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  1. I can't believe there are people out there that still don't think Gallagher is the best defender (especially Scottish) not playing for either Celtic or Rangers in the League. Absolutely tremendous signing. We been playing well. Might be a blessing not leading at halftime...
  2. We deserved that win. We deserved to win by more and would have if our officials knew the basics.
  3. In what would surprise no one with half a brain. Oxford looking to make Cadden a permanent signing. Still can't believe people actual thought he'd play in the MLS
  4. Played well so far. Great header clearance ruined by the fact the rest of the side gave their best player the freedom of the island.
  5. So why did he refuse? Was it because he was a Celtic fan and playing Celtic? So in the space of a year (he wore one last year for Livingston) he's decided that if playing Celtic on Remembrance he wouldn't wear one(guess who Livingston played last year...)
  6. So why didn't he wear won? Go on tell us. Anyway, any cunt who gives anyone a hard time about not wearing a poppy needs a good fucking kickin for being an absolute cunto
  7. Heard the same thing about Owen Coyle when we chose Robinson and Coyle went to County I think if Norn Iron come calling Robbo will go but I don't think he'll apply. Whomever follows O'Niell is onto a hiding. Baraclough I think is favourite.
  8. Hope so. Never been a more over hyped manager in this country since Owen Coyle took over Ross County
  9. Even if he took the ball it would have been a shocking tackle. He lunges (you could get another leg under his back knee), straight leg and studs showing. It is, by the very definition a shocking attempt at a tackle and I cannot understand why there was even an argument about it.
  10. Mbulu signs for Crewe. So as far as I can tell only Taylor-Sinclair without a club from last season?
  11. Jack Ross was a failure. He literally used a middle of the road Championship budget and failed to get out of League 1.
  12. Curtis Main sent off with Aberdeen losing 1-0 to Hibs

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