etc can do that then so can Turnbull No need to look to try and shout down that observation unless you are deliberatley trying to obscure a point? IF , he is fit and training, he should be with the squad, ................................He isnt with the squad , so is he fit and in training?
  7. He is still not "fit enough" to even wear a club tracksuit and sit with the squad in the main stand, on match days
  8. the club do very little to market individual games , they barely even use the free media channels to mention its on, Interestingly the last Accie sgame at hamilton seen some extra promotion to encourage a big 'Well support if any Motherwell fan wants the crowd to grow, its within the means of almost each and every one of us to add one or more to the gate encourage a relation, friend, neighbour, colleague to grab the opportunity to come along to Fir park, spin it as a homecoming, tell them how good its been, decent viewing , Hell, tell them the pies are good. even if you dont get along yourself , often we will still know someone in the area, that could be encouraged along, or someone that regularly attends who could be nudged to bring a kid thats at a loose end over the holidays
  9. the game is on the 26th (boxing Day) same again.....
  10. Half way point in the league, game 19 Usual Kilmarnock ticket shithousery Tickets are available online now or from the Fir Park ticket office. Cash gates are currently NOT guaranteed to be available on the day, therefore pre-purchase is advised £22, £17 and £5 plastic pitch, Killie have only collected one point from their 3 games in December and have scored zero goals , in matches many would expect them to have taken the 9 points We go into it , in 4th position and cannot finish the day, any lower , 3rd could be in our grasp If we can better Aberdeens result at Celtic park. (also 3pm ko) James Scott to start for me for me.
  11. was reported as 836 visitors was it not? perhaps as Hearts officials reported their 800 ticket allocation was SOLD OUT before the weekend put some of their other fans off travelling?
  12. "type money" for the club , I considered it in relation to the operating period, in a relatively modern sense, money for Boyd, O'Donnell , McFadden were all transformational in relation to the operating budgets at the time, as amazing as £3million sounds (and is) it's really , what, Half? our operating budget? the others were in comparison, close to or better than that and I'm sure older fans may be able to refer back to other deals that the income for the club was significant in relation the year believe me I always take into account the ginger ones liberal use of the cheque book and other assets, did we score from his later signing of Faddy for £6-7million? anyway , Turnbull is back in training is he? it would be nice to see him being part of the squad , like on match days, club tracksuit etc , sitting with the other unused/injured players , being involved as a squad member having some extra personal free time whilst recovering from the intervention' seemed appropriate, like any player who needed some time, but seems to be have been allowed quite an extended period cutting about in civvies and sitting with his missus, IF he's fit to train . The media team had some focus around him on Saturday, I thought there may have been an update
  13. I'm stil in my 40's and the club has already had this type of money , arguably more than once .

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