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  1. so you are saying the media team from the home club normally cover the game ( have all gear etc in place) , and share feed ( and associated commentary) with the visiting club, s o both clubs TV channels broadcast the same 'show' as produced by the home club?
  2. WTF! this is a 12:15 kick off on Sunday ? cheers for posting , to make me even consider ko time ,
  3. Brazilian

    2018/19 game 25: St Mirren (A) Wednesday 6th February

    Ideal 5 wins in a row, mostly playing the last ten minutes with ten men
  4. Brazilian

    2018/19 game 25: St Mirren (A) Wednesday 6th February

    yasssss 1-2
  5. Brazilian

    2018/19 game 25: St Mirren (A) Wednesday 6th February

    working well for me, only a little lag behind the game, but clear picture HT now remains 0-1
  6. Brazilian

    2018/19 game 25: St Mirren (A) Wednesday 6th February

    who scored? edit: Hastie screamer?
  7. Brazilian

    Carson or Gillespie

    Carson’s story from himself reported by Scott Mullen https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/47098220?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Brazilian

    Craig Tanner (the forgotten man)

    it was a pretty shit thing to post however , moving on from your thoughts on a guy that strides up and down the POD stand stairs each home game, to take his seat an watch his team mates play. whats your thoughts on, Motherwell dont release players that are injured , myth?
  9. Brazilian

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    McCormack had better be no where near a start , unless he has miraculously delivered 4-5 weeks fitness improvement in a week , he was hiding on the pitch when subbed on last week , should never have got on in a match , that the players had bust a gut , was an insult to all that have put the effort in , if anything he deserved to be hooked back off, a terrible choice that night and weeks from deserving a start
  10. Brazilian

    Ross County Man of the Match

    or is the computer stats package just more efficient when pitching potential goalkeepers , as statistics are more akin to measuring their actual ability than outfield players?
  11. Brazilian

    BBC alba Fri 18 jan

    5 minute warning for anyone stuck in! get BBCalba fired up
  12. time to try and raise funds to sponsor at least one player again, and to give all contributors the chance to win Pete Hartley sponsored top and the invite to a night out in company of players and staff EDIT- and if there is enought interest and pledges , we can sort out a second sponsorship or maybe just tickets to he player sponsors event, whatever , all monies will go into club it'll be the 14th season of sponsored strips by the steelmenonline and its predecessor wtfc forums If you want to join in, just pledge an amount (£5, £10, £15, £20....) in this thread and then arrange payment by your preference, I'll add the pledges to the first post as we go , I have already agreed with the club to cover the funds to sponsor Petes away strip which will be the raffle prize along with the sponsors rights to attend the clubs sponsors event , so I owe the club £300! THE IDEA & COSTS The idea is that people contribute in multiples of £5 in order to get their name against a 'raffle ticket' for a draw. Each £5 contribution will get a name on a place in the draw The winner of the draw will receive the sponsors privileges ( sponsored top & invite to the end of season event) So, if you donate £5, you will get one chance at winning the strip, whereas a £20 donation will get you four chances and so on....... Entry is basically whatever you can afford, in £5 increments Doing it like this we can help support club and every fiver contributed goes direct into the club in full and gives anyone contributing a chance of winning. It costs, up to £350 to sponsor players kit, a few years back for season 12/13 when the club were pushing steelmenforever we managed to reach £700 to sponsor two euro tops @£350 each, then we topped that for 14/15 with three strips sponsored and £865 into the club, 2015/16 season £570 went in and 16/17 the club received £455 with Purestate winning Louis Moults away top and attending the sponsors night with his lad and Gamst winning Richards Taits 3rd top, nominating to send some family to the sponsors night PAYMENT options: Send PayPal payment to: iainmande 'at' hotmail.com , or use the new widget thingy https://www.paypal.me/iain1886 Do what you can to cover any charges if its an option, then I should receive the full £5 increments and you as the sender covers any charge, if there is one from your account Include your board name or contact details in the PayPal payment so I can mark it off, and post in the thread that you've sent funds, so I can balance the payments and update the first post with contributors. if you require postal details to send a cheque or if you'd rather meet up and pay cash.message me with a PM or post here and I'll get in touch. bank details are the same if anyone has them saved 2018-2019 pledges (paid in bold) siebsbarmyarmy £20 , angusexile £10 , Toxteth_OGrady £10 , purestate £15 , Macbroom £20 , Raoul_Duke83 £10 , 'Well up for it! £10 , Joe Wark Legend £5 , Andy_P £10 , dennyc £20 , WeeYin £20 , BurnBroomfield £20 , KMcalpin £20 , daver £25 , steelmen1991, £30 , WishyWell £20 , KatieMc £10, ColinF £20, Yabba’s Turd £20, Well-made £20, Kiai £10 , scoojy £10, Big Wispy Flossy £20, Moorey £10, KMCAA £10, Clueless £5.. Linsey12 £5 , Garryh2205 £5 Pledged. Brazilian
  13. Brazilian

    joint Player Sponsorship Raffle £5 entry 2018-19

    Depends on what discount we can get ! Tbh I’ll probably cover most of shortfall , but even a few extra fiver contributions towards it , gives someone / everyone extra chances at collecting a prize , as training top also comes with an invite to the sponsors event
  14. Brazilian

    joint Player Sponsorship Raffle £5 entry 2018-19

    Wee bump for this as the planning for the sponsors event has started £400 collected todate £300 paid for Pete’s away top sponsorship balance I propose to put towards a training top sponsorship , any late contributions get them in quick please will get that sorted and then organise a draw to pick some winners ,
  15. Brazilian

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

  16. Brazilian

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    *the manager chose to use
  17. Brazilian

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    not strictly former player but: Stuart McCall has just signed up Adam Hammill for Scunthorpe from St Mirren, where he had been key in the recent revival in the middens fortune
  18. Brazilian

    2018’19 Game 18:Celtic (A) Wednesday 19th December 2018

    This has cleared it up for me , you have absolutely confirmed that the 'ones on here' have correctly recognised that Robinson should not be leading the club. as those previous decisions were 100% spot on and perhaps even delayed through emotional blinkering
  19. Brazilian

    2018/19 Fixtures

    After tonight, Next game at Celtic park moved from Saturday 23rd February to Sunday 24th February at 3pm presumably to accommodate their Euro tie
  20. Brilliant Result , huge , and pleasant to knock a team of their form instead of getting a dire team back on track
  21. when was the game up there that got abandoned for snow? late 80' s early 90's ...? can remember them sweeping the line etc but not the result, how did it pan out
  22. Brazilian

    2018’19 Game 16:Hearts (A) Saturday 8th December 2018

    Seriously Dave, why not? they have not won in seven games at tynie, their squad was destroyed by injury and suspension their manager is Levein. why shoudl we not expect to take something? we had a full strength defence , a full strength midfield, a full strength Strikeforce
  23. Brazilian

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    The Shankland to Swansea part of that has advanced way beyond interest, so quite possible if Turnbull was on their radar he could get an offer. the argument of youth players leaving not reaching the same or higher level so it’s right to dump them is so flawed, sure an exceptional talent might recover from being offloaded and rise up, but some just don’t get the full development that could have taken them up that next rung, I’d say we as a business! Incur way too much labour cost from not getting some of the youth more game time vs importing mediocre squad players, and ignoring the business, I’d rather see the passion and determination of our own youth getting chances than the surplus we keep signing and pushing for first half of season before kid get their chance
  24. Brazilian

    Celtic Man of the Match

    Keeper a choice from 2 or 3 at most there were never a lot of players in the running

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