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  1. Dom Thomas signs for Dunfermline, after mutually agreeing compensation with Killie...... what was the sell on clause?
  2. As announced in this week’s well society email
  3. They all have families that should be considered
  4. Brazilian


    Ffs the guy was interviewed on radio and aired a perfectly balanced thought, there’s not much to it , he was happy to stay on the terms offered but by time he accepted, the club’s position had changed , he felt wronged and choose to move on, that’s perfectly ok, the club changing the offer is also fully understandable, imho, as soon as it was known the original offer should have been withdrawn, but I can understand during a pandemic that there were fast moving and changing scenarios that prevented the formal cancellation of the original offer There doesn’t have to be good guy bad guy in every event, if anything the players explained he wanted to stay but felt he couldn’t on his principles and the club have explained why , the emotions should have been left at that
  5. Mark O’Brien retiring from playing (was currently club captain at Newport), and going in to have heart surgery
  6. Brazilian

    Season Tickets

    It is, and I’m glad the club has finally got round to this announcement, I’ll accept the timelines based on reduced staffing etc however I’m surprised at only a one week window of opportunity to request the refund and even more surprised that with such a short period the club hasn’t immediately notified affected ticket holders directly where possible I was really angry at reading the guilting on the club’s official social media accounts, maybe it’s not meant in that way, but it’s horrendously ignorant to imply it’s wrong to claim a refund (on what is effectively a purchase that wasn’t delivered.) if anyone feels they want a refund it should not be knocked, it’s fine to feel that you wouldn’t feel it’s right for yourself but for the sake of a couple of words acknowledge others may need to or that it is simply ok if required
  7. One of the biggest? / greatest? / most memorable? Nights in our clubs history was a little surprised at the general lack of chat around the anniversary date, given , the buzz around some other memorable occasions raised during the lockdown period maybe the restricted crowd means it’s just not as prominent a memory for many , but it was probably they most important Match/result in the last 39years Were you there? Does it rate in your top three games Or were you following on via some sort of media coverage , nervously? Confidently? Bouncing of the ceiling? Or had you lost the faith and sacked the notion of a result at Ibrox whilst distracting yourself elsewhere ( maybe having a wee check in on things) ir just general thoughts back to that game
  8. Bank Holiday monday 40 odd thousand of them properly up for a party Motherwell FC nae underground service was some walk stroll back into the city at full time , in amongst all the disappointed souls , many in fancy dress and face paint
  9. Brazilian

    Season Tickets

    close to zero risk? I assume based on reckless use of the information, you are implying close to zero risk, of death due to Covid? if so? you are just ignoring the significant impact on the life of the many in that age group that suffer the more serious health implications of the virus sure there is a heavily weighted impact on the elderly, but its foolish to write off any impact the u45's
  10. Not sure if this will work as I’m linking from phone but they’ve used the commentary as the advert for tonight’s screening
  11. Thought this thread could do with a little bump in advance of the full match TV re-run of this classic 6-6 match vs Hibs BBC Scotland are showing it on Sportscene Classics , tomorrow evening, Sunday 3rd May at 19:15 and word is Sky have it scheduled as well for midweek? Quite emotional glancing back at some of the reactions, staggered at realising it was ten years ago , life really comes and goes far too quickly get the carry out organised , arrange a couple of hours clear in the lockdown schedule to settle down and enjoy the epitomy of the Motherwell roller coaster
  12. unlikley to be different at any club within his grasp maybe an opening at Hearts if they are challenging for promotion
  13. is there a former royal burgh of the Punjab with a Kirkcaldy like dialect in the Punjabi language that delivers an equivalant phrase to 'Ya Beezer' ? PS apologies to anyone clicking in hoping for a photo update of the scale models ! blame those 3 above!
  14. It is sad, but almost tragic that I/we know how much pain you are going to have, replicating the Cooper, with all the angles on the footprint and every elevation even the footprint of the Hunter at the northeast corner = pain but looks like you are trying to capture some of the finer details, so it's already looking great - good luck , looks like it could be frustrating as fek!

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