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  1. I'm stil in my 40's and the club has already had this type of money , arguably more than once .
  2. I reckon they were referring to the Daily record article (link posted by Toxtexh above) that reports it as a free transfer and is being discussed as , Rangers slanted....
  3. Probably easier to navigate on a touch screen device, but the folks at Heavens Above, have modelled the stadium, link above and here https://t.co/zHgnw5OhEV
  4. Very sorry to read of your families loss Fraser, the comments on the just giving link show just how valued a friend and colleague he was to so many, beyond the family, I hope you make it along ot the game.
  5. reported as 1409 visiting fans today 2250 visitors there on December 29th 2018
  6. yip just finished 1-3 Maguire had came on for Polworth with about 5minutes left
  7. I'll translate 'Punter' = Charles , as in Dewell has given him a cute nickname , 'Punter Dunne' Much like, Red Card would = Peter
  8. Tonights game Morton v Partick Thistle on BBC, Brian Mclean, Nicky Cadden , Boab McHugh starting with JohnSutton likely to come on from the bench for Morton as they are two down at HT. Steven Saunders absolutely bossing it for Thistle , with Shea Gordon on their bench.

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