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  1. Pretty even game first half, Glentorran had better chances although i thought Motherwell had better play. Grimshaw is a nightmare at RWB. Maybe ok, just, defensively but just about every time he had the opportunity to drive to the bye line he instead cuts inside and plays ball back to midfield or defence. Felt we were ponderous at times, but on the positive side Long looked much better with someone alongside him and some decent service via Polworths through balls.
  2. The strikers get a hard time but it must be a thankless task given how little service they get either from the wingers (who can't seem to cross the ball more than 3 times a match) or the midfield maestros who can't find them with passes and would rather turn five times and shoot off a defender. Hylton and Hastie have been anonymous, Seedorf has improved slightly but he's still a bottler and Lang was as well not playing yesterday. Something needs to change, maybe 2 up top as the striker is so isolated.
  3. Thought McIvor did ok, won a few headers and knock ons, but a proper target man would allow mixed playstyles. Scott and Seedorf need to stop over complicating at times. Dont need to beat the man five times, every time, mix it up with some early crosses. Scott and Gallacher guilty at times of dwelling on ball giving Hibs, Accies opportunities. Enjoyed the midfielders rotating at times, good movement. Overall thought we played very well, were in total conrrol and should have won, but 4 points from last two games was a good return.
  4. Dunnes passing has been poor since he got here, but when Hearts sit deep, closing space, and (happy to) let him have the ball we need movement ahead of him or someone on the ball who can find a team mate. He isn't good enough to find the long pass. It took an age to drop. Seedorf was hugging the touchline at Robinsons insistence with lots of space at times but Dunne either didn't or couldn't find him. It didn't help that when he got the ball he wouldn't or couldn't beat the two men that immediately closed him down, or frustratingly turned back towards defence.
  5. But Tanner played and scored in the Monday reserve game.
  6. Gallacher bossed everything and Maguire did fine in midfield. Grimshaw frustrated all game, constantly turning the ball back, works so hard but pass forward more please.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/dec/01/stockport-manager-jim-gannon-great-club-fa-cup-barnet Jim Gammon in the paper.
  8. First half too much space between midfiedlers and forwards. The forwards were winning some long balls, but no one to latch on to the knockdowns. Forbes and Coke sitting far too deep. Don't know why Craigan was removed, seems like Gannon is almost going out his way to pick only younsters or his own signings. Why move a defensive midfielder into centre half (and remove Craigan) when both full backs were out of position, leaving a somewhat makeshift defence. I can see that Hately is a better passer than Craigan, but surely his experience would have been useful? Humphries looks really good in full stride, we should be using him better, especially against the wee teams.

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