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  1. saints miss 2nd Watt misses Gillespie then saves their 3rd
  2. penalties at the Cooper end (Mon the wee guys!) Saints first
  3. I'm picturing Tait on his own, Carroll hobled off injured but hope theres at least a couple helping out?
  4. 5 minutes to go 4-4 , saints go close
  5. Last Sub (again) McIver off and Manzinga on
  6. deflections and long may it continue
  7. or defend ( to be fair we' ve nae defence now and are doing better ? !)
  8. I trust the Bugle call is being played every time we have the ball ?
  9. Last sub?, Grimmy off , Hylton introduced anyone care to map out the formation
  10. Tait on for Hartley..... trouble behind closed doors?
  11. Thats what started this horrendous run , maybe he shoud try something different Edit: as well as a quite poor team show first half showing v Accies
  12. Polworth , reckon it must have been a quick break as match was reporting Saints near miss then goal EDIT: or it seems Polworths corner to erm , somone, ended up wth Polworth cutting in?

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