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  1. the work to seat the East stand (now John Hunter) began in May 1991 , some photos on Kats? site http://www.motherwellnet.com/fir-park/ theres some surviving photos in an older steelmenonline photo thread also
  2. when the seats first went into the East stand it wasn't there..... was still go for good health , on the press photos http://www.motherwellnet.com/photos/misc/photos-in-and-around-fir-park/
  3. Althought its not mentioned in the BBC report , June 30 appears to be a restart deadline, which is something to work with, then there is all the other factors player registration etc
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52077241
  5. Announcement from the Well Society Board , on the official Club site
  6. sooo.. another change at board level , not seen it mentioned many places, Club Website
  7. With many player contracts in Scotland said to start ending from 31st May onwards, there has to be some regulatory intervention, if the season can recommence without becoming a farce. Some sort of fixed contract extension maybe not legally enforcable (employment perspective) but maybe if a transfer window change was, then it would encourage players to extend from an earning and insurance type benefit. there are a massive amount of , if's , whats and maybes need to be considered and resolved, not least clubs being in a financial position to offer payment for extended contracts. not sure how this next few months will pan out , but after less than one week of 'suggested' behavioural changes , we appear to be on the brink of financial disaster for all sorts of businesses/employers so theres no doubt that many households are going to be hit hard. that already seems to be evident before any forced lockdown type measures kick in, only today NLC has announced total closure of all venues until further notice, NHS guidance updated for the most vunerable to isolate for 12 weeks. the club cannot rely on 2-3500 season tickets being paid up early in the summer, the Motherwell community could be hit very hard. Alan Burrows was very clear the clubs needed a quick decision, he has helped force through the indefinite postponment announcement, that allows all the clubs to take some decisions that will hopefully reduce cash burn, some more clarity on the minimum postponement period will allow more planning such as staff will need time off now, clubs will potentially need staff to be available in what was a planned close season , so hopefully mutually agreeable agreements can be reached , rather than any job losses. playing staff and coaches, physios etc all need to have a date to aim for ...... whats the thought on any delay timeframe 4 weeks? 6 , 8 , 10weeks? longer? there would be lots of opportunity to manipulate dates and obviously re-order fixtures (cup final to finish season) as the Euros are now cancelled even then Scotland still has a club involved in the Europa and there is chat of it going to mini tournament for partiicpants also needs factored in (if said club survives) so if what maybe......and all on the back of potential human loss that may well mean many of us will soon , not even be thinking of football resuming
  8. is it a different tour to the summer of 1976 ? https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/club/history/through-the-years/
  9. If only we had maintained that purpose/goal from the orignal plan..... hopefully this situation puts a focus back on the society creating a security fund, instead of solely rasing funds for day to day running of the club , which should be self financing , especially now the debt has been cleared (credit in part to society helping fund day to day) I'm sure the minds could come up with a plan that would allow for both with funds being able to be released proportionally over longer term for significant projects , if we look to the longer term future a growth fund can only be good and provides leverage for so much more. Short term however, we own the club through the society...... so any extra funding is going to be helpful if this shutdown has a real financial impact
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51878694?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story
  11. I'd guess as employers the clubs still have a responsibility to their staff, the SFA to their staff, the SPFL/SFA as governing bodies to all its not just about the virus a potential spread in the workplace or at events , its also about ensuring emergency services are being freed up to be able to manage what is 'expected' to be a very tough time.
  12. St Johnstone 1 up vs livvi aberdeen now 3-1
  13. 1-1 at Pittodrie, hibs down to ten 5 minutes before don’s equaliser and almost immediately 2-1 sheepies
  14. Was delighted to see Aberdeen goal disallowed to keep it 0-0 but not sure how to react to hibs taking lead

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