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  1. Dom was there he's bleached his hair. Bowman and Clay present in the video, Blyth I couldn't see either.
  2. From what I've heard there's a good chance of Craig Tanner this week.
  3. Maxi

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Could be a case of it's a done deal. But we can't announce it until the websites back up. Strange but it's Motherwell it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. Maxi

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    I honestly think we'll get no in's or out's. Just a statement soon involving Marvin knuckling down and getting on with it until January. Edit - lol or not then.
  5. I think the big problem today was for the first half our midfield was invisible for long periods of time. With a lack of creativity at times this left McDonald very isolated. This is going to go against a lot of people's opinions but I think there's player in Craig Clay. A few times he's looked for the ball and he's been ignored. The few times he got the ball into feet led to the few chances we created in the first half. I think once he finds his feet and gets more involved he'll be the guy who'll be the central playmaker, with Cadden as the box to box mid and Carl McHugh sitting as the Ball winner. I think Lasley gets phased out of the team this season. As for his MOTM award today, I just don't get the thinking behind that. As for Samson, it's a shame he made the mistake, but he seems like someone who struggles under pressure, I think we'll see Brill in goal at one point, a very good keeper to have on the bench.
  6. Cheers folks enjoyed it. Thought I'd made a royal arse of the QF's onwards.
  7. Ripley Kennedy Hall McManus Chalmers Cadden McDonald Pearson Johnson Moult Ainsworth.
  8. Pete O'Rourke ‏@SportsPeteO 7m7 minutes ago Plymouth face competition from Bristol Rovers and Motherwell for loan star Jamille Matt. #pafc #brfc #motherwell Source - Formerly of Sky Sports I believe. Matt is a striker on loan at Plymouth from Fleetwood.
  9. Maxi

    Mark McGhee

    It's a combination of a lot of things. Being "Jobs for the boi's FC" doesn't help either. If you are going to keep senior players in the team to help young players, they have to be far better than the rest in their prime so they still have some quality when their legs go. Unfortunately most of our senior pro's were bang average in their prime. Lasley was an average SPL player 5 years ago, now he's one of those pro's who should be playing at a lesser level.
  10. I think we'll get 2 signings in on deadline day, when clubs know who's going to be their deadwood. All about being patient. Right player at the right time.
  11. Thought we badly missed Josh Law going forward today. Also Johnson fell out the game, when they started doubling up on him, this is when we should have looked at a plan B. Personally thought Lasley was poor, but people see games differently I guess. Badly need a central midfielder who can pass a ball, so we have a 2nd attacking outlet instead of down the wings everytime.
  12. As previously mentioned rumours seem to be he is Preston bound. So that'll be a 2nd United youngster who's been out on loan, impressed and with 6 months left on his deal been moved on. The other being Ben Pearson who had a good loan spell at Barnsley and got shipped out for 100k yesterday, also to Preston. Be interesting if we're after any other United youngster to replace him.
  13. Just hope this isn't another case of "jobs for the boys"
  14. Grimshaw then Law for me.

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