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  1. That's the problem that teams like us and most of the bottom 6 have every season.We've done well over the last couple of years with picking up unknown players who turned out to be good at this level but that's not going to happen every time.All it takes is one bad run of signings over one summer and any of the bottom 6 could find themselves relegated.
  2. Not during that period, Falkirk got relegated a couple of yrs later after losing most of their better players and Hibs were around the European places at that time.
  3. Falkirk and Hibs managed to play some of the best football that any team ever has in the SPL years between around 05 and 10 without paying much higher wages than us.Even MM managed it in his first spell. I want us to play a winning way, whatever that is but the point some folk are making is if you're playing hoofball and not winning then the fans will get on the players and managers back a lot quicker than if we were at least trying to play good football.
  4. Does nobody remember the EC away game last season, only late goals stopped us losing against a weaker team than Stranraer.We're still in a decent position to get through even with 4 points from these 2 games, everybody is giving QOS the big build up but they're a mid table first division team and one that we should be beating with even an average performance.
  5. I never get the 'if he played for Celtic we'd get more' thing... fact is if he played for Celtic he'd be on the bench or be loaned out because there's no way he'd play ahead of Forrest, Roberts or Sinclair.It's like a Burnley fan saying if he played for Man City they would have offered more.
  6. I think people need to be realistic about what they expect our crowds to be i mean probably over half of our total world wide support was at Hampden on Saturday.If the English Fa cup final had similar stats there would have been over 1m there. There's only really 6, maybe 7 teams in Scotland that could regularly fill decent sized stadiums and for 4 of those it would only be if they were top of the league.
  7. I wouldn't have left before the final whistle no matter the score but i did leave about 30 seconds after it as i have at the last 3 finals, i get nothing from watching the other team celebrate while our players trudge up to get their runners up medals. Personally i found it a bit cringy that a couple of thousand people went into the cooper stand to applaud the players.At the end of the day we lost and while it's been a pretty good season it hardly goes down as a great one.Things like that should be reserved for when we actually win a trophy.
  8. Yeah then they get a kicking either by other fans or the police in Europe and have the cheek to claim it was heavy handed policing.
  9. They could have arranged them into some sort of order as they were coming in to park surely, there were a few stewards about doing fvck all.... they managed to get them in the right order last time so i don't see why there was a problem yesterday.Yes i'm sure most people managed but imagine turning up 2 mins before they leave looking for bus 5 near the front when in fact it was at the nissan garage, it held the busses up waiting for people.
  10. I heard one of the busses beeping in an increasingly irritated sounding fashion, guessing that was yours. The busses were poorly organised from the start to be honest, they were all mixed up outside the ground and left people with no idea where theirs was parked.Clearly somebody thought it was a good idea to put the numbers on them before they got to the ground.
  11. I reckon GB will be leaving too hopefully for a small fee but wouldn't be surprised if it's a mutual thing, probably end up back at Coventry where he was appreciated. Think Kipre will stay for another season but wouldn't be surprised to see Carson go as he's at the stage where if he doesn't get a good move he never will. Think we need a goalie either as cover or to replace TC, a cb, wide midfielder who actually does something unlike Frear and somebody to play off Main although i suspect Main and Bowman will be our front 2.It worked well for us this season going direct but teams know what to expect now and were it not for our good first third to the season we would have been near the bottom so i'm not sure it'll cut it next season.
  12. I was sat in front of said pished idiot at the lc final. They asked for an address postcode and phone number when i got mine in the general sale so i'm guessing if they didn't match up to someone who had bought a home end ticket in the last 5 years they probably didn't accept it.If their fans got in our end it's more likely through st or ws members getting them a ticket.If there's any trouble caused by it then the Well fans responsible should be banned from going back.
  13. I doubt there's many Celtic fans in our end.Always going to have the odd idiot but i reckon there's more likely to be a few Rangers fans as there were at the last sc final.
  14. The thing about Aulds and Boots as well as most shops in the town centre is they have more than one shop so the possible loss of a couple of customers doesn't matter.We also have fewer customers but bigger sales so the loss of one or two would be noticeable.If it was up to me i'd have a 10ft flag in the window. I will however be sticking a flag in my own window.
  15. I part own a shop in Mwell and suggested putting a few flags up but they decided it could be bad for business as there are a fair few Celtic supporting customers.I reckon a few places will feel the same.

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