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  1. Just packing my bag and going for an early night, as the alarm will be set for stupid o'clock wake up and heading to airport. Maybe see some of you in Edinburgh at 6am or in Heathrow for the 11.50am out to Athens.
  2. Two of us booked up tonight... EDI - LHR Tuesday morning 7th (0630 - 0800) LHR - ATH (1150 - 1730) 2 nights in 4* Airotel Alexandros Hotel with full breakfast (seems to be in a decent area/location about half way between Acropolis and stadium... hope that's right!!) ATH - LHR Thursday evening 9th (1725 - 1920) LHR - EDI (2200 - 2320) All in , just under 400 zonks. I try to go to at least one Scotland away game every year, but never been to a Motherwell away European game before. Really looking forward to it. As McCall said, lets hope the tie is still alive by then. It could be a disappointment, but it could also be the greatest night in any Motherwell fan's life, and that's how we need to look at it. Mon the Well

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