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  1. Pathetic really. 1. It wasn't large group and 2. No one uses it because of it english translation. They use it because they're daft little kids or nazis. I will Let them choose which one.
  2. Hearts TV more shocked both players were not booked. It was the very definition of handbags.
  3. The reason we have been better is our keeper is saving far more shots than he should compared to any other keeper in Scotland.
  4. It's an absolute shocking camera angle.
  5. StMirren TV needs to zoom out a bit
  6. Scott should go out on loan to a Scottish Championship club...
  7. According to Sky Sports we've told Hull to bolt over a £750k bid for Scott...
  8. He's not better than either of our starting wingers, Scott and Hylton.
  9. Won't happen, shouldn't happen but most importantly, thankfully can't happen.
  10. Hastie returns to Rangers as he has fell out of favour at Rotherham...
  11. I can't believe there are people out there that still don't think Gallagher is the best defender (especially Scottish) not playing for either Celtic or Rangers in the League. Absolutely tremendous signing. We been playing well. Might be a blessing not leading at halftime...
  12. We deserved that win. We deserved to win by more and would have if our officials knew the basics.
  13. In what would surprise no one with half a brain. Oxford looking to make Cadden a permanent signing. Still can't believe people actual thought he'd play in the MLS

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