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  1. Hopefully this will allow additional financial support for all the teams involved. Especially the 'well
  2. Trying to get a bigger crowd than usual for this Sundays First Lanarkshire Derby in the SWPL1, Sunday 3rd October 4pm KO. This is a must win game for the 'Well , really need to get points on the board after their really tough start , against last seasons 1st, 2nd and 4th league placed teams. So get yourself along this Sunday to the Alliance Park in Strathclyde Park and give the Women off Steel your support. COYW.
  3. Hi Sorry , only noticed your question!! Yes , got injuries. Amy Anderson hasn't played a league game yet, been really missed in midfield, she's desperate to play against her old club this Sunday 3rd October!!!. Talking about the Accies game, trying to let as many people know its the First Lanarkshire derby in the SWPL1, Hopefully get a bigger crowd than normal.
  4. Their season really starts this Sunday v Partick Thistle ( away. ) Got to take 3 points . Hopefully will have few important players back for this game. I will be cheering the team on . COYW
  5. Don't judge the team against full time teams, Glasgow City, Rangers and Celtic who are a miles ahead off every other team. The women will give the other teams a better game. This Sunday they are home to Hibs , get yourself along and support the women.
  6. The Motherwell Women might have lost 6-0 to the Scottish Champions , who in my opinion will win the league again. Games against Glasgow City, Rangers, Celtic are all free hits, its games against the rest that will determine where they finish in the League. Home game this Sunday against Hibs will be a better game to judge the team. I will be there, cheering them on.
  7. So proud off Amy to finally wear the Claret and Amber. Cant wait to follow her and the Womens team this Season. COYW
  8. This is our time!!!!! Have faith, 2 words....... Helicopter Sunday
  9. What a day . Absolutely Brilliant. The whole team worked their socks off, and fully deserve all the praise they are receiving. This is now a great way to end the season, Scottish cup final, will we win it.....YOU F**KING BET WE WILL WIN IT.
  10. Morning fellow dossers, I am buzzing for this game...COYW .. You are my Well, my only Well, you make me happy when skys are grey, you'll never no just how much I love you, so please dont take my MOTHERWELL AWAY.....na na na na...
  11. Too much doom and gloom guys...... She wore , She wore, a claret and amber ribbon, a claret and amber ribbon in the merry month of May....... Sing
  12. Did anyone see that arsehole off a referee's reaction to Sinclairs curling shot in the 87th minute!! You can actually read his lips ... he says " OH!!" because of the near miss. Cunt
  13. He will be the referee in the cup final... his last game.
  14. Scott Brown is a fucking embarrassment to Scottish Football...... If only we could bring out off retirement COLIN O'NEIL for just one tackle.!!!!!
  15. Its the people who have to work in the south stand that you have to feel sorry for .... Shower of ....

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