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  1. Motherwell would still have to pay St J their share of every "free ticket" as if charged at agreed price.
  2. You mean except the one at the club he was at? Cadden joined the MLS to get to the English leagues cheaper - it didn't quite work out for him. Oh dear, how sad.
  3. Wellfan1984

    Big Dec

    Dropping Fraser? If not it could be a long night as our midfield struggles enough with the numbers they have without taking one of them out
  4. Wellfan1984

    Big Dec

    On the sum of his three appearances, compared to all other centre backs used since Gallagher is our best centre back, and it isn't even close. McTominay was vastly improved - and some of that was because Gallagher was constantly talking to him.
  5. According to Herald we have offered a 3 year deal...
  6. MFCTV might piggy back on Israeli TV but I doubt there will be a UK showing as Premier Sport obviously will show Celtic and Rangers. Being in Israel we might have an early slot
  7. Allan Campbell. Best player on the park by a country mile.
  8. He didn't. Although he did have a sublime 40 yard pass in the second half... unfortunately it was to Carson...
  9. Mugabi. Think him being the centre of a three is his best position.
  10. Edinburgh City when they move into New/Lesser Murrayfield after the council screwed them over with Meadowbank?
  11. He didn't make an attempt at the ball. When the opposition players, remember players stick their hand up for everything nowadays had no qualms with the goal you know something is amiss if it isn't given.
  12. Yet the keeper didn't think there was a problem with the goal. In fact no Hibernian player did.
  13. What's that got to do with the decision. It is where he was when White touches the ball...
  14. You sure about that. Hot take number 2 is almost as wild
  15. @Shaka what are you talking about in relation to bottom six, it was literally impossible when the league finished for us to finish lower than 6th. It is why we got a higher payout than Aberdeen in late March.
  16. And the goalkeeping leading to it even worse than that.
  17. I read UEFA have confirmed Round 1 is for this season is regionalised.
  18. Others seem to have "pundits" for before, half time and full time. Well St Mirren do.
  19. Manzinga has more goals in the Champions League this season than the whole Motherwell team do in the Premiership
  20. No. People actually thought he was an upgrade on what we had.

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