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  1. Big van Veen could’ve had his hat trick stream down again
  2. Going forward we seem ok Donnelly Carrol et al look like they couldn’t give any effort Get in!
  3. 10 minutes 35 seconds for the sadly normal interrupted service to resume utterly shit service
  4. Feed is At least 3 minutes behind but running ok for now Motherwell v Queen of the South Motherwell starting XI: Kelly, S. O'Donnell, Carroll, Lamie, O'Connor, Maguire, Donnelly, Cornelius, Lawless, Van Veen, Watt subs: Fox , Woolery, Amaluzor, McGinley, Crawford, Parker, Johnston, C.O’Donnell, Wilson
  5. But they don’t differ? the chat started with the clown claiming it was an non-government party led authority offering different allowances, ignoring we are in an authority controlled by parties not in government , then an insight of the many factors was offered and it’s clear it’s nothing to do with clarity or political affiliation in the authority , it’s simply complex with many variables in a changing environment . the biggest factor possibly being the authority having to consider everything that’s happening within its boundaries not just one event. non football people will be amazed at what’s being permitted to date
  6. It’s the club that are selling it
  7. 7 points in the 5 games post split would mean bettering the average achieved in the 28 games to date. with a team that shown almost no fight or desire unless they’re being showcased it’s doable but we need to see the action to improve the tally in the 5 games before the split

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