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    2019-20 Rebuild

    And in three of your five posts thus far you've been unnecessarily negative and narky towards other posters listing the faults you've fault in them. People in glass houses and all that...
  2. There aren't too many circumstances where a point from a trip to the capital isn't a half decent result. I think the fact we were ahead at half-time and Aberdeen were losing, and being potentially six ahead of them, leaves a feeling of what might have been. In our hands to create that gap again on Friday night though.
  3. Your thoughts and votes please...
  4. Your thoughts and votes please...
  5. Of course. The in game tweets are obviously designed for fans who can't make games. Given your view was curious to see how many you made to see how many times you might be following games online rather than being there to get some context for your opinion. I've seen lots of people who don't make too many games say they've given up on the official twitter account completely and follow local newspapers and even on betting sites to try to get a feel for how things are going. That can't be right. Personally I'd rather have too much information and filter out what isn't relevant than the sparse updates when I can't make it. There waw also the mooted intention to cater for both preferrences with a "Match Day" service as provided by other clubs but that hasn't materialised yet. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  6. Question out of interest, how many games do you see a season? Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  7. They can't even count on any more of the inexplicable amount of points they manage to take off us either.
  8. Me too. Waking up a right crabbit bugger on the back of a defeat though (as seems to have become the norm over the last 5 or 6 weeks), not so much!
  9. That's fair. Like everything there's a balance to be struck and for me it the sale of Scott and potential sale of Turnbull mean that in time we'll be better placed to find that balance. As I see it we're edging our way along a pathway from a point say eight or nine years ago when come the January window we were desperate to get someone out the door simply to make it until the end of the season. Since then we've been able to become increasingly more choosy at when we sell at and what price to the point in more recent times we've been able to get decent sums up front with deals also have the potential for future benefits. It is still relatively early days in the fan ownership era and whilst I'd absolutely love to have seen both Scott and Turnbull on the pitch the other night if the club believe that if their valuations are met and that the sums taken in can put the club on a secure footing in the short term and increase the chances sustained success in the longer term I can't really be too critical of that.
  10. And rightly so. We know the training facilities are inadequate and are reaching the point where they are off-putting for players the club want to sign, we know the budget is at the lower end of the league and requires to be upped, we know Fir Park has an increasingly limited shelf-life, we know that the club have only recently become debt free and are aiming to build up a reserve to So when a bid is made that (and let's not pretend they accept the first offer that's put to them) enables them to take steps to address that, then aye I'd imagine that would be pretty important to the club.
  11. When you play teams in Scotland so regularly it is nigh on impossible not to get sussed very quickly. You can't keep a half decent player under the radar for long and nor can you hit upon a successful formation and expect it to be successful for eternity. I think we've had good success with the formation towards the end of last season and the refresh of personnel in the summer perhaps gave it some extra shelf life in the opening months of this season as opponents had to become accustomed to the newbies. Our difficulty currently is that if there is a desire to go for something different formation or tactics wise you don't have the extended time the break gave us last January, nor the opportunity to bring fresh blood to the squad.
  12. I keep reading this point about Carson deserving to play just because he's signed a new contract. Let's apply that logic to all the other players in that squad currently and see how many players you have to pick from for the Ross County game. Gillespie's admittedly poor distribution is miles down the list of issues we have currently. He routinely pulls off at least one cracking save a game and in no way deserves to be dropped.
  13. You must be averaging about 1 in 4 of your posts griping about Hylton. Would it make a difference if he lived next door to your Mum and was a nice guy?
  14. Your thoughts and votes please...
  15. Too late for any change now so I'm sure you're in the clear. As was suggested to me on Saturday it may be that with it having largely been Saturday - Midweek - Saturday pretty much since we resumed after the break it may be no bad thing we've a full week between tomorrow and our next fixture. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  16. It's going to be quite interesting. Whilst we eventually lost on penalties the second half of the game will have put some doubt in their minds where previously there might have been none. Clearly we aren't going to be as cavalier as we were in the second game and won't have that rare momentum that comes when you haul yourselves back into a game from being almost dead. But we know we can get at them. And they know it too.
  17. I'm pretty content with a point today and the results elsewhere were an additional bonus. First half I thought we were edging the possession but they had perhaps the clearer cut of the chances. From my vantage point Long was stupid to kick the ball away and really ill advised with his challenge when his initial misdemeanour was still so fresh in the referees head -much like Jake Carroll earlier in the season against Ross County. He deserves all he gets in terms of today, he not only put us in jeopardy today he's also made things more difficult than they need to be on Tuesday. That said whilst I agree there's a degree of petulance about him I can't say I want to see the back of him. Because he moans at his team mates? Because he didn't kiss the badge and run and slide on his knees in front of the Bois when he scored his first few goals? Because he's had four yellows since Christmas? He's scored five goals since Christmas too. He's in double figures when he's been in and out for a good bit of the season. That's something to try to build on, not hunt him out the door. The second half had the potential to be a real backs to the wall job but we negotiated things pretty well all things considered. There were times when we seemed a bit overly cautious and others I was edgy at seeing Hamilton break and Hartley bombing out to leave even bigger spaces in behind but all in all we played it about right. Had a couple of opportunities to win it too. Aside from Long's dismissal the ref didn't exactly do us many favours. His gesturing to a couple of our players towards the end about where they were taking throw ins from was absolutely laughable given he didn't bother his arse with Hamilton taking free-kicks about 10 yards away from , on at least two occasions. But to end the day in third isn't really where I expected to be so I'll take that. On the point about our support I don't think anyone from Motherwell FC has anything to answer to in the slightest. It is pretty clear that Hamilton want to have their cake and eat it when it comes to our trips there. They want our cash, but at the same time have appeared to make it unnecessarily awkward as they can for our fans. The pain in the arse routine of making it all-ticket and not committing until late in the day whether they will have pay at the gate for example. Or the insistence of searching everyone who enters our end causing queues that stretch one from side of the stand to the other. Those are matters entirely for Hamilton to justify.
  18. Your thoughts and votes please...
  19. Potentially low in confidence. Potentially low in energy. Opposition looked to have our measure in the last encounter. Away win it is! Mon the 'Well!!!
  20. I would hope there might be some consideration given to bringing the Ross County game forward from Wednesday 4th March to Saturday 29th February, seeing as we'll both be twiddling our thumbs otherwise that day.
  21. Mention of Stevie Cowan inspired me to get scribbling for the first time in a wee while about our eighties hero... https://andrewpatersonblog.wordpress.com/2020/02/16/hes-fat-hes-round-hes-worth-a-million-pounds/ Hope you don't mind, I nabbed your image Spiderpig to use in the article.

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